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2019-08-22 00:15:42

Best private schools in New Zealand for foreign students

Best private schools in New Zealand for foreign students

Prestigious schools in New Zealand for foreign students

When deciding to receive a prestigious secondary education in New Zealand, a foreign students is given an excellent opportunity to receive a high-quality education that meets European standards, as well as to get to know the new tradition and culture of a very unusual country. Thus, within the walls of ranking private schools in New Zealand, teaching emphasizes the use of innovative and modern teaching methods, which helps students to receive excellent education for successful further education and long-term employment, while also possessing knowledge of the latest world trends.

Particular attention should be paid to the excellent infrastructure equipment of the campuses of leading private schools in New Zealand. So, classrooms are equipped only with modern interactive technology and computers, for sports there is the necessary sports infrastructure. In addition, multimedia technologies are actively used in teaching, which ensures the effectiveness of educatiojn and the fascination of the educational process.

When there are no classes, foreign students are provided with a truly unique opportunity for close acquaintance with the unique nature and landscapes of New Zealand, visiting national famous parks, as well as exploring various animals and endemic plants. New Zealand is characterized by the predominance of a favorable and mild climate, which, in turn, guarantees the comfortable learning and stay of a international students.

Also noteworthy is the fact that in New Zealand there is practically no crime and corruption, while the country has a high standard of living.

Do not miss the opportunity to study at the best private schools in New Zealand. SMAPSE experienced specialists will provide you professional assistance in selecting the preferred prestigious school in New Zealand, which received the appropriate accreditation.

Learning Specifics at Prestigious Private Schools in New Zealand

Upon reaching 2-3 years, children attend kindergartens, after which they transfer to leading schools at the age of 6 years. In New Zealand, the predominant number of schools are public, providing for free tuition. According to statistics, among foreign students, elite international schools are becoming increasingly popular, the number of which is constantly growing.

The following are the stages of education accepted in New Zealand:

  • Primary school - targeted at students aged 5 to 12 years
  • High School - High Schools are targeted at foreign students between the ages of 13 and 18.

In addition, effective pre-university programs are offered to the attention of foreign students, in particular, the International Foundation.

It is worth noting that for each stage of education, the presence of specific established standards and programs is characteristic. So, the greatest popularity and relevance is inherent in the English GCSE and A-level programs, as well as the IB international undergraduate program. The walls of leading private schools in New Zealand provide for the study of a large number of disciplines, in particular this:

  • English
  • Modern foreign languages
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Diverse art forms
  • Natural Sciences
  • Sport.

The development of the educational system of New Zealand is based on the British educational program, which has been formed over the centuries and has deep-rooted traditions, as well as constantly improving teaching methods.

In addition, one of the key advantages of obtaining secondary education in New Zealand is due to the fact that foreign students receive a high-quality fundamental linguistic base. So, students are given the opportunity to undergo special preparatory language courses, attend classes aimed at developing communication skills. In addition, specially for foreign students, specialized classes are organized to adapt to the new linguistic and cultural environment.

For teaching, only experienced teachers with a high level of qualification, extensive experience working with students, and a prestigious degree are involved. A distinctive characteristic of school campuses in New Zealand is due to the highest level of equipment and ensuring a comfortable stay in residences. For the period of study, foreign students, if interested, can live in host families, and high school students can stay in hotels.

Within the walls of all leading private schools in New Zealand, all the necessary conditions for the creative, moral and sports development of all students are created. So, upon completion of education, graduates have developed such personal qualities as responsibility, setting and achieving goals, quick adaptation to a changing environment.

The main advantages of obtaining a ranking secondary education in New Zealand

  • Based on the English education system, the educational system of New Zealand was developed
  • Widespread recognition of certificates obtained at the best private schools in New Zealand
  • The harmonious development of all students in all areas, namely creative, academic, as well as sports
  • Government agencies tightly monitor educational institutions in New Zealand
  • Favorable climatic and natural situation
  • Excellent environmental situation.

Given the strict adherence to English educational standards, the educational system of New Zealand does not lose its uniqueness and specific features, which consist in observing strict regulation by private and public schools themselves. So, employees of specialized departments of the Ministry of Education regularly conduct inspections in controlled educational institutions. Therefore, each New Zealand school is required to comply with stringent requirements while adhering to established rules. In addition, on a monthly basis, verification of families with the right to host foreign students is provided, which allows parents not to worry about their child.

Interesting facts about the leading New Zealand schools for foreign students

In New Zealand there are approximately 440 schools, among which an average of 20 are private, thus, the rest of the educational institutions are assigned the status of state schools. So, advanced schools in New Zealand differ in the format of instruction, namely they are divided into separate and joint, a similar classification is adopted in European countries. Foreign students show a preference for admission to elite private boarding schools in New Zealand, which guarantees the highest level of quality of educational services and compliance with strict academic standards. Getting advanced secondary education in the best private schools in New Zealand allows you to become a student of top universities, both New Zealand and other European countries. A distinctive feature of the educational system of New Zealand is due to the flexibility of the educational process and admission to universities, if compared with the UK. Thus, foreign students have the opportunity for unhindered admission to a leading private school in New Zealand. In addition, there are no restrictions on the admission of a student as part of admission to prestigious New Zealand boarding schools.

Education in high school in New Zealand - useful information for foreign students

The appeal of New Zealand High School is due to its flexibility and simplicity of the admission and study procedures. Regardless of the level of knowledge, a foreign student is given the opportunity to choose their preferred educational program because of the successful functioning of special education and support. So, the passage of a full educational program takes from 1 year to several years.

The predominant number of foreign students who intend to enter ranking English-speaking universities are sent to New Zealand to study in high school. The requirements for the provision of an extract with grades, as well as passing the test in English, are presented as requirements. As a rule, high school students study 6 subjects at an advanced level, while at the same time the total number of taught disciplines is an average of 30. After graduation in grade 11, students are issued a secondary school certificate, while completing grade 12, the student receives a Sixth Form Certificate. At the end of the 13th grade, it is planned to take final exams in 4-6 specialized disciplines, or as an alternative, exams are taken under the A-level or IB education program.

It is worth noting that in the classes of prestigious private schools in New Zealand there are a small number of students, thereby ensuring the application of an individual approach for each student, as well as creating excellent conditions for the effective mastering of educational material. In addition, an intensive leisure program is being developed for foreign students, providing for the participation in a variety of dramatic, dance, and musical productions, attending courses in painting, design, and photography.

School Year at Advanced Schools in New Zealand

The beginning of the school year falls on the end of January or the beginning of February, the duration of summer vacations averages 6 weeks, the end of the school year falls on December. In addition, the academic year is divided into quarters, namely:

  • Late January - Mid April
  • End of April - beginning of July
  • Mid July - End of September
  • Mid October - Mid December.

Please note that quarters share a 2-week vacation.

It is also worth noting that attendance at school is an object for strict control. So, if it is impossible to attend classes for various reasons, the parents of the child or his guardian must notify the school by phone before 9 am. In the predominant number of ranking New Zealand schools, special telephone lines have been created.

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