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2022-10-21 11:54:39

5 of the most curious hotels of our time

5 of the most curious hotels of our time

Travelers who have traveled all over the globe are becoming more sophisticated every time, and it is not so easy to impress them. Experienced researchers want to taste dishes of unusual cuisine, explore unprecedented sights, spend nights in unique hotels, which in themselves are monuments.

In different parts of the world, guests are received by hotels, the concept of which is very different from the standard ones, which makes them very popular and interesting places among travelers.

A Spanish hotel run by artificial intelligence

In the fall of 2021, tourists coming to the Spanish desert of Gorafe had the opportunity to become a guest of a small hotel that works on the "smart home" system. The mini-hotel is absolutely autonomous and can change its location: the hotel can stand in any area, and guests will feel comfortable.

The developers and architects responsibly approached the creation of the hotel project from the company Moho Arquitectos, so they took care of the environmental friendliness of the building and its autonomy. On the roof of the portable hotel there are solar panels that provide guests with electricity. The devices are able to accumulate solar energy, which is enough for 4 cloudy days without the sun. The water collection system filters the liquid obtained from the environment and supplies it to the taps of guests.

The main feature of this facility is that all the tasks of ensuring comfort in the hotel are handled by artificial intelligence. It is enough for a person to download an application to a smartphone through which you can control all systems, choosing the temperature and even the smell inside the room.

Hotel in Dubai, which stands on the water

The UAE has always been able to surprise travelers from all over the world. The local hotel company in 2023 plans to open a hotel complex consisting of 12 large cottages that will float on the water. It is assumed that guests will be delivered to the villa using a boat, helicopter or yacht. Kempinski said guests at the complex will be able to sail their home and it will walk on water at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. The cottages will be managed according to the smart home system, and energy will be extracted using solar panels. All the garbage left by the guests, the house will recycle so as not to pollute the environment.

Hotel rooms in shipping containers

The French hotel chain AccorHotels has published in the public domain the concept of portable hotels that can be opened around the world. The developer proposed to take containers for sea transportation, re-equip them with comfortable rooms with windows that will go to the 4 cardinal points. The facing of the containers will be made of wood, and the rooms will receive open balconies. The creators of the project reported that the containers will have mobility, which is why they can be easily moved closer to mass events: exhibitions, festivals or sports matches.

Igloo in Krasnaya Polyana

Russian artist and mountaineer Daniil Primerov designed and opened a hotel, the rooms in which are located in igloo - the traditional dwelling of the northern peoples, made of ice. Such hotels, located in the houses of the Eskimos, are very popular in the scandinavian countries, and the domestic sculptor decided to develop the concept in Russia.

Beds in such hotels are made of snow, covered with mattresses and skins. Guests are covered with a sleeping bag, which is able to retain heat even in -30.

Space Hotel

The space industry is developing faster than ever, and talk of extraterrestrial tourism is becoming more frequent. It is planned that in 2027 the first space hotel in the mile will open, which will be called "Voyager Station". The creators of the project reported that construction will begin in 2026, and the area of the station will exceed 50,000 square kilometers.

According to the architects, Voyager will be able to receive 450 guests at a time, will offer guests gyms, bars and restaurants. However, the main advantage will be the rooms, the windows of which will open the view of the Earth! Tim Alatorre, the developer of the station, believes that space tourism can become popular and in demand by the end of this decade.

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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