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2019-08-22 00:20:44

Best schools in Vancouver for foreign students

Best schools in Vancouver for foreign students

Prestigious schools in Vancouver for foreign students

The prestige of Canadian secondary education is universally recognized throughout the world, and leading schools in Vancouver are no exception. Canada as a country is characterized by a high level of development and prosperity, while significant investments are allocated for the development of the field of education and science. For this reason, Vancouver’s leading public schools have an excellent level of technical and infrastructure equipment.

Canada has a mild climate, a good environmental situation, and a hospitable attitude by local residents towards foreign students. At the same time, making a comparison with the United States and Great Britain, the cost of studying at the best schools in Canada for foreign students aged 15 to 18 is much lower, while not inferior to Canadian educational institutions in international rankings.

Among foreign students, it is very popular to receive an elite secondary education in Vancouver, which is a safe and comfortable city located in the west of the country, on the territory of which a large number of interesting parks and museums are concentrated.

Passing education in ranking schools in Vancouver, foreign students gain experience of staying and studying in an international environment, high-quality secondary education.

Specific Features of Secondary Education in Canada - What do foreign students need to know in Vancouver?

  • Canada is characterized by a high level of security, which is extremely good for foreign students. In addition, local residents are friendly to foreign students. The walls of leading private schools in Vancouver guarantee the complete safety of students.
  • The best universities in different countries of the world highly appreciate the certificate issued by the advanced high school of Canada.
  • Compared to London, San Francisco, New York, studying at an elite school in Vancouver is cheaper with an appropriate high level of educational services and positions in international rankings.
  • Having completed education in Vancouver, the graduate has all the opportunities for unhindered admission to the best university in Canada , after which you can build a successful career and become an applicant for a residence permit. It is worth noting that Canada has a soft visa policy, so there should be no difficulty in obtaining a residence permit.
  • The Canadian government allocates a lot of budget funds for the development of the educational sector, as well as technology and science. At the same time, the elite of world science highly appreciates the academic achievements of top universities in Canada.
  • Within the walls of the best schools in Vancouver, teachers focus on students gaining useful academic knowledge, as well as on the upbringing and development of personal qualities, in particular responsibility, leadership, and independence.
  • Prestigious schools in Vancouver focus on regular sports activities; the required modern technical and infrastructure equipment has been created for this.
  • As part of the teaching, Vancouver's elite private schools follow British teaching traditions. In particular, a separate educational format is practiced.

Specific Features of Educational Programs at Vancouver Advanced Schools

Two official languages are adopted in Canada, namely French and English. Thus, the vast majority of leading schools in Vancouver teach in two languages.

Until the age of 18, students continue to receive Canadian elite secondary education. Note that the school year is divided into two semesters. In Vancouver, students independently select the subjects of interest for study. So, in the Advanced Placement education program, some disciplines can be studied at an advanced level. In addition, graduating from this program, graduates have undeniable advantages when they enter the profile ranking universities, both in Canada and other countries of the world. It is worth noting such a pattern that the larger the list of disciplines that are studied at an in-depth level, the higher the position of the leading Vancouver school in the rankings, and the developed educational program has great prestige.

The final grade for each discipline is formed from the following components, namely written assignments, an individual project, and a final exam. Similarly, the United States in Canada, performance scores are expressed as a percentage. To move to the next class and continue learning requires at least 50%. In the case of achieving high academic results, students can be exempted from passing the exam. As for the graduation classes, the emphasis is placed on effective education in the framework of teaching aimed at unhindered admission to prestigious universities in Canada.

In addition, the specific characteristics of education in Vancouver-ranked schools are due to the provision of quality feedback. So, on a regular basis, progressive schools in Vancouver compile reports for parents regarding student success and behavior.

Pros of getting a secondary education in the best private schools in Vancouver

  • Due to the formation of small study groups, the teacher pays attention to each student individually
  • The educational process is organized on a full board basis, so foreign students live on the campus
  • Provides modern infrastructure equipment for comfortable education and active sports
  • If interested, a foreign student can study in schools with a separate educational format
  • Effective preparation for unhindered admission to the elite university of Canada and other countries of the world.

List of TOP-3 best private boarding schools in Vancouver for foreign students 

  • Bodwell High School - both young Canadians and foreign students representing all over the world are accepted for education. Tuition starts at 38,600 CAD $ per year. As part of the education, there is also a harmonious development of such personal qualities as original thinking, independence, initiative, leadership qualities, the skill of free communication and teamwork. 
  • Pattison High School - teaching is conducted in English, the cost of education starts from 23,280 CAD $ per year. Upon graduation, graduates can become students of elite universities in any country in the world. The number of students in one class does not exceed 15 people. An international atmosphere has been created within the walls of the elite school, while creating a friendly atmosphere. In foreign students, tolerance and mutual respect are brought up.
  • Alexander Academy - the goal of this ranking school is due to education in students in an international setting. Tuition fees fluctuate on average around 15,800 CAD $. Within the framework of teaching, a harmonious and comprehensive development of foreign students is provided, namely, academic, moral, creative, social and sports areas. In all students, without exception, personality traits such as politeness, tolerance, belonging to a single global society. Also there are creating comfortable and safe conditions for the comprehensive development of students.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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