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Best schools in Portugal for foreign students

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Best schools in Portugal for foreign students

Leading schools in Portugal for international students

At the legislative level in Portugal, the compulsory nature of education for students aged 6 to 15 years is fixed.

The Portuguese ministries are responsible for the education sector, namely:

  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education
  • Ministry of Education.

According to statistics, the literacy rate in Portugal is 93%. As for teaching in prestigious schools in Portugal, English and Portuguese are studied by Russian teenagers. So, graduating from a Portuguese school, the graduate speaks several foreign languages at the same time.

At the moment, the popularity of Portuguese advanced schools is growing among foreign students. The classification of schools in Portugal distinguishes three main types, namely public, private, as well as international.

The process of obtaining a leading secondary education in Portugal is divided into three stages, namely:

  • Preparatory school - students aged 3 to 5 years
  • Basic school - students from 6 to 15 years old
  • High school - foreign students from 15 to 17 years old.

In the framework of the initial and basic level, it is envisaged to teach a sufficiently large list of subjects, at the same time organized sports and creativity, provides for the development of personal and moral qualities. As for graduation classes, the eduaction is conducted in one of two directions, namely:

  • General - targeted at students who will enter universities
  • Technological - the target audience is students who plan employment at the time of graduation.

Portuguese secondary education system - a brief reference for foreign students from 11 to 18 years old

First of all, it is envisaged for children aged 3 to 6 years to undergo pre-school education. After which, over four years, the stage of obtaining advanced primary education in Portugal begins. To receive basic secondary education in Portugal, you need to complete education after completing elementary school for 5 years.

The educational system of Portugal has a European format, while teaching does not provide for early specialization, while studying at a basic school.

Entering the elite Portuguese high school, a foreign student is expected to study for an educational program lasting 3 years. In this case, students independently decide on the passage of studying in the framework of this educational program. At the same time, general educational, technological, as well as professional programs have been developed and are available to the attention of foreign students in Portugal.

If a graduate has received a full secondary education, then there is every opportunity for successful admission to a ranking university abroad after passing the entrance exams.

Educational programs of the best private and international schools in Portugal

  • GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education

It is an effective educational program that meets the British standard of secondary general education. For applicants, a high level of English proficiency and academic knowledge are required. So, teaching from 8 to 10 disciplines is provided. As for exams, their number is 6-8 in academic subjects. Excellent grades are A, B and C, the highest score is A *.

  • International GCSE, IGCSE

Ubiquitous prestige is inherent in the international certificate of secondary education. This educational program was developed in 1985, Cambridge University ranking staff were responsible for developing the course, and it is based on the British GCSE program. The IGCSE program provides for greater intensity of classes. This program has a deeper level of acquired knowledge, as well as rather difficult final exams. The popularity of this program among foreign students increases annually, in addition, the number of schools that decide to pass the certification, the presence of which allows teaching in the framework of the IGCSE program, increases.

  • A-level

The graduation program complies with the British educational standard and has the status of a reference. Mathematics and English are taught on a mandatory basis. Foreign students choose disciplines in the following two areas:

- Science, medicine, engineering

- Humanities, law, business.

As part of the educational process, large-scale laboratory and research works, individual and team projects are foreseen. Upon graduation, graduates take exams in 3-5 disciplines. Grades are inserted on a scale from A to E.

  • International baccalaureate

The international baccalaureate program has the status of the most popular and prestigious standard in the field of education. The international baccalaureate program includes 4 stages, namely the early years, the middle classes, the graduation program, as well as career development.

Prestigious private schools in Portugal for foreign students 

As noted above, in Portugal, secondary education is mandatory. Along with public schools in Portugal, top private schools operate successfully. The overwhelming majority of elite Portuguese international schools receive foreign students who are representatives of various countries of the world, which contributes to the diversity of the educational process. In addition, constant communication with foreign students allows you to find new friends and learn many interesting facts.

As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that in the territory of Portugal a sports area is at a high level of development. So, the emphasis is on football. Young sports enthusiasts will be delighted to be able to attend training at Portugal's ranked football sports school. In addition, high-quality training of athletes who achieve high results and participate in international competitions is conducted within its walls.

The best boarding schools in Portugal for foreign students

The best option for education a Russian teenager from 14 to 17 years old is an advanced boarding school, which provides for the possibility of students living in the school residence. In addition, all students are guaranteed a high level of round-the-clock security due to the provision of constant and thorough supervision by the teaching staff. The higher level of educational services in prestigious Portuguese boarding schools is universally recognized, as the teaching uses an individual approach for each student, contributing to the development of the abilities and talents of a foreign student. In addition, individual classes and additional courses are provided.

Professional expert assistance

Turning to SMAPSE educational center, SMAPSE experienced specialists will provide professional assistance in the selection of a suitable prestigious school in Portugal, as well as in the preparation and execution of a package of documents. If necessary, it is possible to conduct consultations on all issues arising regarding the acquisition of secondary education in Portugal.

SMAPSE experts advise you in advance to organize education in Portugal. So, for smooth admission you will need a good level of knowledge of a foreign language and academic subjects.

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