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Study in Italy for foreign students

Study in Italy for foreign students

Italy is in the TOP-10 countries of the world as one of the most interesting countries for students. The local educational system is one of the oldest in the world, has its traditions and features, where the freedom and personality of the student is the highest value. In this amazing country, a huge number of masterpieces of art are collected, and Italian cities attract their charm and originality. The diploma of the Italian university is highly valued in Europe - especially in the areas of fashion, design, architecture and urban planning.

The advantages of studying in Italy for foreign students


  • Students from abroad will simply enroll in an Italian university, the number of places here is not limited in any way
  • The prices for education here are somewhat lower than other European countries plus students can receive a social scholarship as needy (up to 14,000 per year - this amount is enough for study and residence for a year)
  • An educational strict program as such in Italian universities does not exist, students select their subjects themselves for study
  • The most popular destinations are design, architecture and urban planning.

Up-to-date information for students from abroad

Students from abroad can receive school education in private boarding schools or international schools. The system of teaching at the school stage:

Elementary education

In elementary school, students spend 5 years and pass such subjects as mathematics, reading, writing, drawing, music. During this period, foreign students will be able to learn Italian and adapt. At the end of this stage, exams are passed, according to which students receive a certificate of primary education.

Middle Classes

They study until the age of 14 and study subjects: Italian, geography, art, music. At the end of this stage, students are also expected to take exams and a certificate of secondary education.

After graduation begins the preparatory stage for admission to universities, which can be passed in lyceums of several types: classical, natural sciences or technical.

Current information for applicants in Italy

  • Foreign students can not enter the university after graduation at home - it will take an extra year of study at a school abroad or the first year of a local university
  • Every year, Italy is becoming more popular among overseas students, in connection with which the program in English is becoming more and more
  • At the undergraduate students study now for 3 years, the academic plan includes a large number of theoretical studies and a very modest number of seminars and practical
  • In the magistracy they study for 2 years: the diplomas of masters are not of fundamental importance and do not influence career in any way, therefore the master's courses are intended for those who decided to connect their life with science and then receive the degree of Ph.D.
  • The doctoral studies take 3-5 years: all studies are based on research activities and a small number of seminars
  • Officially, students are allowed to earn part time not more than 20 hours a week + most companies require fluency in Italian
  • After graduation, the student can try to get a work permit: for foreign students quotas are in effect, so the student may encounter difficulties in obtaining a permit. Good chances to get a job in Europe are students with Italian diploma in the areas of urban planning and design.

Programs and prices of the leading educational institutions in Italy

Summer vacation programs

St. Stephen's School

13-18 years old

From 3,000 € (2 weeks)

Football Academy Edukick Perugia Italy

16+ years old

From 14,900 € (3 months)

AC Milan Junior Camp

7-17 years old

From 1,250 € (week)

School programs

International School of Como

Primary School

6-11 years old

From 15,300 € (year)

Renaissance School

Middle classes (English)

11-14 years old

From 15,000 € (term)

Pre-university programs

Instituto Marangoni Milano

International Foundation

17+ years old

From 13,000 € (year)

Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence

Courses of fashion and art

18+ years old

From 265 € (2 weeks)

Centro Giacomo Puccini, Viareggio


18+ years old

From 1,265 € (4 weeks)

St. Louis School Milan

Program IB

16-18 years old

From 32,050 € (year)

Higher education

IED Milan

Bachelor's program (Italian)

18+ years old

From 16,000 € (semester)

Instituto Marangoni Milano

Master in English

21+ years old

21,735 € (year)

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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