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2019-08-22 00:23:50

Best High Schools in Cambridge for international students

Best High Schools in Cambridge for international students

Without exception, all parents are very responsible for the issue of secondary education of their children, because this is a valuable contribution to its future. This article on secondary schools in Cambridge will tell you in detail about the educational opportunities, the pros and cons of various educational programs, will familiarize you with the prices and help you choose the right option for your child in Cambridge. All questions have been carefully studied by SMAPSE experts, so the article contains the most relevant and accurate information. Do not miss the unique opportunity to start planning your child’s future, for which he will later thank you.

Education in the UK has for many years been a leader in the world. The opportunity to attend high schools in Cambridge and start studying at a secondary school in Cambridge becomes an urgent decision among students from different countries. Old traditions combined with modern teaching technologies make Cambridge guesthouses attractive for teaching foreign students and obtaining certificates of education in this country. Cambridge is one of the most famous university cities in the world, the history of which began many centuries ago. Cambridge University is considered one of the oldest university European centers and ranks first in world rankings. An interesting feature of the city is that almost all of its activities are connected with student life and the work of the University. That is why not far from it you can find a large number of leading secondary schools for foreign students who are preparing their graduates to enter a prestigious university.

Cambridge is a unique place to start becoming an individual. It has long been a symbol of prestigious education and personal success, so studying at Cambridge High School will be an excellent preparation for a successful international career.

Cambridge High School Education Programs

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from different countries come to study at a secondary school in Cambridge, so it is best to apply to the school earlier than: a year or two before the start of educational program. The school year begins in September and ends in July and is usually divided into autumn, spring and summer trimesters.

- Autumn semester lasts from September to December;

- The spring semester lasts from January to March;

- The summer semester lasts from April to July.

Prestigious high independent schools in Cambridge provide foreign students with several educational programs to choose from:

This educational program is designed for foreign students 14-16 years old who are planning further studies at one of the best universities in the world. As part of the GCSE, students are required to study English and mathematics, and the remaining 4 to 6 subjects are chosen at their own discretion. The number of additional disciplines depends on the capabilities of the school, the abilities and goals of the student. The most common curriculums for secondary schools in Cambridge include subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, economics, information and computer technology. The curriculum provides much more than similar programs of other schools: each subject is studied more deeply and from different points of view. A deeper study of all disciplines provides the formation of critical thinking, broadening the horizons of the student and a great desire to acquire new knowledge. In addition to knowledge of school subjects, high schools in Cambridge will provide your child with cultural experiences that will be useful to him in the future.

This educational program lasts 2 years and corresponds to the classic British educational program. It allows you to get used to changing your environment at a quiet pace, make friends from different countries, improve your English and master all the necessary disciplines to obtain a certificate of high school graduation.

There is also the option of passing the GCSE educational program in one year (One Year GCSE). This option requires excellent knowledge of a foreign language and fundamental basic knowledge. Lessons are held in classes where no more than 5 people study, which allows the teacher to devote more time to each student.

The A-Level educational program is rightfully considered one of the most effective in the UK. It is designed for gifted students over the age of 15 years, who are seriously aimed at entering the leading universities in the UK. This program is suitable for purposeful and gifted students who have good spoken English and outstanding abilities to study school subjects. The curriculum includes compulsory classes in English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, physics, psychology and so on, as well as additional seminars on key subjects, cultural events that develop communication skills, as well as participation in various discussions. A-Level will successfully prepare your child for admission to Oxford or Cambridge universities, as secondary school teachers in Cambridge regularly arrange rehearsals for interviews with the admissions committee.

The program is designed for 2 years and students study 4 subjects that they choose in the first year of study on the program. Also, when choosing this secondary education program, you will without fail require good performance and an IELTSlevel of at least 5.5.

The Foundation’s annual educational program is designed for foreign students who have a clear idea of which university they would like to study in and what specialty to receive. For 1 year, students will study in depth their chosen subjects. The successful completion of this program is a guarantee that the student will enter one of the top universities in the world. The program is ideal for students aged 16 to 17 years who have a high average mark at the end of the previous place of study and an IELTSlevel of at least 4.5.

High schools in Cambridge offer to undergo Foundation education in the following areas: business, finance and management, law, programming, and the chemical industry. The curriculum consists of classes in compulsory subjects and many additional activities aimed at expanding the horizons and enriching the inner world of your child.

Cambridge High School Admission

At a public high school in Cambridge, only those foreign students whose parents have official permission for a business trip in the country for a period of at least 2 years can study. For everyone else, one of the best private schools in Cambridge is always ready to open its doors. They can vary among themselves by location, price, living conditions, available educational programs. Cambridge schools are also divided by gender into:

- schools for girls;

- schools for boys;

- co-educational schools.

Traditional requirements for international students from all high schools in Cambridge:

- age from 14-15 years;

- IELTS test results - from 4.5 (depending on the chosen school and educational program);

- availability of a certificate of completion of 9 classes in any educational institution;

- letter of recommendation from a previous place of study;

- passing an interview and writing a test.

Accommodation and meals for foreign students at a high school in Cambridge

Pensions in Cambridge are very similar to a small town. On their territory there is all the necessary infrastructure for students who came to study at one of the city’s secondary schools. Large educational buildings, new sports fields, educational theaters, cinemas, and sometimes you can even find a small church. The most common accommodation options are private residences at the Cambridge High School Boarding School, which you choose for your program. All students are waiting for comfortable living conditions in rooms designed for 2-4 people, with all the amenities inside and constant control from the commandant. Students are in residences, where there is everything necessary for their education and life: places for homework, lounges, bathrooms, canteens and cafes. All buildings of boarding houses are equipped with modern household appliances and have classrooms with equipment for the practical activities of students. Laboratories, classrooms, workshops and studios contain everything that students may need in the learning process. There is also a medical center in the guesthouse, and an experienced doctor is on campus 24 hours a day for treatment or first aid. Parents have the opportunity to settle the child in a host family, then the process of adapting to a new environment, getting to know a different culture and improving communication skills in a foreign language will be faster.

