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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Education in Miami for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Education in Miami for foreign students: the cost, reviews

In the United States, there are excellent opportunities for foreign students to receive quality education. Every year, about 100,000 foreign students come to America to gain invaluable practical experience in the future profession and become a graduate of a prestigious educational institution.

Miami is a city located in the state of Florida, which has a developed cultural, entertainment and financial infrastructure. A special economic environment is formed by hundreds of global holdings and companies. This city is very attractive for its favorable climate, it allows you to combine learning with familiarity with American culture and the amazing nature of these places, the Atlantic Ocean and the sights of the city.


Advantages, basic features of the US educational system

  • Development and upbringing of personal qualities. In the United States, as in no other country in the world, people appreciate the freedom and independence of the individual, the development of a creative personality capable of critical thinking, pay great attention to;
  • Academic prestige. Diplomas of American educational institutions are appreciated all over the world - many outstanding people have received education in this country;
  • Modern equipment of educational institutions. Every year the state invests huge sums to finance education: schools and universities are equipped with the latest technology, optimal conditions for education are created;
  • High quality of educational programs. Miami schools are preparing to enter the best universities in America, and the diplomas of American universities guarantee a practice-oriented and highly sought-after education;
  • Acquaintance with American culture. A student studying in Miami will remember not only student life, but also travel and leisure in one of the most modern and developed countries of the world.

US Education System: Learning Features

  • The first stage of preschool education is called Pre-School. In pre-school establishments - nurseries, day schools and childcare centers - children are under the care of tutors on a fee basis. In such institutions, special programs have not been developed, the main goal of educators is the comprehensive development of children and the production of oral speech.
  • The first stage of the public school is a preparatory year in Kindergarden - a preparatory class, usually located within the walls of the school. The basis of education is the socialization of children and adaptation to the school, actively develops the skills of reading, writing and counting.

Secondary education includes the following stages:

Elementary School

1-5 grades

Middle School

6-8 grades

High School

9-12 grades

Advanced Placement

13 grade

  • Education at Elementary School is aimed at the development of innate abilities, so from the first class of students are divided into groups. Special tests from the 3rd class allow you to determine the strengths and identify the talents of each student.
  • Middle School. As early as the 8th grade, students begin to choose subjects for study - only mathematics, language, natural and social sciences, physical education are compulsorily studied
  • High School. Students are given even more freedom of choice: additional classes on core subjects begin that can be useful when entering the university for demanding specialties (foreign languages, computer science, robotics, cinematography, journalism and theatrical art). In order to get a diploma, you must meet the minimum requirements: a minimum of 2 years to study mathematics, 4 - English, 2 - natural sciences and 3 - social.
  • After successfully passing the exams, students receive a High School Graduation Diploma. For those who are inclined to study at a university, it is suggested to pass a special course Advanced Placement, which provides an advantage when entering most state universities.

For foreign students, favorable conditions are created for education in Miami schools. Often foreign students come after 8th, 9th grade - for high school students in Miami the following programs have been developed: American High School Diploma, IB Diploma. After the 10th grade, foreign students can enroll in the Advanced Placement (AP) course, the intensity of which corresponds to the first year of study at the university, so some universities enroll applicants with an AP diploma immediately for the second year.

A distinctive feature of Miami schools can be considered a relatively large number of religious schools.

  • American Heritage School Plantation Florida is a prestigious school that prides itself on the high academic successes of its students. The school has developed a unique program Heritage, which harmoniously combines the study of school disciplines with the basics of medicine, engineering and law.

List of the best universities, features of education

Students who graduated from the 11th form of the foreign school can not always apply for a place in the university - it will be necessary to pass the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), which will determine the level of knowledge in the school curriculum. In addition, for admission, you must provide a certificate of passing the international TOEFL exam, a motivation letter, a certificate, teacher reviews and personal achievements.

Higher education is available in colleges and universities, which are both public and private. Most students dream of studying in private universities, where classes are not so big and teachers can pay more attention to each student.

In order to enter an American university, it is necessary to demonstrate high knowledge of academic subjects and a brilliant level of language proficiency. However, due to the difference in the educational system, as a rule, some foreign students encounter a number of difficulties in admission. Preparatory courses in America are a very common practice both among foreign students and among American entrants. Special programs will help increase the chances of admission.

Opportunities for foreign students

  • Scholarships and grants for foreign students. In order to study for free, you need to think about grant or scholarship in advance. For example, thanks to outstanding success in sports, you can study free of charge - the state pays scholarships for one year, and subject to improving its performance, the scholarship is extended for another year. In addition, there are a large number of scholarship programs in the United States, among which Fulbright, the AAUW Foundation and Edmund Maskie Scholarships are especially popular.
  • Work while studying. Usually students can work no more than 20 hours a week, however, only at the campus of the university. Before you get started, you need to get this permission.
  • Confirmation of the certificate. To apply for a certificate to American universities, you need to provide a transcript, which involves the translation of estimates into English by a professional bureau, and notarize it.



What are the programs for foreign students: types of education and language requirements



Language and academic requirements

Average cost per year

Summer camp



1,000 $ in Week

Language school


650 $ in Week

High school programs



30,000 $

Pre-university preparation



25,000 $

Bachelor's program



30,000 $

Master's Courses


25,000 $

Doctoral studies



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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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