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Best private schools in Spain for foreign students

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Best private schools in Spain for foreign students

Prestigious schools in Spain for children and schoolchildren - summary

The most advanced private schools in Spain are very popular among foreign students, receiving an education in which is highly regarded among ranking universities around the world. It is worth noting that, in deciding to enter elite private schools in Spain, all the necessary conditions have been created specifically for foreign students that contribute to a significant improvement in the level of knowledge of a foreign language. As part of teaching in prestigious schools in Spain, the emphasis is on the effective study of a foreign language. In addition, only professional and experienced teachers are involved in teaching.

Within the walls of the best Spanish private schools, teaching is conducted in English, the universally recognized international language of communication, as well as Spanish. Please note that it is possible to study Spanish as a foreign language. According to statistics, the population among all countries of the world that communicate in Spanish is more than several million people. In this connection, an excellent level of Spanish will allow a foreign graduate to gain a competitive advantage in the international labor market and subsequently successfully find a job in a large foreign corporation, both in Spain and other countries of the world.

In addition, without exception, all prestigious private schools in Spain have a high level of infrastructure and technological equipment, in particular, this applies to classrooms and laboratories. It is worth noting that the continuous improvement of the equipment and infrastructure of educational buildings of elite private Spanish boarding schools is provided.

Of particular note is the fact that within the walls of some prestigious private schools in Spain, conditions have been created for combining the education and living of foreign students. If we consider the leading day schools in Spain, then they accept children older than 3 years old to study. As part of admission to a Spanish day school, the main requirement is due to the residence of the parent or guardian of the foreign student for the period of study in Spain.

It is also worth noting that on the campuses of the best private boarding schools in Spain, open specialized areas and a patio for conducting classes have been created and have proven their effectiveness. So, foreign students experience real pleasure from sports, namely soccer and tennis, in the fresh air. Also worthy of special mention are the national and cultural characteristics, traditions and values of Spain. Each Spanish region, in particular, is Catalonia, Andalusia, Torrevieja, Marine areas characterized by a unique and inimitable flavor, history and traditions. This situation contributes to the complete immersion of foreign students in the life, traditions, culture of Spain.

When deciding on the education of a foreign student in sunny Spain with a rich history, your child will truly enjoy learning and the most educational process. SMAPSE experts have prepared a list of the best Spanish private schools, which received the appropriate accreditation.

How is education in top private schools in Spain?

It is mandatory that all students in Spain need to receive secondary education, while there is no requirement for compulsory education in kindergarten. If the goal of the foreign student is to successfully enter the top university of Spain and other countries, then you will need to complete a course of study at a higher school for 2 years, admission to this educational stage is possible after graduating from high school. Otherwise, students need to receive compulsory incomplete secondary education.

Spanish law provides for the division of school education into two levels, primary and secondary, representing basic school education. Reaching the age of 6, the child receives the status of a student of the 1st grade of primary school, while the duration of education will be 6 grades. Thus, reaching the student's 11-year-old age, a transition to secondary school is envisaged, this educational process will take 4 years. Thus, reaching the age of 16, the completion of Spanish secondary education is beginning, thus, the graduate will need to make a choice regarding the end of the educational process and further employment, as an alternative, you can undergo education in two classes of higher education in order to freely enter the top university in Spain or other countries of the world. At the same time, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that successful employment is possible only if several courses of a vocational school or college are passed.

It is also worth noting that, reaching the age of 11, only one teacher is responsible for overseeing the class, and he is also charged with teaching all academic subjects within the chosen educational program. So, this teacher conducts classes in Spanish, literature, mathematics, music, as well as environmental studies. When a foreign student turns 8, the walls of prestigious private schools in Spain provide for the teaching of foreign languages, namely English, French, and German.

Up to 15 years, foreign students are envisaged to undergo education as part of the second stage of elite secondary education in Spain. As part of this educational phase, a variety of academic subjects are taught to foreign students. Studying in the last class of a leading Spanish private boarding school, foreign students have to choose a specialization, in particular, it can be art, science or humanitarian. Within the framework of this specialization, high-quality pre-university preparation is going on, aimed at successful enrollment in a ranking Spanish university. So, while studying in high school classes for two years, it is envisaged to teach disciplines at an advanced level that are related to the specialization chosen by the student.

