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Best summer holidays in Malibu for international students

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Best summer holidays in Malibu for international students

Fascinating summer holidays in Malibu for foreign students

It’s worth starting with the fact that California locals call Malibu “Coastal wonderland. " Thus, Russian children and adolescents will be able to spend an unforgettable summer vacation in Malibu, which will give a sea of bright impressions and emotions. As for the geographical location, this represents a 27-mile coastal zone along the northern end of Santa Bay Monica. This area never remains deserted, since it is there that you can constantly meet famous surfers, celebrities, actresses, as well as top managers entertainment centers. So, everywhere Malibu is assigned the status of the best, beautiful beach city, located in Los Angeles County.

List of the TOP-2 best Malibu language camps for your summer vacation

When deciding on spending summer vacations in Malibu, a foreign student have a great opportunity to combine effective learning with wonderful beach holidays. In addition, young sports fans will be able to get excellent opportunities for obtaining skills in surfing, swimming, camping, etc. Listed below are the TOP Malibu summer camps that provide full immersion in the language environment and participation in exciting adventures, included in the leisure program.

Summer language courses are hosted by Pepperdine University. As for geographical location, the prestigious language school is located at the foot of the mountains of Santa Monica, thus, foreign students will be able to enjoy picturesque scenery of the Pacific coast. Within walking distance is the famous beaches of Los Angeles. Parents can not worry, as children are guaranteed a balance between learning and rest, since it is the summer holidays that are intended primarily for relaxation. The duration of the language program varies from 1 to 5 weeks. Concerning the cost of education, then on average it fluctuates around 1,620 $ per week. Foreign studets stay in comfortable rooms for 2 students. In this case, boys and girls are placed in different buildings on a full board basis. 3 days devoted to various leisure programs during the week, in particular, trips are organized to the Universal studio, Disneyland, Alleys of Stars, etc. The physical development of students is not without attention, since classes are provided for American football, baseball, dancing, competitions in the framework of the mini-Olympic games.

Within the walls of the elite university of California is offered to the attention of foreign students studying in language camps, the purpose of which is acquisition by foreign students of practical experience. So, through cultural exchange and communication with peers is harmonious intellectual and personal development. So, every year over 11,500 foreign students from 12 to 18 years old decide on holidays in this elite summer camp. Effective development of communication skills takes place within the education. In addition, experienced teachers identify the student's preferences and interests. Especially interesting and exciting training will be for foreign students who are interested in ecology and protection issues, also have an active social position in methods of solving global problems. Only experienced and professional teachers are involved in teaching, and education is conducted in English. Thus, a foreign student is required to speak English at least at an average level as part of the admission process . As for the format of classes, it takes the form of discussion seminars and debates, which, in turn, provides an exchange of ideas and opinions. The cost of staying in an elite summer camp on average ranges about 1,750 $, including accommodation in a comfortable school residence, meals, and organization of various leisure activities. A modern fitness center, track and field fields, beach volleyball fields, a swimming pool, and tennis courts are opened on the campus for students to spend their free time.

Accommodation for the summer holidays in Malibu

Foreign students are accommodated in the camp in comfortable rooms for 1-4 students. Please note that boys and girls live apart. With regard to nutrition, it is balanced and is provided on full board conditions.

Organization of education at leading Malibu summer language camps

So, at the time of arrival at the prestigious Malibu camp, a test is provided for foreign students, based on the results of which occurs
the formation of language groups. Classes are held in small classrooms, thereby guaranteeing the application of an individual approach to studying. Also based development of language programs are the individual interests of each teenager. After undergoing education in the language program, an exam is required to determine the level of knowledge. In addition, graduates are given certificate, which is quoted by the best universities, colleges, schools of any countries of the world.

It’s worth noting that additional classes in sports such as volleyball, paintball, american football, baseball, swimming, guided
experienced trainers and instructors. At the same time, these creative individuals are given the opportunity to visit art centers, theater. So, on a regular basis in the summer camps parties, karaoke nights, discos, intellectual games are organized. Once again SMAPSE experts note that in the walls of the prestigious summer camps of Malibu, teachers conduct academic classes in a friendly setting in the morning. Simultaneously, as part of the classes, time is devoted to completing practical tasks. Wherein most effective language skills improvement occurs through communication and various games, entertainment and leisure activities, sports and excursions.

List of possible excursions during education at the Malibu Summer Ranking Camp

Due to its proximity to major California attractions Malibu's leading summer language camps organize intense leisure program. In particular, educational and exciting excursions are organized for inspection and walks:

  • Disneyland
  • Hollywood Alley
  • Universal studios
  • Griffith park
  • Dodgers Stadium
  • Beverly Hills
  • Camarillo Outlets Shopping Center
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Glendale Gallery.
  • Getty Museum
  • TopangaWestfield Shopping Center.

As part of field trips, there is a complete immersion in culture and traditions of a new country, as well as complete immersion in the language environment.

Additional information on leading English language programs Malibu summer camps

Duration of education varies from 1 to 5 weeks. During the week student will have 15 hours of classes. As part of the education
foreign students acquire skills in intonation, grammar, the lexical stock is expanding. So, at the end of the program, a foreign student quickly reads, writes in English, and also perceives foreign language well hearing.

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