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TOP-5 most important nuances for admission to schools in Germany

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TOP-5 most important nuances for admission to schools in Germany

In Germany, for foreign students there are excellent programs of school (secondary) education, where students receive comprehensive development and excellent preparation for further studies in higher education institutions. However, parents and students should be prepared for the fact that prestigious schools put forward their demands for their applicants, on which the success of entering the school will depend. It is important to understand that the conditions for enrolling in German schools may differ in German schools, but there are also general details.

Top-5 requirements for overseas applicants for admission to schools in Germany

  • The age requirement is that the leading German schools independently establish this criterion. For example, the BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School for students over the age of 5 runs the elementary school preparation program for the IB, Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle invites students from abroad over 11, and the Schule Schloss Salem accepts foreign students only from 10 years.
  • A high level of language proficiency is not a formality, but a necessity for living in a German society and a guarantee of successful study. Therefore, the knowledge of the language by schools is put forward as one of the main criteria.
  • In prestigious schools in Germany, participating in various rankings, preference is given to those students who have the best academic performance. At the interview it is desirable to show oneself with the best hand and emphasize the burning desire to study at school.
  • It can be expensive to study at a German educational institution: in addition to paying for self-study, the parent should be prepared for various related expenses, (for example, fees for entrance exams, the passage of an additional language course, etc.). Upon admission the school will ask for a certificate from the bank confirming the solvency.
  • Timeliness is the main thing that parents should strive for: it is recommended to start the preparation phase in advance, so that unforeseen difficulties can be avoided.

SMAPSE consultants are ready to answer all the questions that arise, provide up-to-date information on German schools and help with admission. SMAPSE company is the official representative of German educational institutions, absence of intermediaries allows to render all consultations free of charge. Consider the conditions for admission to the schools of Germany on the example of the top educational institution in Germany

Features of admission to the leading boarding school in Germany George International School

St. George's School is in the TOP-50 of private schools in Germany and puts forward the following conditions for admission:

  • Age criterion: the school invites students from the age of 7 to the primary school program, middle classes from 11 years, GCSE from 14, A-Level, IB from 16.
  • Prices for education: the cost of the programs will be from 9,145 € for a trimester + registration fee of 750 €, a refundable deposit of 6,000 €, laundry services - 750 €, a school fee for new students (3,800 €), etc.
  • Knowledge of the language is confirmed at the interview, passing the entrance tests and when presenting a certificate
  • The terms of enrollment are recommended to be clarified by the consultants of the company
  • Academic knowledge must be confirmed by passing the entrance examinations, passing the interview and filing documents, including the report card on the progress from the previous place of study
  • It is not a formal requirement, but it is recommended to prepare diplomas, medals and other signs of personal achievement. It is important to demonstrate personal qualities such as independence, activity and high motivation.





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