The main characteristics of prestigious private schools in Spain

  • Division of the academic year into trimesters;
  • The end of each trimester is marked by passing exams. In case of unsuccessful writing of more than two tests, a foreign student may be sent for retraining in the classroom;
  • The student is sitting alone at his desk;
  • To attend music classes, you must have a flute;
  • 55 minutes lesson lasts;
  • Established a ten-point grading system;
  • Private schools in Spain practice teaching the subject of religion, if a foreign student is interested, then it is possible to replace this discipline with free attendance, thereby attending other classes.

Classification of Spain's Best Private Boarding Schools - Key Features

As practice shows, all elite private Spanish boarding schools are divided into three separate categories, so these are public, private and semi-private educational institutions. For public schools, the target audience is Spanish students. Directly for foreign students, the procedure for entering public schools in Spain is fraught with sufficient difficulties. Thus, in order to be enrolled in a prestigious private school in Spain, a foreign student must have a residence permit, as an alternative, a request may be made regarding distribution to a public school. Tuition is not charged, on an additional basis, the parents of the child will most likely need to pay a set of educational materials, as well as participation in various leisure activities at school.

If we consider the semi-private Spanish advanced schools, then, as the name implies, they have the characteristics of both private and public schools in Spain. It should be noted that at the expense of budget funds, partial funding of semi-private Spanish schools is provided. In addition, charitable committees and the church take on partial funding, thereby acting as a sponsor, which leads to the compulsory teaching of religion in schools. Note that there is a charge for tuition at prestigious semi-private boarding schools in Spain. However, when comparing with private boarding schools in Spain, the cost of tuition is much lower. Foreign students can become students of elite Spanish half-boarding boarding schools.

As for the ranking of private schools in Spain, they are characterized by the highest level of quality of the educational services offered, as well as the discipline, which affects the higher cost of education. The goal of creating prestigious private schools in Spain is due to the education of foreign students.

Private schools in Spain are given the status of the best in Spanish territory. So, for many years, based on the results of the predominant number of national and international rankings, the Spanish boarding school Colegio Lauaxeta, which is located in Biscay, has taken the top position. At the same time, on an annual basis, the elite English-language school Caxton College, located in Valencia, becomes the recognized leader in the number of positive reviews from foreign students. In addition, it is worth highlighting the Montessori ranking private boarding school located in Girona, in the framework of the teaching of which an individual approach is applied to each student. So, all the necessary conditions have been created for the comprehensive development of the abilities and talents of foreign students. In addition, this school has developed its own teaching methodology, which has proven effective.

Spanish Private School Admission Process - List of Documents and Requirements

To become a student of a prestigious private school in Spain, a foreign student must prepare a package of necessary documents, and, of course, demonstrate the required level of academic and linguistic knowledge to the members of the selection committee. Further you can familiarize with the list of documents, namely:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Tables of annual grades for the last 2 academic years and grades for trimesters or quarters of the current academic year;
  • International language certificate;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, you can also provide a letter from the principal;
  • Sometimes you need to write a motivation letter;
  • Fill in registration forms and school forms;
  • Take an interview on Skype, as an alternative, you can pay a visit to a school in Spain.

In addition, there is a requirement for foreign students to undergo an internal test in English and mathematics in order to determine the level of language and academic preparation on the date of admission to a leading Spanish private school.

The specialists of SMAPSE educational center, which, in turn, is the official representative of many top private schools in Spain, will provide their professional services free of charge for selecting the best educational institution and organizing admission and education.

Tuition at prestigious private schools in Spain

The cost of education in elite Spanish boarding schools varies from 25,000  to 4,000  per year. SMAPSE experts remind you that you can get advanced Spanish secondary education on a free basis only in public schools in Spain. However, during the year, parents will be forced to pay from 100  to 300 for expenses related to the purchase of certain things that are not included in the state funding zone, namely, educational materials, the child’s participation in various leisure activities.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Spanish half-private schools, in which teaching is free of charge. Moreover, every month a volunteer contribution ranging from 100 to 300 per month is charged from the parents of the foreign student. At the same time, it is possible to pay additional costs arising in the framework of the educational process.

