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Business courses in Philippines for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Here you can find 25 best institutions with business courses in Philippines for international students. Also, we put together information with description, rankings, reviews and prices for programs for international children and students, how to apply to make it easier to make the right choice. FREE admission services to our partner institutions, places are limited.

Business courses in Philippines for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Business, professional courses in the Philippines for international students

To work in the international arena and to receive an elite education, it is not enough to have common language skills - professional English has a specific vocabulary from a narrow sphere, which also undergoes changes on average every 5 years. Today, English acts as the language of commerce and business, scientists and engineers, educators and travelers. In the international arena, doing business and carrying out any other professional activity is difficult to imagine without a good knowledge of the language: the lack of basic language skills is perceived as a gap in education and inflicts a significant blow on reputation.

The foreign environment will give a wonderful experience - not only linguistic, but also with regards to relevant information about a particular specialty at the international level. Foreign programs can guarantee language immersion - this is one of the decisive moments of studying abroad. This is a way to simply and efficiently improve your speaking skills, listening comprehension, and master special skills (conducting business negotiations, correspondence, presentations, etc.).

  • Programs for foreign students have a different focus. Some of them are aimed at mastering the language for a successful life and employment in a specific country - in this case, the English for Work program or more specific ones, for example, English for Medicine / Engineering, will suit you.
  • Business areas for schoolchildren and young people touch on education issues with an emphasis on those qualities: without which no leader can carry out activities, creativity, responsibility, and flexibility of thinking develop.
  • Successful and novice entrepreneurs will be able to improve their negotiation skills, expand vocabulary in terms of, and learn professional slang. Depending on the course, students will be able to try themselves in drawing up business plans, creating business concepts, and will study the features of management, marketing and accounting.

The leisure program included in the courses is created in accordance with interests of specialists and involves thematic tours, trips to iconic sights, extra-curricular activities, visits to workshops, trainings and large companies. "Professional English" is:

  • Literacy in written and spoken language
  • Knowledge of special terms and professional slang
  • A number of important skills: the ability to express and defend one’s opinion reasonably, navigate a large flow of information, and quickly perceive speech
  • Eloquence skills
  • Knowledge of business etiquette and correspondence.

Leading language schools in the Philippines for international students

For students and schoolchildren, special conditions are organized that impose their own specifics on the entire educational process:

  • intercultural environment - groups are quite mixed. Students can get rid of the language barrier, gain important experience in intercultural communication
  • native-speaking teachers - when studying with native speakers, students will be able to hear original English. If we talk about business areas, leading specialists are invited, to share extensive experience in professional activities at the international level.
  • other factors in accordance with which directions are created: age-related features (content that will be most relevant is developed), level of complexity and degree of intensity (the level of complexity depends on students' knowledge, and saturation can vary from 10-20 to 25-35 hours a week )

In general, requirements for applicants are usually not put forward, but vocational courses still require basic preparation: the higher the student’s knowledge, the more he will be able to study, and therefore, the higher the chance to improve his qualification, gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

The teaching methods used by teachers are recognized around the world and recommended as the most effective: a communicative approach, interactivity, an individual teaching principle, and much more. Students write an introductory test to determine their level of language proficiency, and then are divided into appropriate groups.

Best Professional and Business Courses for Foreign Students in the Philippines

Course name


Studying conditions: age and language requirements

The cost of programs in pesos for 7 days

English for professionals

The course involves the development of oral and written speech, the creation and conduct of presentations, oratory, the development of effective communication, the study of specialized literature, the rules of business correspondence and etiquette at the international level.




Programs for teachers 

Tasks of the direction: to improve qualifications and gain experience working with foreigners. Teachers will learn teaching methods, especially working with students and improve basic language skills.




English for engineers

Specialists study the general problems of mechanics, engineering construction, electrical engineering, etc. General technical modules are basic, engineering terminology is studied on professional material and writing and speaking skills are improved.





Designed for teachers experiencing difficulties in professional activity due to their small experience in the pedagogical field. It touches on the issues of communicative teaching, methods of language analysis, practice with adult students, communication in a professional environment.




Business course

Business programs can be very different. The classic direction is intended for entrepreneurs who constantly interact with the press, counterparties, suppliers in English, and conduct business negotiations. Duration of courses: from a month to a year. The specifics of classes are usually specified (marketing, commerce, finance, etc.).


Upper intermediate

1320 per month

Business Language Testing Service

English language exam developed by the Cambridge Institute. Direction involves the preparation and delivery of testing. BULATS is a popular destination among large companies from around the world: they use this course to improve the skills of their employees. The exam determines the level of practical communication skills in the international business environment.


Upper intermediate

Check with managers.

Accommodation options while studying at a language school are the following:

1. Student dormitory on campus - foreign students live in comfortable rooms for 1-5 people, each room has a bathroom, refrigerator and air conditioning. Boarding meals (buffet three times a day), laundry, housekeeping.

2. Apartments - meals are organized by a student independently

3. Hotel - services are optional.

How to enter the linguistic center?

Students should go through an admission - as for the visa, then for short-term courses (up to 30 days) a visa is not required:

1. Prepare documents

2. Find a school and course

3. Fill out the application form

4. Pay the registration fee

5. Expect an invitation letter from school.

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