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TOP-10 most respected professions in Germany

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TOP-10 most respected professions in Germany

Residents of Germany have great respect for specialists who save lives and help people: firefighters, doctors, nurses and those who care for the elderly take the first places in the ranking of professions. Civil servants have a high rating: high salaries, a secure future, a standardized work schedule - often Germans strive to get into the civil service due to numerous preferences. TOP-10 most respectable professions are complemented by educators, judges, teachers, police officers. The lowest rankings are for insurance agents, advertisers and journalists. Working professions are also respected among Germans, which is reflected in wages - in order to ensure a decent life for your family, it is not necessary to get a degree: scavengers, car service workers, gas stations, construction workers receive good wages and enjoy respect.

TOP-10 most respected professions in Germany

  • University professor - in 10th place. 71% of respondents consider university professors to be one of the most respected professions. About half of the teachers are men.
  • Airplane pilots - 9th position. 71% of those surveyed ranked pilots as respected professional groups.
  • Scavenger. 72% of respondents ranked the garbage collectors as respectable professionals, although this could hardly be called a "dream job."
  • 7th place - judges. They have a great responsibility: to make decisions based on the requirements of the law and morality.
  • Kindergarten teachers rank 6th in the ranking. About 80% of the respondents believe that raising children requires knowledge, patience, and professionalism.
  • The police are the 5th most respected profession in Germany.
  • 4th place - caring for the elderly and: geriatric care is increasingly in demand, and this work requires a lot of commitment.
  • Nursing ranks # 3: Nurses have earned a great reputation.
  • Physicians came in second this year, making the medical profession the second most respected profession.
  • The leaders of the ranking are firefighters, they were chosen by 94% of the respondents.
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