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Year of study in Australia: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Australia: information for foreign students

MAPSE expers are willing to bet that studying in Australia comes to mind in the form of dreamy thoughts for anyone who has thought about studying abroad. The reason for this is the special mystery of the distant continent-state - more than half of the representatives of flora and fauna in Australia are found only here. The quality of education in the country is one of the best in the world, and it should be noted that the standards for teaching foreign students in Australia are enshrined in law for all categories of educational institutions in the country. The country has more than 1,200 public and private schools and universities offering over 22,000 different academic courses for foreign students, including the year of study in Australia.

Year of study in Australia at the university - Bachelor and Master

Higher education in Australia can be obtained at one of the country's 43 universities, 37 of which are annually included in the ranking of the best universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings. Moreover, the country leads in the number of top young universities in the world, leaving behind Singapore, the UK and Japan. For foreign students, studying in one of the universities in Australia, a year of study in Australia will be a brilliant opportunity to see the inverted world with your own eyes, learn surfing and other popular water sports, and get a diploma recognized in all English-speaking countries. Australia's top universities offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral study programs, starting at 17,800 AUD $ per semester.

Tuition fees at school in Australia for international students

You can start studying in Australia at any age - the country's primary schools accept children with poor language skills from 3 years. Prices for studying at prestigious schools start at 20,825 AUD $ per year and include accommodation on campus or in the family. The state pays special attention to students' school education in the field of innovation, experimental sciences. There are 10 elite schools in the country that teach STEM academic programs (Science, Mathematics, Technics and Technology), aimed at educating future technological geniuses. Of course, getting an education in Australian schools requires significant financial investments, and the cost of living is expensive, so the year of study in Australia cannot be called a clearly budget option. However, this is explained by a high standard of living: Australia annually enters the top of the happiest countries.

Year of study English in Australia for foreign students

Australia is a respectable destination for students who want to learn English at a professional level under the "Year of Study in Australia" program. The world’s prestigious language schools are concentrated here, which are required to undergo state accreditation. About 80% of students of linguistic schools undergo education in order to enter a foreign university or school, so Australia has a wide range of language courses for academic English and preparation for passing the international exams FCE, CAE, IELTS at a cost of 355 AUD $ per week. For foreign students, a year of studying English in Australia will cost about 8,200 AUD $.

Linguistic centers in Australia invite students from all over the world to vacation programs for winter and summer holidays. Do not be afraid of the presence of an Australian accent or slang - local residents are well acquainted with the differences and easily understand foreign guests. However, funny situations in everyday life are inevitable. For example, the word “thong,” denoting the shape of the swimming trunks, in Australia means “rubber slippers.” But in the academic field, teachers still adhere to the British version of English.

Tuition fees in Australia after grades 9, 10, 11

As already described above, an open education system has been created in the country, allowing you to start education at any level. For foreign students who have completed the compulsory 9th grade in their countries, the southern continent provides an opportunity to continue their studies in high school and begin the year of study in Australia at almost any convenient time. Pre-Foundation annual academic programs will allow you to learn English at the level required for high school. For those wishing to enter prestigious universities in Australia, schools offer a special Foundation Year and IDP Diploma Program for foreign students from 17 years old. The end of the last academic program allows you to go to the second year at elite universities in Australia, on condition to the successful passing of final exams.

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