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TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Malta where foreign students can study Business English courses for professionals and experts

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Every year a great deal of foreign students choose various schools and colleges in Malta as they provide various high-quality and effective courses and studying programs. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Malta where foreign students can study Business English courses for professionals. Studying Business English courses in Malta allows to get deep knowledge, excellent command of Business English and exciting experience of studying abroad. Business English courses also allow to get important skills that will help to conduct successful negotiations. Due to the list of TOP-10 prestigious schools and colleges in Malta, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Best business, language, professional courses in Malta for international students

Educational institutions in Malta accept foreign students from all over the world. Everyone can choose courses that are conducted in English - Malta schools offer a variety of programs for different levels of basic knowledge. Courses are divided into 2 groups: for students and for students with parents, co-education.

The average duration of the courses is 1-6 weeks, but if necessary, you can sign up for an additional program with a more complex level. Before the course starts, all students are tested to determine the basic level of the English language. After testing groups are formed. Classes are held in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, so even the most “difficult” students who are not easily given linguistic knowledge get the desired result.

Foreign students usually come to Malta to:

  • master the basic command of language, increase conversational level
  • study business English course
  • study specialized English courses, for example "English for tourism"

One-to-one courses in Malta are especially popular among working students and adults, but as a rule, these are not group lessons, but private lessons. The possibility of such classes is discussed in advance with the leadership of the school of Malta

The cost of courses in Malta, already low compared to other countries, in the low season can be reduced by 1.5-2 times. Schools and colleges of Malta often provide promotions, offer bonuses - this can be several hours of additional classes or excursions. A low price doesn't mean that the level of teaching will be worse than elite courses at a price: the level is equally high in the best business language schools, where all teachers are professionally qualified and are re-certified annually for professional suitability.

Comfortable and bright classrooms, where classes are held, have the most innovative equipment for interactive and audio classes. The school buildings are built according to modern architectural projects - without going out of the gate, you can relax comfortably, sitting on the roof terrace or in the cozy patio overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

Most popular courses and programs in Malta for foreign students

Depending on the purpose of studying, you can choose the most suitable course. For example, if a student is limited in study time and chooses a 1-2-week program, a course with individual lessons or in mini-groups is preferable. If the course is longer and the main goal is to practice live language communication, classes in large groups with joint pastime are more effective. The most popular courses lasting from 2 to 7 weeks. The table shows the main types of programs offered at business schools in Malta - each in turn is divided into several options for duration, thematic and age orientation, entertainment.

Program name


General course

Basics or advanced language level for all skills:

  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • phonetics
  • written and spoken language.

Business English 

The course for administrators in the economic sphere, managers and businessmen.

Bias towards business terminology, rules of communication in certain circles, structure of business letters, technology for preparing speeches, etc.

Classes are held in groups and individually (about 10 lessons per course).

Tourism English 

Along with general English, the specifics of communication in travel agencies is studied: terminology, abbreviations, typical dialogs, etc.

Living conditions while studying in Malta

You can order a course in Malta at any time of the year, there are no problems with accommodation. The less common option is full board, where the payment includes the cost of the room and meals. A boarding house with accommodation in its own residence at the school is offered by several of the most prestigious language schools, in other cases, to choose from:

  • apartments in a hotel or hotel of international level
  • rented apartment
  • hostel or student dormitory
  • homestay

The latter option allows students to receive more attention, more vigilant control and constant language practice with native speakers. There are advantages in other accommodation options:

  • In the rooms of elite hotels - increased comfort, the ability to independently plan free time
  • With the independent selection of an apartment (or with the help of the school administration) - the possibility of choosing housing with a view over the sea or in the green zone
  • Accommodation in a hostel saves money

The package of services for a language course in Malta, as a rule, includes tuition fees (including preliminary and final testing), studying materials (books, printouts, brochures), accommodation (if provided), leisure activities (with trips to the islands and attractions in other cities in Malta), access to computers and Wi-fi. Additional fees include:

  • health insurance
  • visa fees
  • transfer from the airport and (or) delivery to the place of study
  • consular fee
  • additional excursions in groups
  • additional individual lessons
  • individual nutrition (available when staying with families) - for example, for vegetarians
  • sports activities with a personal trainer, such as diving or swimming.

Often, language centers offer to pass international exams on the spot - a separate fee is also charged for this.

Statistics of English courses in England

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English       15-20 8-10                       Starter £240+
Intensive English Course 28-30 6-12 Beginner £310+
Super Intensive English Course 35-40 6-10 Beginner £350+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 6-12 Intermediate £355+
Business English 20-25 7-10 Intermediate £355+
Intensive Business English 25-30 7-10 Intermediate £380+
Academic English 20-25 6-12 Beginner £280+
English plus 10-15 5-10 Intermediate £355+
English for Work 25-30 10-14 Beginner £355+
Vacation English 10-15 5-10 Beginner £270+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Starter £50+ - 1 lesson

Statistics of English courses in the USA

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements Cost of the week
General English 15-20 8-10 Beginner 375 USD+
Intensive English Course 28-30 6-12 Elementary 430 USD+
Super Intensive English Course 35-40 6-10 Intermediate 475 USD+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 6-12 Intermediate 525 USD+
Business English 20-25 7-10 Intermediate 525 USD+
English plus hobby 10-15 5-10 Intermediate 550 USD+
Study & Live in your Teacher's Home 25-30 2-3 Beginner 1,000 USD+
Vacation English 10-15 5-10 Beginner 415 USD+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Beginner 70 USD+ - 1 lesson

Statistics of English courses in Canada

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English 20 10-15 Beginner 310 USD+
Semi-Intensive English 24 10-13 Beginner 340 USD+
Intensive English 25-30 10-13 Beginner 350 USD+
Academic English 25-30 10-13 Beginner 370 USD+
English for Business 25-30 10-13 Intermediate 380 USD+
English for Work 30 10-13 Intermediate 380 USD+
Cambridge Exam Preparation 20-30 10-13 Intermediate 310 USD+
IELTS/TOEFL/TOEICPreparation 20-30 10-13 Intermediate 310 USD+
One-to-One Lessons individual 1 Starter 85 USD+/lesson
Club 40+ 20+ 8-10 Starter 565 USD+
English Plus 20+ 8-10 Starter 450 USD+
Academic Semester/Year 20-25 10-15 Beginner 285 USD+

Statistics of English courses in Ireland

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English 15-22,5 8-12 Beginner €130+
Intensive Courses 25-30 5-10 Beginner €220+
Combined Courses 25-30 5-10 Beginner €305+
IELTS Preparation Courses 25-30 8-10 Intermediate €220+
Cambridge Preparation Course 20-30 8-10 Intermediate €130+
English for Business 25-30 6-10 Intermediate €220+
One-to-one tuition individual 1 Beginner €35+ lesson
Academic Year Programme 20 10-15 Beginner €2,70

Cost of living in Malta

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 217 311
Food 180 376
Transportation 23 197
Communications and utilities 55 65
Clothing 23 86
Sports and leisure 27 81
Total 524 1,117


Accommodation in Malta

Shared room outside of centre 219
Shared room in city centre 314
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 401
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 543


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