Meals are made three times a day in one of the guesthouse's dining rooms. In addition, each child can have a snack between meals in any cafe on the territory or cook their own meals, because the kitchens have everything you need for a simple lunch or refreshing drink. Breakfast and dinner are served directly at the residences, lunch at educational centers. Students can always choose food based on their preferences, traditions, medical indications or diets.

Some high schools in Cambridge provide an opportunity for foreign students to undergo a test trimester of education in one of the programs and get acquainted with the schedule and rhythm of life in the hostel. In this case, the student can improve the language and decide whether he likes living in such conditions or is better to abandon this idea.

An important aspect in the residence of a foreign student in a boarding house in Cambridge is the fact that a guardian is required. In accordance with the Children Act, adopted in 1989, and the Child Protection Act (1999), foreign students studying in the country must have a guardian who is a citizen of the United Kingdom. He watches over students, goes to parent-teacher meetings, helps to solve household and monetary issues. In addition, he is obliged to represent the interests of the student in state institutions, to take care of his health. At the guardian's house, the student can spend vacations or weekends. It is also possible to live in the family of a person under whose care a student falls.

Additional activities of international students in a high school in Cambridge

Studies take place on weekdays from 9:00 to 15:00. In the afternoon, sporting events, classes at science clubs and volunteer activities are organized.

In their free time from studies and homework, in the boarding schools of all the leading high schools in Cambridge, foreign students can attend gyms and various local exhibitions. For all students, various interest groups operate in the public domain: yoga, art, cooking, debate, music, photography, ecology, world cinema and more.

Since Cambridge is 40 minutes from London, foreign students have access to almost all the historical places of the capital. Together with groups, students go on excursions to architectural monuments and famous parks. Teachers always try to organize interesting leisure: in their free time, students go on excursions, go to museums and shopping, relax in clubs, and organize student parties. On Saturdays, sports workshops on traditionally English sports are always held: cricket, rowing, sailing, horse riding. Many games for team rapprochement and a number of extracurricular activities for the comprehensive development of students' horizons.

Cambridge high schools also organize additional foreign language courses for those students who though it is faster to master the program or to study languages in depth.

Tuition fee of high school in Cambridge

Studying in high schools in Cambridge is quite expensive. The higher the position of the institution in the national educational ranking, the more parents will have to pay. The cost of studying at a high school in Cambridge also depends on the educational program and the living conditions of foreign students. Therefore, it can vary from 15,000 £ to 40,000 £ per year.


Type of school

Accommodation option

Cost per term

Boarding schools for girls


from 7,103 £

Boarding schools for boys


from 8,182 £


Host family residence

6,000 £

Boarding school co-educational

Host family residence

from 6,540 £


Services such as:

- deposit confirming the place in the school (1,500 £);

- semester deposit for international students (8,500 £);

- registration fee of the guardianship agency (135 £);

- guardianship (from £ 500 per term).

In addition, you need to consider the costs of flights, registration fees, student visas, embassy consular fees, transfers, medical insurance and translation of the student's documents for the embassy. The amount of costs is usually in the range from 1,000 £ to 1,300 £.

Also, do not forget about extracurricular and extracurricular activities and  pocket money for the student.

So, SMAPSE experts conclude that secondary education at one of the best high schools in Cambridge is the first step to a successful future and to your child’s dream career. Education in Cambridge secondary schools is conducted in English, which means that in addition to specialized subjects of the school curriculum, foreign students have a great opportunity to enhance the theoretical level of a foreign language and improve conversational speech. There is an academic atmosphere in Cambridge and all foreign students are fully committed to study and comprehensive development. Studying at one of Cambridge high schools will help your child not only get a quality education that is worthy of only the best universities in the world, but also make new friends, see another country and learn something new. All teachers pay special attention to the psychological characteristics of each student in the classroom, and the school does everything possible to make your child think independently, take a responsible approach to tasks and be tolerant. Educational programs for every taste, which can quickly change according to your child’s abilities so that he gets the maximum benefit and does not feel lagging behind the whole class. All this together gives incredible results! Student will be fully prepared for adulthood and studying at the best university in the world!

Best Cambridge High Schools

  • The Leys School Cambridge.
  • Cambridge International School
  • The Mew Eccles Hall
  • Focus School - Cambridge Campus
  • St Mary's School
  • Parkside Community College
  • Kimbolton School
  • Sancton Wood School
  • Impington Village College
  • Chesterton Community
  • Comberton Village College
  • St Bede's Inter-Church School
  • Swavesey Village College

This list offers you the best and most prestigious private secondary schools in Cambridge, which accept foreign students to study. If you are thinking about sending your child to one of the secondary schools in Cambridge, then SMAPSE experienced specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable option and tell you in detail about all the possibilities of educational programs. SMAPSE employees are well versed in the UK secondary education system, so they will be happy to tell you which package of documents you need to collect and which tests to pass. SMAPSE professional approach to getting a decent education for foreign students abroad will help your child make the right choice. SMAPSE experts are ready to advise you in detail on all issues at any convenient time and in any convenient way.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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