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2019-08-14 16:41:51

Best camps in Europe and in the world Ranking

Best camps in Europe and in the world Ranking

TOP camps in Europe for children and schoolchildren from abroad 

After reading this article, you can get acquainted with the information related to the studying in the leading summer camps in Europe, types of language schools, which are divided into children's, teenage, youth. In addition, information is provided regarding the cost of studying, the proposed educational programs, and the specific characteristics of the camps.

Educational programs, developed by prestigious summer schools and camps in Europe for children and students, are extremely diverse, they can be aimed at high-quality preparation for admission to TOP universities or foreign schools, organization of sports development or just a qualitative study of a foreign language.

At present, obtaining high-quality secondary education involves intensive study of a foreign language. In this connection, the predominant number of parents decide to let their children learn English from a very early age, and send them study in the best children's language camps abroad.

The benefits of studying English in the best camps in the world

Studying English in another country contributes to the rapid assimilation of new information and the creation of excellent opportunities for the harmonious development in the new language environment. It is worth noting that in many countries a system of foreign language camps and boarding schools has been effectively developed and, nowadays, it successfully teaches foreign students. Thus, all the necessary conditions have been created for the effective education.

When deciding to study abroad in an elite language children's camp, your child will simply be forced to constantly communicate in English. So, in addition to attending classes, constant communication with teachers and peers is provided, which, in turn, are representatives of diverse cultures and nationalities. During several weeks of staying abroad in a leading language school, foreign students achieve the highest results. 

When deciding to send their child abroad, parents do not have to worry that their child will not have fun and will not receive joy. On the contrary, the educational process abroad is based on the principles by which a foreign teenager simply does not have time to get bored. Thus, it is planned to conduct sports, organize educational excursions, visit theaters and museums, cinemas, discos, and various creative classes, thereby ensuring comprehensive and harmonious development, fun spending time and constant communication in a foreign language.

Help of specialists

SMAPSE educational center will help you send your child to a fascinating language children's camp abroad, where he will enjoy intensive sports classes football, hockey, tennis, etc., combined with successful improvement of his level of English proficiency. In addition, family programs for the effective study of a foreign language are offered to your attention, a child can stay in a teacher's family and master communication skills with a high-qualified teacher.

Getting a foreign education opens up the widest opportunities and prospects for a foreign teenager, do not miss an excellent chance. Our experienced and highly qualified specialists will provide their services in the selection of foreign educational programs. If necessary, SMAPSE experts can help you with the package of documents. You will also be guided in relation to the cost of studying in the top language camps in the world.

US Elite Summer Camps for international students

In order to improve the level of English proficiency and complete immersion in the language environment, it is worth spending summer holidays in a prestigious American camp. So, the overwhelming majority of parents from all over the world make a choice in relation to the leading US language camps for the following reasons:

  • Improving English proficiency
  • Qualitative preparation for successful admission to the top boarding school abroad
  • Effective preparation of high school students in order to successfully pass the international language exams required for admission to a foreign leading university or college.

The purpose of an academic trip to America affects the choice of the language program in a language boarding school, in particular, studying is possible not only in the summer, but also in spring, winter or autumn.

SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that you need to carefully select a language boarding school in the United States, since only educational institutions with an excellent reputation can guarantee a high level of educational services, an informative and interesting vacation, and recreational leisure activities for international students.

Choosing a Prestigious Language Boarding School and Camp in the USA

Over 100 leading language camps currently work in the United States, thereby, a foreign student will be able to choose preferred educational institution from the widest list.

As for criteria for the selection of a children's American language boarding school, the following can be marked:

  • location of the educational institution
  • educational programs
  • cost of studying

In this connection, we recommend that you first of all highlight the requirements that your preferred children's summer camp should meet, after that you can carefully study the proposed options for American educational institutions.

TOP-5 US Best Language Camps for international students 

  • UCLA Los Angeles Summer Camp - successfully operates on the basis of UCLA University of California, Los Angeles. Fame and popularity among foreign students was gained thanks to an impeccable reputation and the highest level of quality of educational services.
  • Malibu Kings College Children's Camp - established at Pepperdine University, which is located in a beautiful place in California. So, just imagine, from the windows of a comfortable campus you have a picturesque view over the Pacific Ocean, the famous beaches of Los Angeles.
  • MIT summer camp with programming - the target audience is foreign children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old, interested in studying innovative developments and exact sciences. Within the walls of the prestigious children's camp, studying English is harmoniously combined with programming classes.
  • Rennert New York Language School - located in the heart of New York, the target audience is foreign students from 13 years. Foreign students are offered standard educational programs aimed at adolescents and business courses, as well as programs with a narrow specialization.
  • Rennert International Miami Language School - is the second branch of the Rennert International educational network located in Miami. The year of foundation of this language boarding school is 1973, which is very popular among foreign teenagers.

Types of the best camps in the world for summer holidays

Summer vacation destination

Type of a language boarding school abroad

Exciting and comfortable stay

International camps

Conducting intensive sports activities, competitions

Sports camps

Hobby classes for foreign students, a guarantee of a stay in a safe and comfortable environment

International or theme camps

Created conditions for complete immersion in the beauty and picturesqueness of nature and understanding of the term ecology

Ecological camps

Close acquaintance with the life of a farmer, participation in the process of making bread, butter and cheese

Summer vacation at the farm

Acquaintance with new sports, creative directions, and the acquisition of initial skills

Theme Camps

Substantial improvement of the level of a foreign language proficiency, as an alternative, it is possible to obtain an international certificate of proficiency in it

Language boarding schools and language courses with accommodation in a teacher's family

Close acquaintance with the culture, traditions and everyday life of foreign countries

Thematic camps or homestay courses

Successfully overcoming the difficulties associated with the transitional age of the student, providing professional assistance in overcoming them

Summer camps, providing various trainings on the development of leadership skills, climbing, tourist and sports camps 

Filling the gaps in the development of school subjects and passing effective preparation for entering a top boarding school abroad

Language Camps for Academic Studies

Pre-university preparation

International youth camps, camps created at colleges and universities

Countries for effective studying a foreign language

In the vast majority of countries, numerous prestigious summer camps have been created. In particular, it is worth highlighting the UK, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Australia. Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages for getting education. Below there is a table of preferred countries for studying  in the context of various parameters.

Preferences in choosing a foreign camp

Countries for studying 

Comfort, climate, high security

Switzerland, Canada, UK, USA

A wide list of educational programs

Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Studying English language

USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland

Studying French

France, Canada, Switzerland

Studying German

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Studying Spanish


A rich cultural program and various excursions

Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, USA

Intensive sports

Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

High level of environmental safety

Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France

Qualitative preparation for admission to a prestigious foreign school

Switzerland, England, France, Germany, USA

Pre-university preparation

USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Switzerland

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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