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2021-05-14 14:50:08

Study Cinematography, Drama, Dance, Theater in Ireland

Study Cinematography, Drama, Dance, Theater in Ireland

Higher education programs with the study of cinema, drama, dance, theater in Ireland attract international students from all over the world thanks to quality education, the opportunity to gain international practical experience, and a unique cultural environment. Prestigious Irish universities with the study of drama, dance, theater, cinema offer courses of all kinds - from summer intensives, one-year diploma programs to undergraduate and graduate programs. The skills, knowledge gained during the study of creative specialties, as well as diplomas from prestigious universities are in demand for employment.

Creative programs include exploration of the history of costume, lighting, sound, directing, design, drama, and dance performance. Students study the meaning of theater, cinema, drama, analyze the impact on them of the cultural, political context, the specifics of the audience, the use of digital technologies in the creation of art. Performing arts courses explore the relationship between theory / practice, help master the fundamentals of work, and offer the optimal combination of practical, academic skills. In addition to a high level of analytical, creative abilities, acting, dance, theater courses at universities in Ireland develop resourcefulness, self-motivation of students.

Pupils attend lectures, seminars, workshops with an emphasis on experiential learning, hands-on research using theater laboratories, production capabilities of film studios. Students communicate a lot with each other, participate in group projects, hone teamwork skills.

Students of double degree programs combine the study of drama with theater arts, languages, creative writing, and other disciplines, and are actively involved in practice for 3-4 years.

A list of the most popular programs for international students who want to pursue a Performing Arts degree in Ireland.

  • The Writing for Theater program at University College Dublin is closely related to the history of Irish literary life.
  • The University College Dublin Theater Directing program provides a range of cutting-edge theoretical practical directorial strategies, developing students' critical thinking skills in contemporary theater practice.
  • The master's degree in drama, performance provides an opportunity to analyze, research, reflect on modern theater theoretically / practically, offers to get acquainted with the current principles of the production of theatrical performances.
  • The one-year course in Irish Film, Music and Theater at Trinity College Dublin brought together the three disciplines of Irish film, music and theater for the first time. Over the past two decades, they have changed the perception of these three areas of the performing arts.
  • The DCU Drumcondra International Master's Program in Theater Studies International Theater Studies is a unique collaboration program between the College of Saint Patrick and the University of Angers, France. This exciting one-year program is based on European and Irish theater experiences. An innovative one-year master's program with the study of the creative process combines academic teaching, artistic practice, immersive experience, students customize the program according to their creative practice, ambition.
  • The Master of Arts in Drama and Performance Studies at University College Dublin provides an opportunity to analyze, research, reflect on contemporary theater and performance.
  • Trinity College Dublin's Drama and Theater Studies program offers study in Irish, European theater, theater, nation, intercultural / globalization, performance, identity politics, performance, and performance and technology. The program is taught at the Samuel Beckett Center, which brings together theater, acting studios, and seminar rooms.

Study abroad in English

To apply to one of these universities, you will need to prove your level of English proficiency:

  • PTE (Pearson Test of English)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)
  • IELTS (International English Language).

Studying Drama, Film Theater, and Dance Arts at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity performing arts programs were included in the top 100 best in the world in the QS Rankings 2020, which reflects the high quality of teaching and learning. Drama at Trinity is housed in the purpose-built Samuel Beckett Center, which houses the Players Theater, dance studio, rehearsal area, seminar rooms and offices. All staff members have theater experience, and a significant percentage of today's Irish theater workers are graduates working nationally and internationally. Some modules are taught by visiting experts, award-winning designers, directors, performers, playwrights.

Dublin Trinity College offers the following directions: Single Honors, Major with Minor, Joint Honors.

Career Opportunities Dublin Trinity College

Many graduates seek work in theater or related professions, choose further education or internships, others immediately start working in specialized areas of theater, film or television (such as directing, acting, design, drama, management, theater production and teaching). Some have set up their own theater companies; many have received awards. Others chose research careers by pursuing a master's degree. Even for graduates who choose not to pursue theater as a career, the basic research, writing, organizing, collaboration, and interpersonal skills they acquire in the course last for life.

  • The first and second courses form the basis of the profession of the future theater historian, analyst, and practicing specialist. During these years, the course introduces dramatic art, theater, performance, and places them in a modern, relevant context. The training is carried out in the form of lectures, seminars and practical classes covering the history of theater (from ancient Greek theater to the present day), performance analysis, contemporary research, including research in the field of semiotics, feminism, gender relations, postmodernism.
  • The third, fourth years include a mandatory module with the study of modern research, a number of additional modules that allow you to give preference to the study of historical and theoretical areas or practical aspects of theater. The range of options could include Theater and Ireland, Shakespeare's Incarnation, Stage Arts, Costume Design, Lighting, Drama, Development, Directing, Theater Management, Acting, Performance and Technology, Applied Drama. Students who graduate from Drama with Major, Joint Honors, or Single Honors also complete a Capstone project under the direction of staff. The Drama Capstone project allows students to integrate their interests into one-to-one research work that combines practice, presentation and reflection (such as a thesis or blended practice as research).

Studying Film at Trinity College

Academic film studies at Trinity combine elements of literary, cultural, historical, sociological research with a practical understanding of various creative artistic practices.

In 2003, Trinity opened the first specialized undergraduate course in the republic, which, combined with another subject of art, led to an honors degree. Film at Trinity every year improves, expands its comprehensive curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the history, theory, practice of cinema, digital media.

The four-year undergraduate program allows students to try out a wide range of skills, explore intellectual currents in the theater world. During the first two years of study, students study the core modules in history, cinema theory, American, European, world cinemas, digital media, as well as introductory modules in scriptwriting in digital video production.

Optional modules in senior years of study allow students to develop their interests in specialized topics and methods of filmmaking. Small class sizes ensure that students have the opportunity to discuss topics in detail in workshops, to participate in practical projects. For the final year (work on their own project), students choose research or practical work. This could be a script or a video essay with critical reflection.

Film @ Trinity enjoys an excellent international reputation for research in Irish cinema, Irish diaspora cinemas, and for its work in film theory, film history, post-film studies, and creative practice based on criticism. Faculty equipment includes a cinema, cinema equipment, a room for digital video production.

Music in Trinity

The School of Music at Trinity College Dublin School of the Creative Arts combines elements of musicology, music technology, composition with a practical understanding of various creative artistic practices.

Music has played a prominent role in Trinity's life since its founding in 1592. In 1764, the university established a professorship of music, which became one of the first such academic associations in the world. Trinity students will learn about the music of the past, surrounded by history: they will study the polyphony of the Renaissance, which came from church music, Irish music during holiday performances. With the latest technology available on many campuses, students can analyze, develop, the music of the future.

Undergraduate students usually specialize in one of three areas: composition, musicology, music technology. One of the strengths of an undergraduate program is its gradual nature: each subsequent year builds on previous ones to create a wide range of possible expertise. Individual initiative is encouraged, and due to the large number of classes in small groups, students receive a lot of individual attention and support.

The Trinity Faculty of Music regularly hosts scholars, performers from all over the world to its colloquia, concerts, conferences. He maintains active ties with practicing artists, industry professionals.

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