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10 best schools, colleges and universities in Amsterdam where international students can get high-quality education

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Today, Amsterdam attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and amazing nature. Many international students choose studying in Amsterdam as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious schools and universities located in Amsterdam where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education, as well as study various language courses.

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Studying in Amsterdam for foreign students

The capital of the Netherlands is a cosmopolitan city, so studying in Amsterdam is available for schoolchildren, teenagers and students at any age. The earliest step for a foreign kid can be preparatory classes from 2 years old, where the best pedagogues will provide the child with easy adaptation to the educational process. In Amsterdam, there are both schools with studying English, and Dutch, as well as prestigious English-speaking international schools, and bilingual classes. Moreover, for newcomers to the capital, popular international classes are organized where the child is given time to learn the local language and adapt, and after that he switches to full-time study on a par with the locals.

Types of schools in Amsterdam:

  • classic, teaching according to the standard, accepted by the state academic program. Such schools operate at the expense of the state budget.
  • special, where teachers use popular, but informal teaching methods. Each school has its own board, consisting usually of parents. Such schools are funded by the state and additionally sponsored by parental contributions.
  • extended, including talent development programs: music, art, sports.

Representatives of 180 nationalities live in Amsterdam, so most of the special schools are religious (Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish). Typically, denominational schools in Amsterdam are tolerant of incoming children without a specific religion. The main principle for them is to give a quality education to everyone and to grow a worthy member of society. The rest of the special schools in Amsterdam differ in teaching methods:

  • Montessori based on the principle of free education. The teacher acts as a mentor for children, and not as a strict evaluator.
  • Waldorf / Steiner schools prefer to teach children only in the direction that the body does not resist. The child's interest in education plays a major role.
  • Dalton: Academic programs are aimed at developing children's ability to independently make decisions and bear responsibility for them independently.
  • Jenaplan Schools: study is based on the idea of shared responsibility between children, parents and teachers, that is, all aspects of the child’s life are important in the learning process.

Higher education in Amsterdam: programs, ranking, cost

Recognized worldwide for the high level of education, Amsterdam attracts more than 10.000 foreign students to study undergraduate and graduate programs. Top universities in Amsterdam occupy a leading position in world rankings. Tuition fees for foreign students varies from 3000 € -14000 €.

You can enter the universities of Amsterdam without knowing the Dutch: universities provide undergraduate and graduate programs in English. For foreign students, because of difference between educational systems, there is an opportunity to enter a university in the Netherlands after studying Transfer program, International Foundation or International Year One.

Language programs for foreign students in Amsterdam

Best language schools in Amsterdam offer various options for spending summer vacations for children or organizing leisure and study for adults. Children with insufficient language skills from 3 years old are accepted to Dutch courses - this means that you can spend educational holidays with the whole family, and linguistic centers will think out an adventure leisure program for you and your children.

4 benefits of studying in Amsterdam for foreign students

  • Local cityzens are fluent in English. It doesn’t matter if you come to study for a year or for summer holidays - you don’t need much time to get used to and adapt.
  • In schools in Amsterdam, it is not customary to give homework before high school. You, as parents, do not have to remember the curriculum and spend family evenings with notebooks.
  • The prices for studying in Amsterdam are lower than in schools and universities in the UK or the USA , while the quality of education is comparable to the best educational institutions in Europe.
  • For graduates from the University of Amsterdam, the government gives the right to stay within it for another year to find a job or research practice.

General statistics on education in Amsterdam

General information about Amsterdam

Country Netherlands
Region North Holland 
Region 2 Gemeente Amsterdam 
Population 741,636
Visitors 4,300,000/year
Time Zone Europe/Amsterdam

Cost of living in Amsterdam

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 455 680
Food 212 449
Transportation 76 224
Communications and utilities 80 102
Clothing 30 113
Sports and leisure 24 111
Total 878 1,681

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Shared room outside of centre 460
Shared room in city centre 687
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 861
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,157

Coordinates of Amsterdam

Time Zone Europe/Amsterdam
GMT +1
DST +2
Latitude 52.374030000
Longitude 4.889690000
Elevation (STRM3) 13 m.


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