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2021-08-24 15:38:19

Study Information Technology, IT and Programming in Dubai

Study Information Technology, IT and Programming in Dubai

Computer science is a vast field of research that includes the systematic study of methodological processes (algorithms) to assist in obtaining, presenting, processing, storing, transmitting, accessing information.

Graduates of programs with the study of IT, programming – experts in the design, development of software, digital mobile/desktop applications, web pages. The main areas of study of information technology are computer systems, artificial intelligence, cloud and network infrastructure, security, human-computer interaction (HCI), software development.


Bachelor's and Master's degrees in IT are aimed at learning how to create software, forming the skills to logically organize thousands of lines of code so that programs do what they are supposed to do, identify coding errors through debugging. Students will learn how to maintain databases, develop user interfaces. To become a successful computer scientist, you need to have a logical mind, a deep knowledge of mathematics, the ability to analyze and synthesize information.

Since we live in a digital world, the work of computer scientists is in demand everywhere: you can develop simple programs that automate small tasks, or complex software used by hundreds of international companies, create applications for medical institutions, security, transport. Students with degrees in computer science make lucrative careers as game developers, software engineers, IT consultants, and database administrators.

The pulsating and dynamic city of Dubai, known for its architecture and commitment to technological innovation, late became an educational center, but today it opens up ample opportunities for career growth. This is one of the most popular places for higher education, combining quality education in leading universities and a multicultural community. It is a very safe modern country offering a range of programs for international students, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Educational institutions of Dubai are associated with international universities: students receive diplomas from American, British, Arab universities.

Tuition fees in Dubai range from $10,000 to $60,000, and the cost of living ranges from $800 to $1,000/month.

Best universities to study computer technology in Dubai

The field of computer systems is one of the fastest growing areas of engineering, which has an increasing impact on modern life. The course opens the door to a career in any field, wherever digital, mobile or network systems are involved.

Traditional computer systems engineering focuses on the development and integration of hardware, software systems that serve useful purposes. For example, access to video, music, live broadcasts, since data can be distributed around the world.

Now, with the advent of the latest generation of cloud computing, large-scale network systems, computer systems engineering is at the forefront of technological developments.

Middlesex University

Middlesex University in Dubai offers a course of BEng Honours Computer Systems Engineering lasting 3 years, cost = 45 495 $ / year.

The BEng degree is the basis for a wide range of engineering professions. This innovative specialized program in computer systems engineering prepares students for successful careers: studying in high-tech laboratories under the guidance of experts, access to specialized equipment, good funding, studying among ambitious like-minded people.

Features of the program BEng Honours Computer Systems Engineering.

  • Practical work in modern laboratories.
  • Practical skills in computer communication systems, computer networks.
  • The University works with such companies as Microsoft, Dell EMC, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Cisco Net Academy - the student will have access to the latest equipment, will be able to use special educational materials, seminars.
  • The content of the program is enriched through involvement in the industry, speeches of speakers, excursions.
  • Enrollment in the CISCO Academy, the opportunity to take a CCNA course.
  • Development of project management skills related to engineering projects and computer network projects, as well as the opportunity to implement these skills in the final work of the last year.
  • Development of technical skills, solid experience of professional ethics.
  • Career coaching through career and employment service.
  • Possibility of transfer to the London campus.

Classes are held on the campus of Dubai Knowledge Park. You will actively participate in various approaches to learning, teaching, evaluation of educational activities, interact with your classmates individually and in groups. Teachers are increasingly using new technologies, the program is complemented by the use of various media and online tools (My Learning on UniHub, podcasts), which will allow you to access a variety of online resources, educational materials. Online education will allow you to develop skills such as flexibility, communication skills, the use of IT.


Wollongong University

Wollongong University offers the Bachelor of Computer Science: Multimedia and Game Development program: duration 4 years, price = 63 420 $ / year.

The Multimedia and Game Development major was created to meet the current global demand for qualified graduates in the field of game and multimedia systems development. This specialty will provide you with the skills to apply video game development techniques, related systems on computers and mobile platforms, including phones, tablets, portable devices. You will learn how to work with video games and multimedia systems, develop traditional computer science skills, creative skills, including visualization, interaction, communication abilities.

Over the past decade, the field of multimedia and game development has developed rapidly. Advances in science and technology, such as human-computer interaction, the computing power of microprocessors, modeling of business processes and complex interactions, and the ubiquity of the Internet have dramatically expanded the scope of IT. Graduates of the programs master a wide range of professions:

  • Software Developers
  • Process Modelers
  • Graphic, animation designers
  • Media Creators
  • Experts in system design, analysis
  • Network Optimization Specialists
  • Human-Machine Interaction Specialists
  • Experts in industrial process modeling.

The program is recognized by the Australian Computer Society as meeting the requirements for membership at a "professional level", accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education for Higher Education, recognized in the UAE and the Gulf countries, worldwide for further education and employment in the private/public sector. The quality of the course is guaranteed by the UOW, registered by the Higher Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the national regulator of the higher education sector in Australia. UOWD graduates have the opportunity to exchange their UOWD degrees for an equivalent UOW Australia degree upon completion.

Other programs with the study of computer technology Wollongong University:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science: Digital Systems Security
  • Bachelor of Engineering: Computers.

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton offers the BSc(Hons) Computing (Top-Up) course: duration 1 year, cost = 4 360-10 000 $ / year.

The B. Sc (Hons) Computing program provides qualifications in computer engineering, information systems for business. The course includes B. Sc (Hons) options in Computer Engineering, Website Development, B. Sc (Hons) in Computer Networks and Security, is the most flexible of all available computer degrees in Bolton.

The course offers a broad coverage of computer disciplines with a base of key computer skills. Students participate in activities on system analysis, technical aspects of design, software development. The course has been successfully conducted in Dubai for many years, with the constant development of modules, which ensures the study of current and future trends. Graduates of the bachelor's degree (with honors) in computer engineering receive a large selection of career opportunities.

The main topics of the course:

  • System Analysis
  • Database design
  • Programming, website development
  • Communication skills, group work
  • Work on projects.
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