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10 best schools, colleges and universities in Montenegro where international students can get high-quality education

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Today, Montenegro attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and interesting culture. Many international students choose studying in Montenegro as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Montenegro where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education.

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Advantages of getting education in Montenegro for foreign students

Modern educational system is undergoing a rapid development and reform process - specialists and experts in the field of education adopt the best foreign experience and strive to bring their standards in compliance with European and world level. The systems of the German-speaking countries and England have a greater influence on the restructuring of the system. With the opening of each new school and center, the country is increasingly drawn into the global development and growth.

Secondary education includes two stages:

  • Basic (mandatory for all, from 1 to 9 grade)
  • Medium (optional, grades 10-12).

In the country, language courses, professional and subject programs are available, 1 state and 2 private universities are operating. Most of the graduates of Montenegrin secondary schools go to prestigious highly-ranked universities abroad.

The advantages of education in Montenegro:

  • Fundamental scientific base + application of the most modern techniques
  • Attractive prices and cost
  • Active development of all areas of education
  • The presence of prestigious private institutions
  • Help and support for foreign students
  • Beautiful nature and clean ecology.

Schools and educational institutions in Montenegro for foreign students

Secondary education is available in public and private institutions: a full course takes 12 years (grades 1-12), and after grade 9 you can go to a professional college and get a working specialty. Public schools are publicly accessible and free of charge for citizens; their extensive network covers the whole country. Montenegro is very attractive to foreign specialists: the number of foreigners working here is growing every year, and therefore the demand for education is increasing. In recent years, the system of private schools has been actively developing - at the moment there are several institutions of this type, and they provide an opportunity to receive a prestigious and sought-after British and / or international certificate:

  • Cambridge system (from kindergarten to graduation)
  • Standard British High School Program
  • GCSE
  • A-level
  • IGCSE.

In general, the prevailing national system is characterized by a more loyal attitude towards primary school students and more stringent towards high school students. Private institutions have an undoubtedly high level of preparation: highly qualified specialists from among foreign and local teachers and experts work here. Programs are developed taking into account the needs and requirements of students, each student can count on broad individual support and understanding. Depending on the stage, class and program, the list of available subjects and disciplines changes. The following disciplines are traditionally distinguished by a high level of teaching:

  • English language (in English-language institutions)
  • Russian language (in Russian schools)
  • Serbian language
  • Modern foreign languages
  • History and Humanities
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Science cycle
  • Computer science and computer science.

Upon successful completion of studies, graduates receive certificates and diplomas according to the passed standards. Many graduates of state and private schools of the country go to study at universities in Britain, Germany, other countries of Europe and the world.

Additional and higher education in Montenegro

There are several institutions in the country where you can take language courses, summer programs in language camps, courses in subjects and disciplines. These directions are actively developing, and the country with its developed tourism industry is becoming even more attractive for foreign students. Higher education in the country is represented by only three universities, the main of them - Montenegrin State University - has 20 faculties located in different cities.

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