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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Summer camps in France for foreign students

Summer camps in France for foreign students

In this article you can find out more information about the educational programs of the prestigious summer camps in France, the cost and leisure activities.

Prestigious children's language camps in France specially for foreign students have developed quality educational programs, the passage of which promotes effective learning of the French language during the school summer vacation. At the same time, the educational process is organized very interestingly, that foreign students do not feel the full load from classes. This article will be extremely useful for those students and their parents who thought about going to the leading summer language school-boarding house of France. After reading this article, you will get an idea of the developed educational programs, the teaching methods used, as well as the cost of summer advanced language courses.

Learning French - the best camps in France have opened their doors wide!

Independently from the holidays, whether summer, autumn, winter or spring, the rating French children's boarding schools open their doors widely for the reception of foreign students. The educational programs developed by top French language summer camps in France harmoniously combine a qualitative study of a foreign language and a rich leisure program that provides for cultural and recreational activities.

Usually, the morning hours in the best summer camps in France are devoted to the educational sessions, as for the afternoon, it is completely given for carrying out exciting recreational activities. So, it is planned to hold sports competitions, classes on creativity and art, which will be especially interesting for girls and creative individuals. In addition, short-term fascinating trips to nearby cities are organized. As practice shows, on the weekends it is envisaged to hold real full-day excursions. You probably know for a long time that a large number of famous and popular tourist attractions are concentrated in France. So, foreign students will be able to make a fascinating walk through Paris, get acquainted with rare animals in the famous Tuari park, devote time to water fun entertainment on the magnificent clear coast of the Cote d'Azur, and, of course, feel the endless expanse of the picturesque fields of Provence. Of course, French Disneyland deserves special attention, which has the status of the largest among other countries in the world. After all, every foreign student without an exception dreams to visit the fairy-tale castles of Disneyland, to ride on a variety of fascinating attractions. And you have every chance to realize your child's dream by sending him to the best children's summer language camp in France.

Leading language courses in France for foreign studentsn- educational and language programs

French elite summer camps for children are created on the basis of ranking language schools and leading private boarding schools. It is worth noting that it is the option of the summer holidays in private boarding schools that is oriented towards foreign students who have set themselves the goal of obtaining a top secondary education in France. Thus, the student will have a great opportunity for personal acquaintance and assessment of the atmosphere within the walls of the prestigious French school, and also at least for a long time to feel herself in the role of her schoolboy. As for the other parameters, it is impossible to single out other significant differences between the 2 types of French educational institutions. In connection with what, regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed the teaching of the highest level of quality.

The leading summer children's camps in France have developed a variety of effective language courses that differ in intensity. So, foreign students are offered a standard course lasting 20 hours a week, and an intensive program, which varies from 25 to 32 hours a week. As practice shows, for children of younger age classes are held in a more game format. As for high school students, they are creating a more academic environment for classes in the French language. As part of the education, teachers pay attention to every aspect of learning the French language, namely vocabulary, grammar, correct pronunciation, as it requires the efforts of a foreign student to master the French language at an excellent level, because of the unaccustomed pronunciation of French sounds.

Taking into account that studying in small classrooms involves the use of an interactive approach and the development of acquired language skills and knowledge in simulated game situations, the key feature of the educational process is the organization and development of a rich leisure program that provides for sports and entertainment events. As part of such activities, foreign students are required to talk to each other in French, thereby overcoming the communication barrier. In addition, in practice, the acquired knowledge and skills in the French language are applied on an ongoing basis.

It should also be noted that in the walls of the best summer language camps in France there are all the necessary conditions for effective teaching and excellent rest. Thus, the equipment of the leading language schools-boarding houses of France meets the most modern requirements, namely, it has its own sports infrastructure, provides for the organization of a balanced and adequate nutrition throughout the stay of a foreign student.

With regard to placement issues, a foreign student can reside on the territory of a comfortable school residence, or as an option in a host family. SMAPSE would like to thank the parents that the French elite summer camps guarantee the constant supervision of teachers or members of host families for all children without exception.

The cost of summer vacations in the prestigious language schools-boarding schools in France

Naturally, taking the decision to send his child to the French language camp, the main issue for parents is the cost of studying for a vacation period in France. So, the cost of a language course for 2 weeks, taking into account food and accommodation, will average 2,000 €. If you choose an intensive language course that combines, in addition to teaching sports with an experienced instructor, the price will increase by another 1,000 or 1,500 €. Practice shows that for summer French camps located in the capital or large cities, there is a higher cost if compared with small provincial towns.

Choosing a prestigious children's summer camp in France for foreign students

A harmonious combination of fascinating summer holidays with effective perfection of skills in French can be found in the walls of the best language schools in France. Highly qualified specialists of SMAPSE will render their professional services in selecting the appropriate French children's language camp, which corresponds to the goals, preferences of the child and the financial capabilities of the parents.

