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Tibidabo: views of Barcelona from the height of bird flight

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Tibidabo: views of Barcelona from the height of bird flight

You can walk endlessly around Barcelona, explore its majestic squares and streets, admire the monuments and visit museums. But there is a special place where every tourist seeks to get and where locals return many times, in love with their city. Mount Tibidabo, the highest point in Barcelona, is the best place to enjoy views of the city and its surroundings. In addition to the picturesque landscapes opening from the observation deck, the oldest amusement park, cozy restaurants, a theater, museums and the Church of the Sacred Heart - a Gothic building of the early 20th century, a sacred place for pilgrims - await visitors here.

Mount Tibidabo amusement park

Luna Park, located on Mount Tibidabo, is the oldest amusement park in Spain. It was founded at the end of the 19th century, when the first attraction was installed - a tourist trailer that lifts visitors up the mountain, and a couple of years later the first carousel appeared. A century-old blue tram runs through the park, preserved and operating since the opening of the park. Over the period of its existence, the entertainment area has been repeatedly sent for reconstruction and modernization, but has retained the authentic atmosphere of the last century, accompanying guests throughout the visit.

Tibidabo Park has over 20 different attractions. Everyone will find suitable entertainment for themselves - both extreme lovers, guests looking for a family vacation, and the youngest visitors. The main attractions include:

  • La Granota free fall point will give unforgettable emotions of flying a few meters down and sharpen the love for the feeling of solid ground under your feet
  • A rare amusement park can do without a Ferris wheel - in Tibidabo it is called Giradobo. The attraction is popular with the best views of Barcelona
  • For those who want to get extreme sensations - a huge swing Hurakan, spinning daredevils 360 ° at high speed.

Temple of the Sacred Heart

For those seeking not only entertainment, but also the opportunity to feel a special historical spirit, the Spanish Redemptive Temple of the Sacred Heart, built at the beginning of the 19th century, will be of interest. in one of the most picturesque places on the top of the mountain. The temple consists of several parts that appeared independently of each other, but now they form a single religious complex.

  • A neo-Gothic chapel, built in 1885. It was the foundation for future buildings and now looks like an extension to the temple, although in reality everything was the other way around
  • The first tier is the crypt, erected in 1911. The entrance to it is decorated with figures of the Mother of God and the Child, St. George and St. Santiago - the patrons of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, respectively.
  • The second tier is dominated by the Church of the Sacred Heart, erected in the middle of the last century.

The main attraction of the building is the seven-meter statue of Jesus Christ, who opened his arms. This pose personifies the willingness to accept the human world, despite its sins and imperfections.

What else to see?

Mount Tibidabo is not only an entertaining and historical place, but also part of a huge nature reserve that protects many rare species of flora and fauna of Spain.
Here you can see centuries-old trees, various shrubs and meadow plants listed in the Red Book. Springs gush on the mountain and natural sources of water with healing properties come to the surface.

The fauna of Mount Tibidabo is represented by wild boars, already accustomed to tourists and often coming out to them in search of goodies, lynxes, martens, a variety of birds and rodents. There are practically no prey animals left, but the administration of the reserve recommends to make the way up the mountain with caution, without being carried away by feeding the animals.

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