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2018-07-30 11:56:44

Where is it better to study in Switzerland?

Where is it better to study in Switzerland?

Students in Switzerland: study and work

Switzerland is largely traditional and symbolic. The watches produced in this country are considered the standard of quality. Local banks have the status of the most reliable in the world. The education received in the European country is also of excellent quality. Switzerland has adopted the highest standards of education. Educatorslocal universities and higher schools jewelry tailor the skills of young professionals to the needs of modern employers.

There are many prestigious educational institutions in Switzerland. One of the most famous are universitiesSwiss Education Group . 4 out of 5 institutions are in Montreux .

Where study in Switzerland ?

The distinctive, prosperous, prosperous Switzerland never ceases to amaze foreigners. She admires everyone who comes here on vacation, business trip, language courses. Each Swiss city has its own flavor. Montreux is considered one of the most interesting in the country.

This city lies between Lake Geneva and the Alpine slopes. But it is famous not only for its picturesque landscapes and unique microclimate. The history of Montreux is associated with many famous names. In this city lived, worked, rested the legendary actor Charlie Chaplin, composers Igor Stravinsky and Peter Tchaikovsky, writer Vladimir Nabokov, singer Freddie Mercury. About every great resident in Montreux remained a memory in the form of museum expositions, memorials, etc. Every student who has come to study in the Swiss city will be able to draw inspiration for creativity where musicians visited great composers, writers, singers and actors.

SEG in Montreux: Opportunities for study and work

The educational institutions of the Swiss Education Group located in Montreux do not apply to cheap ones. But investments in such education quickly bring profit. In universities and higher schools of the Swiss Education Group, each student receives not only academic knowledge, but also practical experience, the opportunity to start a career during training.

The International Recruitment Forum is held twice a year at universities. He collects a lot of employers who are interested in attracting professional staff. Representatives of airlines, cruise lines, world hotel chains are present at the forum. SEG students are invited to work at The Ritz-Carlton, Crowne Plaza, Four Seasons, Movenpick, Accor, Jumeirah, Marriott, Kempinski, Hilton and other networks. The experience gained is an excellent career start. Practice and internships are paid. Earnings can cover from 30 to 70% of the cost of training. 90% of SEG graduates have contracts with the world's leading employers in the sphere of tourism and hotel business. Here, in Montreux, students are not looking for a job, she finds them herself.

The crisis is not for SEG

Student life in high schools is exceptionally comfortable and interesting. Campuses of universities and schools are hotel complexes with the appropriate infrastructure. Students are accommodated in residences in single rooms (less often double rooms) with private facilities. The level of comfort on campuses corresponds to the hotel 4 * -5 *.

For example, Swiss Hotel Management School , which offers educational programs in the field of SPA, hotel business, resort management and event management, occupies a one hundred year old castle on top of a mountain near Montreux. Once upon a time here rested in the summer and winter royal people. Today the castle is a real student house.

More than 95% of students are satisfied with their studies, according to statistics, in Switzerland. In SEG, this figure reaches 99%. Today, representatives of different countries and cultures study here. Many come to receive education from the Baltics. Students note the excellent conditions, quality and practical orientation of the programs, the possibility of employment in the leading companies of the industry, the absence of everyday problems during the training (their decision is taken by the university).

The difficulties of obtaining education in Switzerland include the need for rapid adaptation to the international environment. The main language of communication and learning is English . Accordingly, students wishing to study must master it in perfection. Those who do not have enough knowledge are offered language courses. The latter are free. Students can learn not only English at courses. Chinese universities offer courses in universities. This is due to the popularity of the educational institutions of the international group among students from China. About 60% of the SEG contingent in Montreux is represented by Hong Kong youth. Also, many foreingers study in universities.

As for prospects for SEG graduates, they are impressive. The management of the group of educational institutions emphasizes that the industry is not among the crisis ones. Tourism and hotel business today rank fourth in the economy in terms of GDP in many countries.

Student meals are also an art

Restaurant meals for students are guaranteed in each institution of the group. A separate theme is the kitchen in Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. This university prepares specialists in the field of culinary, restaurant management and chefs. The Academy is located near Montreux, in the picturesque town of Beauvais.

Education in the university provides for a permanent culinary practice. Students prepare themselves, students of other universities of the group. Also their culinary masterpieces are served in the best restaurants in Europe. The most demanding gourmets of the world highly appreciate the skill of the students of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

In the university there is not only an ultramodern kitchen, but also a bar. Here students perfect their cocktail mastery. In addition, sharks of the bar teach them to pick caviar to different varieties of champagne, cigars to elite cognac. Also at the bar, students can relax after an eventful busy week.

In general, in Switzerland (and, accordingly, in SEG), compromises are negative. Here the rate is only for the best. Culinary, bar, hotel and restaurant business in Switzerland is an art. And they are preparing real masters in the country's universities.

Nuances of the educational process

In Swiss universities, SEG universities are no exception, all courses are conducted by practitioners. For example, the lecturers of financial management in the educational institutions of the group are bankers.

In the process of training, information technologies are actively used. One of the main learning tools are tablet computers. Printed information sources are used only periodically and serve as a supplement to the programs. To implement the project on technology training, a cooperation agreement was signed with Apple Corporation. Today, specialists of companies jointly develop revolutionary technologies and introduce them into the educational process.

The iPad tablet is provided by every teacher and student. Technical means of instruction remain in the use of students after graduation from higher educational institutions.

Educational institutions Swiss Education Group

The SEG group unites the best industry universities in the country. Its participants are:

  • Swiss Hotel Management School (specializes in hotel and event management, resort management and spa). There is a wide choice of bachelor and master's programs.
  • IHTTI School of Hotel Management is a university that trains specialists in hotel management and design. Bachelor students study here the basics of industry management, structure, features, principles of creating and operating design hotels, the principles of branding, the provision of luxury services.
  • Hotel Institute Montreux with the best in the sector hotel business programs. Graduates of the Institute work today in the world's leading hotel networks.
  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is the main Swiss student kitchen. Cooks are cooked here, confectionery business. The academy also teaches the art of cooking real Swiss chocolate. The university offers bachelor and master's programs (the latter - in the field of restaurant management).
  • César Ritz Colleges of Switzerland. The specialization of the university is entrepreneurship, tourism, hotel management.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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