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2022-02-06 12:38:00

Geneva: what secrets do hide the smallest metropolis on Earth?

Geneva: what secrets do hide the smallest metropolis on Earth?

Sooner or later in the life of every person comes the age when, at the thought of rest, stormy entertainment for days on end does not warm the soul. I want something different: new bright colors, impressions, ideas. Switzerland is one of such countries where the concentration of lubok species from postcards per square meter is incredibly large, and the options for hedonistic entertainment are simply countless!

In principle, you can go there for the weekend. Despite the fact that the confederation is not part of the EU, a Schengen visa is enough, and planes are here daily, so any city is a full-fledged walking distance to everything for the most demanding and discerning tourists.

You can start exploring the country from Geneva, since there is an airfield almost in the city and the magnificent Lake Geneva.

How to get here?

The airport terminal here is located in a measly four kilometers from the city center, so you can get there by taxi or use the free boarding pass for the train, which is valid for 80 minutes from the moment of boarding.

A little 10 minutes - and a comfortable train with a truly Swiss punctuality will take you to the very center of the city. Another option is the bus: to buy a ticket, you need to use the machine right there (they accept bank cards and European currency).

Where to stay?

The city has over 300 hotels, inns, hostels and other accommodation options. But we recommend looking for discount offers from large chain hotels on booking services - now, against the background of the coronavirus madness, you can find very good options of various classes there. The comfortable hotel provides services of the highest class, in each such there are dozens of different entertainment and events, several cool restaurants, conference rooms and other premises of various profiles.

Many of the largest hotels that are part of transnational hotel alliances provide guests of Geneva with a free travel card for local public transport - Geneva Transport Card. Ask at the reception: perhaps this is just your option.

What to see?

The town is small, it can be thoroughly explored in a few days. If you get tired of walking, you can rent a big or electric bike - so it will go much faster. Rent is divine and rather resembles in terms of price offer what Muscovites and St. Petersburgers deal with, rather than with similar services in other European capitals.

Fountain Jet d'Eau (Zhe-Do)

It is best to start with the lake, since it will not be difficult to find it, and a huge fountain "ZheDo", which every second throws out half a ton of water to a height of almost 150 meters. The best pictures can be taken from the Mont Blanc Bridge, colorfully colored with flags, and each time - different. Sometimes these are the banners of the Swiss cantons, sometimes the flags of the United Nations states or the corporate colors of the sponsors of the most important city events.

Flower Clock

This landmark is located in the English Park and has been serving people for 61 years. Their main secret is that, along with the usual mechanisms, the rhythms of the biological cycles of plants are used here, and the flowers in the flower beds bloom in order.

All this was invented and created with the help of the naturalist and biologist Carl Linnaeus, who created the first such watch.

The Cathedral of St. Peter

The city is cut in half by the course of the Rhone River, on both sides there are old quarters built up in the High Middle Ages: Saint-Gervais on the eastern bank and the Cité on the west. Among the most important sights of the latter is the Cathedral of St. Paul, the main cathedral in the country. It is surprising in that the project closely intertwines various architectural genres of different eras: every city authority, and before that the Burgundian counts of Geneva sought to add something of their own to the decoration of the cathedral.

House of Tavel

This is the oldest building, dating back to the XIV century and until the beginning of the 60s was an ordinary residential building. Now it is museumified: within its walls you can get acquainted with urban life from the Middle Ages and up to the middle of the century before last. Among the exhibits are furniture and items of clothing, everyday life, games and toys, a collection of door paintings and windows.


This is one of the communes in the Canton of Geneva, which received the nickname of the City of Sardinia, since in the middle of the XVIII century the area was ceded to the Duke of Savoy and the Sardinian King Victor Amadeus III.

Subsequently, sovereign rights returned to the government of the canton, and now Carouge turned into a bohemian district, where shops and shops for musicians, artists, various workshops and similar institutions, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants of the widest profile, were concentrated. Here it is best to buy souvenirs and memorable gifts for relatives.

Botanical Garden of Geneva

The garden of this city is famous all over the world: in its collection there are more than 20 thousand samples of the plant world from different parts of the globe. They grow in natural conditions and offer the inhabitants of this cold and high-altitude country (with a very temperate, however, climate) to touch the spirit of the tropics.

In addition, one should not ignore the world's largest herbarium, the most interesting examples of which are an outlandish exposition, where you can not only see, but also touch a particular leaf, shoot or flower.

Where to go?

Swiss wine tasting at the family-run Les Perrieres Winery

It's hard to believe, but in Switzerland they make wine. The second largest winery of Perrier is located in the village of Pessi and has been making wine since 1794. Currently, the owners are young and informal, so there are different activities for the general public.

Gastronomic dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Flacon

You can dine at this Michelin-starred restaurant if you visit Carouge. It was opened 10 years ago. The permanent leader is Jean Calou, and the sacred acts in the kitchen can be observed through a transparent window in the guest hall.

Local cuisine is simple and democratic, but the wine list is able to cause fainting in both the common man and the fan of fine wines. The first - prices, the second - a variety of offers.

Museum of Contemporary Art MAMCO

This museum, opened in 1994, is the brainchild of Christian Bernard. It is believed that the museum halls located on the territory of the plant are nothing more than a modern concept of museum presentation. Along with the permanent exhibition, there is a dynamic short-term one, and they are adjacent to each other.

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