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2020-08-21 12:23:53

TOP-10 places to visit in Montenegro

TOP-10 places to visit in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country whose main pride is nature. You can pass the state in just one day, which does not prevent travelers from returning to Montenegro again and again. In addition to natural landscapes pleasing to the eye and soul, there are many museums, architectural monuments, embankments and other popular tourist sites.


Budva is a city that is called "Montenegrin Miami". It consists almost entirely of the sea coast and beaches for every taste: sandy, pebble and rocky. In the summer, it is always fun and noisy here, the music and performances of street artists subside in the morning for only a few hours. These moments of silence are enough to explore the small city. What can you do in Budva?

  • Rent a boat and go to the open sea
  • Buy oysters and cook them
  • Visit local Hawaii - St. Nicholas Island
  • Take a photo with a gymnast statue
  • Visit the casino
  • Try a burger with a huge local cutlet - pleskavica.

Oyster farms

In the picturesque Boka-Kotorska Bay, there are farms where the locals grow stones (oysters) and shkolki (mussels). The farm is 40 years old. What does a farm look like? This is a floating platform on which special baskets with a metal mesh are installed. The age of most of the mollusks grown for sale is a year, and the most expensive and select individuals for sale grow up to 3 years.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a resort located on a small island and connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The main attractions of the resort:

  • St. Stephen's Church
  • Temple of Alexander Nevsky
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You cannot get to the island if you are not staying in one of the resort's hotels. By the way, there are various accommodation options: hotels and inns, guest houses and luxury villas. The peculiarity of the beach is small pink pebbles.

Walled city Old Bar

This ancient building is located in the mountain cliff of Rumia. Initially, the rocky city consisted of 240 structures, but only a few of them have survived to this day, and even then in the form of ruins. One of the best preserved buildings is the Omerbashicha Mosque built in 1662. Another must-see is the ruins of the temples of St. George, St. Catharine and St. Veneranda.


Zabljak is a small piece of Switzerland on the Balkan Peninsula. There are snow-capped mountain peaks, reflected in crystal clear mountain lakes, and among them are cozy chalets for guests. In winter, this resort is not inferior to the most popular alpine ski areas! If you are bored with snowboarding and skiing, rent a kite - Zabljak is considered to be an excellent spot for snowkiting. In summer, you can ride jeeps and bicycles, go hiking and tame the naughty mountain river Tara.

Fort Mamula

The island-fortress Mamula is located in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The diameter of the island is 200 meters, and the height of the walls is 16 meters. You can get here via a suspension bridge. Due to the fact that most of the buildings here are built of stone, they are perfectly preserved, especially the gates and loopholes. A prerequisite is to look at the surroundings from the observation deck, from where a view of the fortress and the sea opens.

Dancer from Budva

A photograph in which the main character is a statue of a little dancer from Budva can be seen in all Montenegrin travelers. Girls compete with her in flexibility, which is not always safe due to slippery stones. The statue is located on the Mogren beach and has become one of the main symbols of Budva.

Maritime museum

The Maritime Museum, which tells about the history of navigation in the Bay of Kotor, is located in the mansion of the noble family of the Gregurins, built in the 18th century. The exposition is based on the collection of the marine brotherhood "Bokelska Mornarica". At the exhibition you can see:

  • Portraits and biographies of sailors
  • Ship models
  • Trophy weapons
  • Remains of sunken ships
  • Navigation devices
  • Ship logs and more.


Perast can be called Kotor's younger brother. They are located next to each other - this is one, two - Perast is slightly smaller in size. The rhythm in Perast is measured - in this way it looks more like a grandfather, not a younger brother. Here you can:

  • See the city and its surroundings from the bell tower of the Church of St. Nicholas
  • Eat freshly caught oysters
  • Buy handmade souvenirs
  • Ride a boat
  • Examine the temple of the Virgin on the rock.

Ostrog monastery

The Orthodox Ostrog monastery was founded in the 17th century. It is located in the mountains, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, so you can get to it along a winding and very narrow mountain serpentine. One of the two parts of the monastery - the Upper one, protruding into the rock, is of great interest. The main relics are the remains of Bishop Basil of Ostrog, glorified in the face of saints, and the youth Stanko.

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