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2021-12-27 17:43:36

TOP interesting places in Turkey, worth visiting

TOP interesting places in Turkey, worth visiting

Still existing restrictions related to the coronavirus, greatly complicate travel to European countries. Most of the states do not open borders and do not allow tourists to look at iconic and historical sites. Turkey stands out favorably for tourists from all over the world. On the territory of the country, in addition to sunny beaches in resort cities, there are many attractions, some of which are able to satisfy the longing for old Europe.

Ski Resorts

Turkish ski resorts are rapidly gaining momentum and are gradually reaching the European level. One of these places is Udulag - a resort similar in atmosphere to Gudauri, a Georgian winter recreation base, known for its balance between southern cordiality and trails of the highest level. Despite the more democratic prices, Udulag can offer lovers of outdoor activities a lot of mountain slopes of excellent quality, including trails for beginners. The resort is great for a family holiday.

Cities where time has stopped

The atmosphere of antiquity and mysticism, loved by tourists in the Maghreb, is present in the Turkish cities of Cappadocia and Gorem. Landscapes similar to the mythical city of Agrabah are shrouded in mystery, and thousands of years of history can be extremely interesting not only to researchers and archaeologists, but also to ordinary tourists who want to look at the majestic landscapes without going to the northern part of Africa.

Hot springs and northern views

The Turkish climate is diverse, and if you wish, you can find yourself here as if in Iceland, arriving in Pamukalla - a cultural site famous among tourists for its wonderful winter landscape and hot springs. Turkish lakes and hot water bodies at first glance are not much different from the Blue Lagoon, which makes a trip here a great idea, especially against the background of the impossibility of going to Reykjavik.

Spanish atmosphere in the Princes' Islands

The colorful features of colonial Spain are preserved on the main island of the Turkish archipelago - Buyukade. The long promenade and long walks along the forest trails will give the tourist the opportunity to admire the pristine views of the wooden architecture of the island, taste delicious teas and coffees offered by many cafes around the island. Steep hillsides are conquered mainly on foot, because there is practically no transport on the island (with the exception of electric cars).

Istanbul is a city that contains many others

The Turkish capital is a separate item in the itinerary of most guests of the country, because the city really has something to show. The main settlement of the state is known both for its flavor with many mosques, bazaars, an abundance of delicious traditional dishes, and areas resembling the areas of European cities.

Seekers of the atmosphere of Turkey, transmitted by many films, should definitely go to the oldest and largest market on the planet - the Grand Bazaar. Here the local flavor is concentrated as much as possible: shops with spices, fabrics and other goods that local merchants will gladly show, at the same time telling a couple of stories about the city.

A tourist who is interested not in shopping, but in landscapes similar to European ones, you can go to the galata and Balat districts - parts of Istanbul that have amazing similarities with Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin. A walk through the districts can give the traveler the opportunity to feel the German atmosphere, consisting of many eateries, narrow alleys and colorful houses, the architectural style of which resembles Berlin buildings.

In search of the majestic architecture of the times of emperors and kings, you can go on an excursion to the palace complex of Dolmabahce,founded in 1842. Made in the traditional Turkish style, mixed with Baroque, the palace in its beauty competes with the greatest European residences. The interior was completely preserved, which made it possible to turn the palace into a museum.

A trip to Turkey will be interesting for every tourist who has completely different ideas about the rest. The country has everything for which tourists go to states around the world. Those who bought a ticket can only understand what kind of leisure is closer to him!

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