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Cambridge lectures will be held online

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Cambridge lectures will be held online

Colleges and universities around the world, faced with the coronavirus pandemic, are considering: is it worth holding classes next year and how to organize them?
LONDON - On Tuesday, Cambridge became the first British university to put all student lectures online for the upcoming school year. This decision was made taking into account the changes that higher education institutions around the world were forced to take into account related to coronovirus.

The 800-year-old university said in a statement that "... social distancing is likely to continue" during the next school year, which will begin in October and end in the summer of 2021. The university also commented that the decision would be reconsidered if the official recommendations on countering coronovirus were changed.
“Lectures will continue to be available online. Regarding classes in small groups: they will be conducted only subject to the requirements of social distance, ”the university notes.
This means that other educational formats, for example, various seminars and classes in small groups, may be allowed individually. Officials believe that it is possible to conduct classes if students are at a safe distance from each other.

Colleges and universities around the world, mostly forced to stop full-time study in the last semester, are analyzing how to build the educational process next year. In the United States, for example, some schools are resuming education, promising to conduct disease tests and monitor coronovirus infection.

Others do not conduct full-time classes:

  • California State University, as the largest network of US state universities offering a four-year study system, said classes this fall will be held exclusively online. However, for clinical practices, for example, in the Nursing program, as well as for classes in scientific laboratories, exceptions are possible.
  • In Canada, McGill University, located in Montreal, made a statement that most courses will be held online this fall.
  • The rest of the schools practice other ways of adapting to the current situation: for example, they reduce the number of checkpoints at the entrances to educational buildings. Students can only walk along the paths in the university courtyards “in one row”, a requirement is introduced to wear a medical mask in classrooms and canteens.

In the UK, the pandemic has threatened the financial situation of some universities due to the expected fall in the number of foreign students. This month, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced a support package for universities.

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