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Academy for Gifted Children - PACE

Address: 12 Bond Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3K2, Canada

Description Academy for Gifted Children - PACE

  • Established: 1993
  • Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • Students age: 6-18 years.
  • Number of students:
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of study: private day school.

Academy for Gifted Children - PACE is a non-denominational, coeducational, private day school fully dedicated to meeting the needs of the intellectually gifted in grades 1-12. PACE develops the potential of gifted children through special education designed for talented pupils. The program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education. The educational institution provides the child with a powerful curriculum that challenges, motivates children, and helps them to develop their potential.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Academy for Gifted Children - PACE

Program name
from 15 500 $CAD / year

Primary School

Children begin to study core subjects with a thematic approach, using proven practices in teaching gifted children. They participate in day trips as they begin their journey through PACE's differentiated curriculum.

  • Early development of basic reading and writing skills, including familiarity with the French language.
  • Natural sciences as an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Physical education and visual arts to support individual and social development.
from 15 500 $CAD / year

Secondary school

Students develop an understanding of the individual learning style, use it during academic studies. During these critical years of development, children raise their academic level with proven methods of teaching the gifted.

  • Students learn to work independently, to develop time management skills, effective study habits.
  • Night excursions, special events, day trips improve the learning experience.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of disciplines with advanced accelerated teaching in English: Mathematics, Science, French, Global Perspectives.
  • Physical education, visual arts continue to support individual, social development during adolescence.

Students are challenged to develop outstanding potential as they prepare for the high school program. The specialized curriculum develops creative and future problem solving skills, group interaction abilities, and the leadership experience of students.

  • Students improve their research skills in all subjects.
  • Development of oral and written communication.
from 15 500 $CAD / year

Individual development is at the heart of the curriculum - high school students use powerful learning tools designed for children who have been identified as intellectually gifted. The Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) program continues its immersion into an enriched, accelerated curriculum with unique hands-on activities. Students take preliminary exams in English, mathematics, natural science, French, analyze language, text, and design.

The gradual introduction of separate units of AP preparation in 8th grade (and continued in 9th and 10th grades) will ensure a smooth transition of students to the difficult program for the gifted high school, giving them the opportunity to achieve great success, while receiving high scores on exams. AP in 11, 12 grades.

Accommodation, housing and food

Academy for Gifted Children - PACE is a day school and does not offer accommodations.

Events Academy for Gifted Children - PACE

  • Students benefit from cultural experiences in and outside the classroom. Attending theater performances, art exhibitions and museums are just a few of the exciting opportunities that students have to develop an understanding of art.
  • The school is a member of the SSAF, students are engaged in various sports from grades 1 to 12.

Joint studying activities:

  • Leisure world
  • Silent reading
  • Yoga
  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Mad science
  • Musical Theatre
  • Exciting engineering
  • Dinosaur Club
  • Ballet
  • Making dolls
  • Taekwondo
  • Art
  • Chorus.


  • A private school focuses on the specialization of gifted children, ensuring the development of their unique, outstanding potential.
  • A flexible pace designed to meet the special needs and learning requirements of a gifted child.
  • Differentiated education with deeper knowledge, understanding of a wide range of subjects.
  • The school creates an environment that fosters strong, lifelong bonding through small classrooms, dedicated teachers, and engaged peers.
  • Planning, supporting a child's future success in the program prepares him for university entrance every step of the way.
  • An expanded, accelerated curriculum offers the best learning experience for the gifted child. A flexible learning model connects students with their intellectual peers based on their level of knowledge in mathematics. Students are assigned to grade-based disciplines and are offered additional, advanced content to stimulate learning potential.

Equipment Academy for Gifted Children - PACE

The school provides all the conditions for playing sports, attending creative events, workshops.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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