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Glion and Les Roches - Features and Benefits

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Glion and Les Roches - Features and Benefits

The industry of tourism and restaurant business is growing every year, and the demand for competent specialists is constantly growing in this sphere. This direction is very popular among ambitious young people from all over the world. Many of them choose to build a career in the tourism sector, because here they will be able to fully discover and realize their creative or managerial potential. Well, it's no secret that for a good start in a professional field, you need a decent education. Educate real professionals can really high-level educational institutions, and they are all abroad.

In this article, SMAPSE experts will tell you in detail about the 2 international universities of tourism, which are recognized as the best schools of hotel business - the Swiss institutes of Les Roches and the Glion Institute of Higher Education. Both universities represent the International Education Network Laureate International Universities, which includes another 8 leading universities from 5 countries, and are also accredited by the American Association of Higher Education Institutions NEASC. Thus, the reputation of these schools speaks for itself.

Le Roche and Glion also invariably hold leading positions in all sorts of rankings of international educational institutions - they teach young professionals, more than 80% of whom receive proposals for employment before they complete their studies and receive a diploma. Graduates of these universities, as a rule, work in prestigious and well-known worldwide networks of hotels - Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels, Accor and many others.

University of Les Roches

Let's start with the university, which in 2014, at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony, received the title of the world's best university in the field of hotel management. Also, according to the ranking of the western agency Taylor Nelson Sofres, it got into TOP-3 institutions in the sphere of tourism and hospitality all over the world. The hotel business school Les Roches International School of Hotel Management was founded in the Swiss city of Bluesch in 1954 and for many years has reached many heights and taught several thousand specialists.

Today the University offers students from a wide range of countries a wide range of educational programs: undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and Master's programs, summer education, professional courses and not only. University students can get a specialty in marketing, business, management in culinary business, hotel design, project management and this, of course, is not the whole list.

Every year thousands of young people come to the university, and Les Roches has a campus not only in Switzerland, but also in the US, Spain and China. Between the branches of the university there is a stable exchange of student exchanges, so when you study here you can always go on an internship to another country. As it is an international university, here students of more than 100 nationalities meet at school desks, and such a multicultural environment will allow any student to feel comfortable and develop tolerance.

The cost of education at the University of Les Roches on annual programs will be from 50,000  to 70,000  per 1 academic year. In this price will be the program itself, uniform, accommodation on campus, meals at full board, educational materials and not only.

The Glion Institute

This university received the title of "Best School of Hotel Management" in 2015, and also ranks second in the list of TOP-3 leading world schools of hotel business. The private institute Glion Institute of Higher Education was founded in 1962 in the Swiss city of Glion. Now around the world successfully work in the sphere of tourism, hotel and restaurant business about 12 thousand graduates of this university from 150 countries.

The university has 2 campuses: one is located near the resort of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, and the second - in a small settlement called Buhl. In Glion, students are offered all the necessary educational programs: obtaining a master's and bachelor's degree, diploma and certification courses, as well as summer courses in different directions. University students study all disciplines that are directly related to the profession (accounting, economics, marketing, legislation, statistics, modern methods of business research, brand management and others), as well as general subjects - foreign languages, information technologies, natural sciences, psychology, ethics, art, philosophy, literature and so on. The main educational principle of the Glion business school is a harmonious combination of classical teaching methods with modern technologies.

Highly qualified teachers work with students, each of whom is a professional in the sphere of hotel business and tourism. In addition, each university campus is superbly equipped and has realistic grounds for practical classes: hotel room, restaurant cuisine, reception at the hotel and so on.

The cost of study at the University of Glion will amount to approximately 56,000  to 84,000  per year. As in Le Roche, the price in Glion is formed taking into account the main points needed for quality study - accommodation, meals, study materials and so on.

Glion and Les Roches: similarities and differences. Which university to choose

These 2 universities are similar in their orientation to the practical application of knowledge in conditions of real production. Both in Glion and in Les Roches, all curricula are built on 3 elements - general education, professional development and practical education. On each course, students have 2-3 internships for one semester. This helps them by the end of the education already have a little experience to work in a certain field. That is why graduates of both institutions are so in demand among organizations and companies of international level.

In each of the universities there are not only necessary facilities for classes, but also excellent conditions for living and rest in free time. So, on the territory of each campus Glion or Les Roches usually has its own library, gym, grounds for all team sports (volleyball, football, basketball) and others. In addition, university students can always go to explore the area near the building, since all branches of universities are located in very good places from the tourist point of view. For classes students must walk in a strict dress code - a special form or in the classics - and look neat. This helps to instill discipline and develops students' mannerisms and sense of taste.

If you decide for yourself which of the 2 universities to choose, SMAPSE experts recommend that you first of all focus on your own goals and financial opportunities. In terms of education, no matter which higher education institution you choose from these two, it will undoubtedly be a profitable investment of time and finances that will bring you positive results in the very near future.

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