Becoming a student in a prestigious private school in Spain, the tuition fee is fully vested in the parents of the foreign student, not taking into account extracurricular expenses. Thus, the cost of obtaining Spanish advanced secondary education ranges from 500  to 700 per month, excluding accommodation, meals, as well as participation in various leisure and educational activities. If a foreign student decides to live on a comfortable school campus, then the cost of tuition will be 1,500 to 3,000 per month.

Ranking of top private schools in Spain

The popular Spanish periodical El Mundo compiled a list of the Top best schools in Spain according to 2017 data based on selected indicators and criteria. The ranking includes both parastate schools and private schools, and international private boarding schools.

The ranking results are obtained on the basis of 27 indicators, divided into 3 categories and underlying the assessment of elite schools in Spain. So, as parameters for evaluating educational institutions, one can distinguish such as the type of educational program, the experience and level of qualifications of teachers, the organization of the educational process, the scores scored by graduates for exams that allow you to enter the best universities in Spain, a variety of awards, entertainment and educational events. At the same time, such parameters as the number and availability of school buses, diversity, and the balance of school meals can be taken into account as part of the assessment.

The list of top Spanish private schools is divided into three types:

  • Los Cien - TOP-100 of the best private schools in Spain;
  • Notables - the leading private boarding schools in Spain, included in the TOP-100 list as part of the combination of parameters. The schools included in this ranking were highly ranked by teachers and the success of students;
  • Internacionales - list of TOP-20 private schools in Spain. Teaching methods are based on foreign educational standards, such schools are called international private schools in Spain.

Next, you can find the rankings of the best Spanish schools in the context of each category, located in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencia Community. Next to each institution is the number of points scored, with a maximum score of 100.

TOP-5 from the list of Los cien

Private schools in Madrid

Private schools of Catalonia

Private schools of the Valencian community


San Patricio (96 points)

Montserrat (96 points), Barcelona

Mas Camarena (88 points), Valencia


Estudio (94 points)

Montessori-Palau (95 points), Girona

Inmaculada (84 points), Alicante


Liceo Europeo (94 points)

Agora (93 points), Barcelona

CEU Jesús María (84 points), Alicante


Base (94 points)

Virolai (86 points), Barcelona

Iale (84 points), Valencia


SEK Centros (94 points)

La Vall (85 points), Barcelona

Newton College (84 points), Alicante


Notables - a list of the best private schools in Spain

The status of the best Spanish school is assigned to the boarding school Claret, located in Seville, and received 80 points. Further, the leading positions are given to the leading private schools in Madrid and Barcelona, in particular, these are Joyfe (80 points received) and SEK Cataluna, which also received 80 points. The following Spanish private schools are also worth mentioning:

  • Mater Inmaculata - located in Madrid, scored 80 points;
  • Hamelin Inter Laie School - located in Barcelona, scored 79 points;
  • Cardinal Spinola - located in Madrid, scored 79 points.

Internacionales - List of Top Spanish Private Schools

Private schools in Madrid

Private schools of Catalonia

Private schools of the Valencian community

British council

American school

American school

Hastings school

Benjamin franklin

Cambridge house

Int. College spain

Bon soleil

Caxton college

King´s college

British school

The lady elizabeth

In the territory of Andalusia there are elite boarding schools in Spain, in particular, Aloha College Andalucia and Sotogrande Andalucia. Also noteworthy are schools located in the Canary Islands, namely Oakley College Canarias and American School.

Consider the results of the ranking when choosing the best educational institution in Spain for your child.

Advantages of studying in ranking schools in Spain

  • It provides an excellent opportunity for elite higher education at top universities in Spain. When compared with other European countries, Spain has lower tuition fees;
  • High degree of effectiveness in improving the level of knowledge of Spanish, English, French, as well as German;
  • In relation to foreign students loyal requirements are presented upon admission.
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