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Best private schools in Canada for foreign students

Best private schools in Canada for foreign students

Elite schools in Canada for international students

It is worth starting with the fact that getting the leading secondary education in the best private schools in Canada is extremely popular and in demand among foreign students. In addition, prestigious private schools in Canada are characterized by the highest level of quality educational services. So, universally highly ranked among top universities among all countries of the world certificates of completion of the elite school of Canada.

A key characteristic of private schools in Canada is the presence of two official languages, namely English and French. So, as practice shows, an informal division of the territory of Canada into certain areas can be noted. In this connection, it is worth paying attention to this fact in the context of choosing the leading private school in Canada. It is worth noting that in the overwhelming majority of cases, teaching is conducted in both English and French.

Key Benefits of Elite Secondary Education in Canada's Advanced Private Schools

  • Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a prestigious certificate of secondary complete education, universally quoted in ranking universities and well-known international companies in all countries of the world.
  • If we compare with elite boarding schools in the UK and the USA, then in the best private schools in Canada the cost of education is lower, which, in turn, does not affect the quality of educational services.
  • A friendly attitude towards foreign students is shown, at the same time an extremely loyal policy has been established with regard to moving to Canada on a permanent basis as the main place of residence. Thus, excellent opportunities have been created for successful and promising employment and career building.
  • It is also worth noting that the educational program provides for the use of modern and technical teaching methods, thereby ensuring the highest level of quality of secondary Canadian education.
  • In the framework of teaching, careful attention is paid to the development in students of such personal qualities as independence and responsibility.
  • To ensure the full development of the individual, various sports and creative activities are foreseen.
  • Along with England, the best private schools in Canada present both a joint and a separate educational format.

Top Canadian High School Summary

In Canada, secondary education is compulsory for students aged 6 to 16 years. So, Canadian children receive free education. Thus, the overwhelming majority of Canadian students decide to receive secondary education in leading public schools in Canada, whose share is on average 95%. At the same time, 5% of students attend the best private schools in Canada. Please note that tuition at leading private educational institutions in Canada is paid, at the same time there is a high competition for places. So, in the most top private boarding school in Canada, you can only enter your child in the queue at the time of his birth.

Foreign students can enter not only prestigious private, but also public schools in Canada. At the same time, regardless of the choice of an advanced school in Canada, a foreign student is trained only on a fee basis. Please note that in the case of choosing a public school, a solution to the issue related to living and migration services is required due to the lack of full board conditions. At the same time, in accordance with Canadian law, students who have not reached the age of 18 must have a guardian.

It should be noted that as of the current moment, about 100 advanced state schools in Canada, which are united in the CAPS-I association, are accepting foreign students for education.

The main distinguishing characteristic of elite private schools in Canada is due to teaching in small classrooms, thereby guaranteeing the application of an individual approach to learning.

Taking into account the presence of two official state languages in Canada, the predominant number of private Canadian boarding schools are taught in English. If we make a comparison with public educational institutions, then it is in private schools in Canada that education is possible, both in the framework of the 2-semester and 3-semester educational programs. Thus, an opportunity is created for passing education in a more compressed period of time.

With regard to education in advanced private schools in Canada, admissions committees accept even young student. At the same time, as practice shows, foreign students go to Canada in order to obtain a leading secondary education in high school. Along with public schools, a credit system has been established in private schools in Canada. To obtain a certificate of secondary education, a foreign student must obtain a certain number of loans. So, in a Canadian high school, a foreign student independently chooses the predominant number of disciplines for study, taking into account individual preferences, goals and future university specialty.

Elite Secondary Education Types of Residence in Canada

Created living conditions in the best private schools in Canada meet the highest requirements. Considering the level of technical and infrastructural equipment of Canadian private boarding schools, it exceeds the level of leading schools in the USA and Great Britain .

So, during the educational period, foreign students live in spacious and equipped rooms for 1-2 people. On the territory of comfortable hostels, curators are on duty on an ongoing basis, which guarantees round-the-clock supervision of all students. In addition, for the peace of parents, SMAPSE experts note that Canada is universally recognized as the safest country in the world. As for nutrition, it is organized on a full board basis.