Currently, for foreign students, there is a wide choice of quality language courses from the ranking of children's camps in France, which differ in intensity. At the same time, regardless of the choice of your child, each educational program provides for a variety of entertainment and sporting events, as well as educational excursions to the famous sights of France.

As practice shows, the top children's boarding schools in France are concentrated outside of megacities, thus, settling in pastoral areas. Given the linguistic load in the classroom, a lot of time is devoted to conducting classes in a variety of sports, from horse riding to swimming.

Staying for several weeks in the walls of the elite French language camps is not a guarantee of achieving a level of proficiency in French at the level of the native bearer. However, while effectively learning a foreign language, a foreign student will be able to staggeringly spend the summer holidays, having received a lot of brightest impressions and emotions, acquiring new and loyal friends. In addition, staying in an international environment contributes to the leveling of the language barrier.

The choice of the advanced French language boarding school is difficult because of their large number. At the same time, it is envisaged to divide summer children's language camps in France into 2 types, namely:

  • National - foreign student is educated and at the same time has a rest in a society of young Frenchmen, thus lessons on the French language are spent on an additional basis. Target audience are schoolchildren of advanced language specialized schools, which have already passed the stage to overcome the language barrier with native speakers of the language. Another option for passing these language courses is the need to obtain pre-university preparation for high school students for the purpose of unhindered enrollment by the ranking university abroad.
  • International - created on the basis of elite language schools-boarding houses in France, taking foreign students for education from all over the world. The intensity of the language program can vary, while academic studies are only part of the mandatory course. Special attention should be paid to the format of classes, which take place in a very interesting form, in the predominant majority of cases, not in the walls of classrooms. As for the intensive language program, the classes are 15-20 hours per week. For high school students, a superintensive language program has been developed that provides a total number of lessons in the amount of 32 to 40 hours per week. It is not expected that pupils will perform homework assignments, language groups are formed on the basis of the test results that are submitted upon admission to the educational institution. As a rule, there are no crossings within the same language group of young people from one country in order to ensure a full immersion of the foreign student in a new language environment for him.

Upon termination of language classes in each elite children's camp of France it is provided carrying out of various sports employment, dances, views of films, informative excursions, and also concerts. Parents can not worry, their child in no way can find time for boredom. In addition to quality teaching of the French language is a full-fledged physical development of foreign students.

List of the top best children's language camps in France for the summer vacation period

  • Lines Valbonne
  • Atoll (location - Antibes)
  • Atoll (location - Cannes)
  • CEI (location - Paris)
  • OISE (location - Paris)
  • Home Language International
  • Village Camps - Ardeche

Below is a table in which the attention of foreign students is offered by the language program, its kind and the foreign language being studied.

Educational program

Type of the language program

Teaching a foreign language

French Riviera Institute

Summer Camp and Language Courses

French and English


Summer Camp and Language Courses

French and English

Village Camps

Summer Camp and Language Courses


As already noted above, not only education, but also an intensive leisure program is offered by prestigious children's summer camps in France. At the same time, the degree of intensity of sports and recreational activities is determined by the prestige and status of the summer school-boarding house of France, and of course of the cost of education. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that some French advanced boarding schools offer numerous sports and tennis, football, volleyball competitions, horseback rides, water entertainments to the attention of foreign students. In addition, staying in a multilingual environment positively affects the significant improvement of language skills and pronunciation.

Once again, SMAPSE will hasten to reassure the parents that when they decide to send their child to one of the best language camps in France, he is guaranteed to be monitored by experienced teachers and educators on an ongoing basis. For students, a balanced and varied diet is organized, fascinating games are held.

Recreational program

On weekends for the students, France's top summer camps conduct cognitive excursions to the famous historical sights and picturesque areas of France. In particular, foreign students will have a great opportunity to visit Cannes, Saint-Tropez, such trips will give the brightest impressions to children. Agree that the dream of most foreign students is an active and exciting holiday, which is combined with the study of the French language.

Professional assistance of experienced experts

Turning to SMAPSE specialists, you will be professionally organized a trip to the prestigious French children's language camp for the summer vacation period. Namely, you will be provided with the following services:

  • Choosing a language school-boarding house or summer camp, taking into account the financial capabilities of parents, the geographical location of the school, the individual goals and preferences of the child;
  • Selection of the preferred educational program, which provides for simultaneous intensive teaching of the French language and the development of the physical and creative abilities of the foreign student;
  • Selection of the preferred accommodation option, at the choice of the student, accommodation in a comfortable residence or in a host family is offered;
  • Registration of a visa, while in this process a multi-stage procedure for the preparation and verification of a package of documents is applied, which almost completely eliminates the occurrence of errors in documents and the receipt of a refusal with respect to permission to enter France.
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