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2022-11-28 20:51:55

The 3 Best Places to Stay in Thailand

The 3 Best Places to Stay in Thailand

Last year, Thailand again began to receive foreign tourists, lifting all anti-Covid restrictions for travelers. On the territory of Thailand there are 3 most popular resorts, where most tourists from all over the world come. Each of them has its own advantages, and any vacationer will not be mistaken if he chooses one of these regions.


Phuket is an island that is located in the south of the country and is considered the most popular resort among foreign tourists. The island has a lot of vegetation, mountains and snow-white beaches with clear water. Phuket receives guests all year round, but the best season for travel is winter, when the dry season begins on the island.

The resort has many viewing platforms, which are recommended to visit all tour operators and guides. They offer unforgettable landscapes, guests come here to meet sunsets and sunrises. The most famous observation decks are Promkhtep Cape, Khao Khad Tower, Rang Hill, Sarasin Bridge, Karon Beach and Big Buddha.

The island has a unique place where guests can socialize and play with hundreds of monkeys. Monkey Mountain is considered one of Phuket's highest hills, and guests can feed the tailed residents, take pictures with them or watch them deftly climb trees.

The local botanical garden offers guests to look at hundreds of species of plants and trees: there are unique palm trees, cacti, and flowers. Visitors to the garden will be able to walk past the ponds in which carp live – the ponds are decorated with lilies and lotuses, complementing the view of the garden.

In the north of Phuket, travelers are waiting for an interesting phenomenon - planes fly over the beach of Nai Yang to land at an altitude of only 100 meters! The air board flies over the heads of tourists, and they look with delight at such a spectacle. Many guests of the island try to photograph low-flying aircraft, catching a unique shot.

When tourists have explored Phuket, they can safely go to the archipelago of Phi Phi - the islands that figured in the cult American films about James Bond and the film "The Beach". The shores of the islands are strewn with white sand, and the water near them is crystal clear and transparent.

Koh Samui

The second popular island in the country among tourists is picturesque Koh Samui. The island ranked third in Thailand in size and can please guests with a diverse nature: there are coral reefs, snow-white beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and lagoons.

Experienced travelers of Thailand recommend after checking into a hotel or apartment to go to explore all the beaches where you can meet the sunset. The island is rich in observation platforms, from where you can look at the tropical forests. Lovers of silence are recommended to visit the Red Temple with the long name Wat Ratchathammaram - large groups of tourists almost do not go here, which is why it is quiet and calm here. The temple is made in a unique architectural style, many consider it the most beautiful building of the island. Not far from the red sanctuary of the Buddha is the Snake Stone Pagoda - the oldest building in Koh Samui, which was built 250 years ago. According to legend, the relics of the Buddha are kept in this place.

The Magical Buddhist Garden is a sacred place for the islanders. This place is located on the highest mountain of the island and is surrounded by tropical greenery. In the garden, several dozen statues are constructed, looking at which, you can spend several hours.

For connoisseurs of local culture and history, there is the Dusit Dhewa complex: a local resident founded it, collecting in one place many relics, figures, artifacts, sculptures and costumes. The exhibition is held in the open air, and its territory is surrounded by fruit trees.

Connoisseurs of wildlife after a holiday on the island of Koh Samui head to the neighboring islands of Koh Tao and Phangan - these places offer visitors beautiful views of the horizon. The beaches are surrounded by corals, so they are compared to the archipelagos of the Red Sea. Not far from Koh Samui there is an archipelago of 42 islands, where excursions with guides go - you can not get to them on your own. They do not stay overnight on these islands, because hotels and campsites are not built here, but the local nature amazes the imagination.


The capital of the country can offer guests many interesting ways to spend time. In Bangkok, there are exotic areas, traditional Buddha temples, and tall skyscrapers. Guests of the city are accustomed to ordering a taxi to conveniently get from one attraction to another.

The first stop on the route of many tourists is the Royal Palace - a complex consisting of 95 pagodas and several large buildings. The next point is traditionally the Temple of the Morning Dawn, similar to a mountain.

In the main city of Thailand, there are observation platforms, from where views of impressive landscapes open. Tourists can climb the tallest building in the city and admire the panorama of Bangkok.

A favorite place among locals and visitors to the city is Lumpini Park: people here play sports in the evenings, arrange jogging, ride catamarans, enjoy nature. Huge monitor lizards walk along the lawns of the park, but they do not pose a danger to humans, if you do not disturb them and do not try to anger them. The size of the average monitor lizard is more than a meter, but the locals are accustomed to such neighbors.

You can buy interesting souvenirs, try street food and feel the Asian flavor at the floating markets of Bangkok - goods are sold here directly from the boats, which makes the shopping experience unique.

Not all tourists have heard of the museum, which works in the open air and offers guests to look at the architectural masterpieces of Thailand. "Ancient Siam" is a huge park where you can walk all day and still not have time to inspect all the exhibits! To get around the museum faster, visitors rent scooters and bicycles.

Not far from the capital is the town of Ayutthaya, which is considered the historical capital of Ancient Siam. The city is left with the oldest ruins from previous generations and governments.

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