How is the educational process organized in elite private schools in Canada for foreign students?

So, the Canadian secondary education system includes three stages, which, in turn, are divided into grades 11-12. Classes are held from September to May, at the same time the academic year is divided into semesters.

One of the key characteristics of private leading schools in Canada is due to the emphasis on foreign students studying elective academic subjects. The choice of subjects is based on individual preferences, interests and goals of each student individually, as well as future specialization, in the framework of which teaching will be conducted in one of the prestigious foreign universities .

It is also worth noting that, receiving a secondary Canadian education, a foreign student has an excellent opportunity to obtain advanced knowledge in the framework of a specialized education program, namely the Advanced Placement Program. If a graduate successfully completes the passage of this educational program, then he gains a significant competitive advantage in the framework of admission to top universities, both Canada, England, the USA, and other foreign countries. As for the content of the educational program, it provides for the passage of more than 30 disciplines at an advanced level, which, in turn, corresponds to the university program.

As noted above, within the walls of elite private schools in Canada, all opportunities have been created for foreign students to engage in diverse sports, as well as conduct intensive creative activities. The most modern level of infrastructural equipment of educational buildings deserves special mention, thereby ensuring compliance with high educational international standards.

It is worth noting that in the territory of most advanced private boarding schools in Canada built their own sports stadium, as well as a specialized ice rink for hockey classes. Thus, it is envisaged the formation of their own team for a particular sport, which goes to local and regional competitions between Canadian schools.

As the main tool used to test knowledge during the elite secondary education in Canada, the written test is highlighted. Their implementation can vary from once to several times during the semester, which is due to a specific academic discipline. As for the exam format itself, it can take the form of a test or essay.

Upon reaching 18-19 years old, the graduate graduates from the best private schools in Canada. Thus, at the time of graduation, a foreign student begins to engage in the submission of documents in order to successfully enroll in a ranking university in Canada and other countries of the world.

How is the process of enrolling in private schools in Canada for foreign students organized?

Please note that, in deciding to receive an elite secondary education in a private school in Canada, it is necessary to obtain a guardian for a foreign student, who, in turn, is selected from the list of Canadian citizens who have received appropriate accreditation and who are responsible for a foreign student for the period of study in Canadian territory.

In addition, a claim is required to pay a registration fee, which can reach up to 200 CAD $ at the best private schools in Canada. Please note that this fee is non-refundable, therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider your decision to enter a prestigious private school in Canada before you start preparing a package of documents. After this stage, an interview with representatives of an elite Canadian private school is envisaged, the next stage is the discussion by the admissions committee of the foreign applicant. At the same time, the foreign student will only have to wait for a positive decision.

The overwhelming majority of leading private schools in Canada host foreign students in September as well as mid-year. To become a student of the elite school of Canada, a foreign student will need to provide:

  • Make a choice regarding your preferred boarding school in Canada;
  • To fill in the application form and pay the fee for the consideration of the selection committee of the application, the average size of which is 200 CAD $;
  • Successfully write a test that determines the level of academic knowledge, in particular, this is the SSAT, Secondary School Admission Test, or CAT, Canadian Achievement Tests. Please note that some ranked private schools in Canada are required to write an essay or take an internal exam;
  • An international language exam is required, namely IELTS or TOEFL. In the case of further education in the elite private school of Canada in French, you must pass the DALF exam;
  • Provide school report cards for the last 2 academic years;
  • Skype interviews with school officials are required;
  • A medical board is required.

Note that applications are accepted throughout the year. At the same time, depending on the chosen private school in Canada, variations in the conditions of admission are possible.

The cost of obtaining a secondary education in the best private schools in Canada

The cost of studying in elite boarding schools in Canada is determined by a large number of parameters, namely the degree of prestige of the educational institution, the option of food and accommodation, the costs associated with the acquisition of the necessary educational materials, and the level of intensity of the leisure program. So, the approximate cost of education in the best private schools in Canada ranges from 10,000 to 70,000 CAD $ per year.

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