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Public schools in the US, America

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Public schools in the US, America

If you decide to send a school child to study in the US , then the first question that you have to decide is whether to choose a state school or private . They are significantly different, each has its own pluses and minuses, including for Russian students.

What are the differences between public and private schools?

1) The classroom occupancy in public schools is higher than in private schools - 25-27 people and 15-18 respectively

[999.6 ] 2) The equipment of private schools is usually more modern and innovative - this is due to a large number of additional contributions for parents

3) Tuition fees: public is much more accessible than private ones

4) Private schools have higher academic requirements for students, higher level of knowledge is required On subjects and language.

The main advantage of public schools is their low cost: the academic year here costs 4 to 8 thousand dollars, whereas in private schools the cost can be 2-3 times higher. It is not at all necessary that a public school is a poor, poorly equipped overcrowded building: as in Russia,schools differ from each other, depend on location. Among them there are excellent comfort options, which is why we recommend that you turn to professionals for help - we will help you make the right choice.

Accommodation and training conditions

In general, public schools are designed for full-time education - after school students go home. We will help you find a suitable family for living, which provides a comfortable and safe environment for the student and is not too far from the place of study. There are alsoboarding schools : full (with accommodation on campus, in a common residence) and incomplete (weekdays students spend on campus, and on weekends, vacations and public holidays are sent to host families, which are also selected in an individual Order). Of course, for foreign and Russian students is more convenient option boarding house.

What should I do?

Smapse helps you enroll in a public school in the US, taking all the difficulties and subtleties of registration for yourself. Together with you we will choose suitable institutions, specify the terms and conditions for admission, help you to collect a package of documents, apply and tell you the visa you need. We provide support during the entire training period - you can contact us for help at any time, and everything will be done to ensure that training at the US state school fully meets your expectations.

Examples of US public education institutions can be seen in the list below:

1) Brattleboro Union High School

2) Dos Pueblos High School

3) Independence High School

4) Butler High School

5) Boothbay Region High School [ 999.54]

6) Santa Barbara High School

7) Myers Park High School

8) Providence High School [ 999.65]

9) San Marcos High School

10) Ardrey Kell High School

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