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The best private schools in France for foreign students

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The best private schools in France for foreign students

Prestigious private boarding schools in France for foreign students 

The popularity and demand for elite secondary private boarding schools in France has spread far beyond the French territory, so foreign students seek to receive a prestigious French secondary education. The popularity of leading private boarding schools in France among foreign students is based on the following factors, such as the prestige of European education, the high level of academic standards, the excellent and modern level of equipment of educational and residential buildings, the rich history and culture of France, and its deep-rooted traditions. In the walls of the best boarding schools in France, teaching in English is part of the International Baccalaureate educational program and in French under the French Baccalaureate curriculum.

As in all EU countries, France places a significant emphasis on the effectiveness of its own educational system. Regardless of the nationality of students, whether they be French or foreign student, all without exception give a high assessment of the complexity and balance of the French approach, strong linguistic education, and comfortable conditions for learning and living. Of particular note is the value of French diplomas, which provide excellent opportunities for unhindered admission to a top university abroad and for building a promising career in the international labor market.

Foreign students not only from wealthy families can enroll in prestigious secondary private schools and gymnasiums in France, leading French public schools are also offered to attention of foreign students. SMAPSE highly trained specialists can assist in enrolling and selecting your preferred educational institution in France. Please note that the cost of living on a full board basis at prestigious public schools is significantly lower compared to private ones. A joint educational format is practiced, thereby accepting both boys and girls.

It should be noted that in France a small number of private boarding schools have been created in comparison with state boarding schools, and everywhere French boarding schools are recognized and belong to the public sector. Below you can find a list of the leading public boarding schools and colleges in France.

In addition, elite French colleges have been created in France that accept foreign students who have reached the age of 14 to study in high school, namely from 8 to 11. As for the minimum threshold age for a foreign student, from which admission to top French colleges, then he is 12 years old, that is, at the time of graduation from junior high school.

As a rule, students are expected to study two foreign languages, namely English and French. In addition, many elite boarding schools in France offer students various optional courses, in particular, in German, Spanish or Chinese.

As practice shows, local French boarding schools are characterized by small size, and comfort compared to British and American boarding schools. In addition, a friendly, family and very warm atmosphere reigns in the walls of the French leading colleges. In some cases, the picturesque countryside deserves special attention, in which is located the advanced private boarding school in France. The not so large-scale territory of the country creates all conditions for foreign students to take exciting trips to the French regions in their free hours. Of course, during the holidays at the best private boarding schools and colleges in France, foreign students will be able to closely get acquainted with the main French sights, visit famous parks and museums, see cultural and art monuments, and also taste the delicious dishes of national French cuisine. Thus, all this testifies to the enormous popularity and relevance of France among foreign students.

Give yourself or your child the opportunity to study in schools in France! Especially for you, SMAPSE educational center has developed a list of prestigious institutions that have received appropriate accreditation so that you can familiarize yourself with it. You can also read information, specific features and descriptions of private boarding schools in France by clicking on a photo or name from the list below. By clicking on the educational program itself, you can get detailed information regarding the cost of education, ranking, reviews and its description.

Tuition at the best private boarding schools in France

The cost of education in French secondary leading boarding schools, providing accommodation and meals for foreign students, ranges from 26,000  to 40,000  per year.

The process of entering an elite private college and boarding school in France - a list of required documents and knowledge

For a successful and unhindered admission to a ranking private boarding school in France, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of documents, and also a foreign student must demonstrate a good level of academic and language knowledge. Below is a list of required documents for a foreign student:

  • Copy of your passport
  • School grades tables for the last 2 years, as well as grades for quarters or trimesters of the current school year
  • International language certificate confirming a high level of proficiency in a foreign language
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, in some cases, a letter from the school principal is required
  • In some cases, it is necessary to prepare a motivation letter
  • Filling out school forms and registration forms
  • Skype interviews or a personal visit to French Advanced College.

In addition, the best secondary boarding schools in France are required to take an internal test of the school in English and mathematics to determine the level of academic preparation of students at the time of admission to the educational institution.

Due to the fact that our educational center is the official representative of the predominant number of elite private boarding schools in France, SMAPSE experienced specialists provide free assistance in selecting an educational institution and organizing education and admission to a French school.

The process of entering the top public school in France

Usually, on a free basis, there is a procedure for entering the best public boarding schools in France, without setting any quotas and restrictions for foreign students. So, there is a requirement for registration with a guardian agency, writing a letter of motivation, which describes in detail the reason underlying the choice of a particular school. After these procedures are completed, a foreign student will be invited for an interview. In addition, a foreign student will need to undergo testing in order to determine the level of knowledge of the French language, while also demonstrating a good level of knowledge in academic subjects. Thus, before entering the leading boarding school in France, you should get high-quality academic and language education.

Comparative analysis of prestigious public and private schools in France

The first difference is due to the lower cost of education in advanced public schools in France, thereby making them more profitable and affordable. Usually, students receive a general secondary education on a free basis, parents only have to cover the costs associated with the child’s stay during the period of study in France. Parents of a foreign student make a choice in favor of the French elite boarding school, which guarantees the comfort of living, regular and balanced nutrition, as well as constant monitoring of the safety of students on the school campus. Moreover, the average cost of education is 1,000 - 2,000 per year. In the case of choosing private boarding schools in France, the price will increase to 15,000 - 16,000 per year.

A key feature of French State College education is the requirement for a guardian. Please note that in France there are specialized guardian agencies that have passed the official registration procedure, they work closely with the school chosen by the foreign student. In addition, this service is provided by the school administration.

When choosing a prestigious school for your child, SMAPSE experts advise you to be guided by the official rankings, namely the percentage of students who successfully passed exams at different stages, academic performance, percentage of graduates who become students of leading foreign and French universities, lyceums and higher schools.

Future prospects after receiving a secondary education in France

In the case of graduation from a prestigious high school in France, foreign graduates, along with the French, will receive the same certificate of maturity. Its presence allows you to get an elite higher education in ranking universities in France and other countries. At the same time, the graduate has excellent opportunities for building a promising career in large international companies.

Passing education in elite boarding schools in France from childhood, the foreign student will successfully overcome the language barrier, will be fluent in native French, which will create an indisputable advantage over other teenagers.

Below is a list of prestigious public schools in France with which SMAPSE educational center works closely:

  • Lycee Louis Querbes;
  • College Saint Joseph;
  • Lycee Sainte Agnes;
  • Lycee Sainte Marie;
  • Lycee Saint Joseph;
  • Lycee Bourg Chevreau St Anne;
  • Lycee Blanche de Castille.
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