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2018-07-30 11:56:48

Start successful career in the hospitality with Swiss educational group

Start successful career in the hospitality with Swiss educational group

Staying true to the traditions of the hospitality industry, The Swiss Education Group (SEG) is one of the world leaders in the field of hotel and tourism education.

Swiss Educational Group is a synonym for excellent quality

Since 1982 The Swiss educational group is the largest provider of educational services in the hospitality industry in the country, and also the Ambassador of Swiss Education in the world. Included in the SEG, five schools of hotel management have 7 campuses in the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland. All of them are 100% owned by the Swiss, which guarantees students a high quality education.

Industry requirements

SEG offers a huge selection of programs in English: from diploma to Master's degree. All of them combine theoretical base with practice (from 8 to 12 months during the first two years of studying). Collaboration with the University of Derby (UK), Northwood University (USA) and Washington State University (USA), known for their academic programs in hotel management, tourism and business, SEG is truly international, because after graduation studnets receive double diplomas: Swiss and foreign universities.

Over the years, the Swiss Education Group maintains close partnerships with world-famous hospitality industry representatives:

  • Savoy
  • Fairmont
  • Swissotel
  • Raffles
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Moevpick, etc.

Thanks to these links, educational programs meet the requirements of the industry. At the request of some companies, SEG provides special educational courses, for example, hotel design. So, on the basis of one of SEG schools, a new program "Luxury Business Management" has been launched. This program gives an opportunity to explore and understand the industry of luxury goods production, as well as develop the skills necessary to work in this dynamic and profitable market segment.

Ulrika Bjorklund, Academic Director Hotel Institute Montreux:

"Today, the international market is extremely demanded by the luxury brands! With the help of the new program, we will be able to offer a quality education in this industry, which guarantees the necessary knowledge and skills for rapid career growth".

Having the best education in the industry, graduates of the Swiss educational group are in great demand on the international labour market. Twice a year SEG holds an International Employment Forum (IRF) for its students to enable them to find a future job during their studies.

Representatives of hundreds of various profile companies attend the event. More than 70% of students interviewed during the forum receive later work. A pragmatic approach and unique job search opportunities make SEG students more competitive compared to the graduates of other Swiss schools of hotel management.

Diary of the trainee (Renata Zairullina)


The interview is taken by the consultant of the Swiss educational group - Mr. Tony Johnston.

Renata Zairullina's smile radiates friendliness - so she greets every guest of a luxury hotel. She has an impeccable appearance that demonstrates to all visitors that this young girl is confident, does not doubt her career choice and is ready to build a brilliant future in the hospitality industry. Renata is from Ufa, she is 19 years old, she is studying at the hotel management school SHMS (Montreux) and is currently practicing at the five-star Mandarin Oriental restaurant.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental, which has become her home away from home in the last six months, is located in the center of Geneva on the River Rhône. This city is known as an important financial hub, it is ruled by luxury and people from high society. It is also the center of important international events, there are the main luxury watch shops - Rolex, Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Chopard. Lake Geneva is the second largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. This is an important transport interchange in the Swiss Alps, from here you can directly access France via the border. Fans of delicious food and wine from all directions come here. Here you can ski in winter or engage in tourism in the summer - everyone will find something interesting for themselves! We meet with Renata at her weekend near the hotel bar.

For Geneva, the day is unusually hot. And although today the girl is not on duty, she still checks whether everything goes as it should. Through her eyes she constantly watches how the employees of this luxury hotel work. "Do not you want a soft drink?" - She offers me a friendly. After 6 days Renata returns to school and starts the second semester, but she is very sad to leave this place.

"I do not want to finish my work and say goodbye", - Renata says. Perhaps the best reward in her work is communicating with the guests of the hotel - interesting people from different parts of the world and spheres of life.

"I love communication, - Renata shares - When I see that our guest is happy, I am also happy".

"When visitors return to our hotel again, this fills me with pride, and I understand that everything is not in vain".

Although Renata is still a teenager, ready to smile at any moment and radiate enthusiasm, she looks very adult and professional. The decision to study in Switzerland, she took along with her parents. They quickly chose the hotel management school SHMS, which they never regretted.

"It's no secret that Switzerland is a world leader in the preparation of hospitality professionals," she says. "To be the best, you must learn from the best". Despite the obvious positive moments of life in Switzerland, at first parting with the home was not easy for her. Renata is the only child in the family, so her life has always been a complete pleasure. Her parents worked hard to give her child the lifestyle that they dreamed. The girl is very grateful to them: she understands that the opportunity go to study in Switzerland - this is the chance that is given once in a lifetime.

"Life is filled with meaning, when we have to face certain difficulties. Now I feel happy, although I am cleaning more often than at home," - Renata jokes. Employees of the Swiss educational group and its friends in SHMS helped her as quickly and easily as possible to join a new life. The constant support and advice from the team of teachers made her transition into adulthood soft and painless.

"They're like a family to me, a big, big family. I am very happy! "- Renata once again repeats. She really likes that the learning process is clearly balanced, with a lot of emphasis on the practical part. "I like how they teach us. Teachers are ready to come to help at any time: when I need support, I can just write to them by e-mail".

Undoubtedly, her life is not just work. Having worked her 9-hour shift at the hotel, she uses the weekend to travel to Switzerland and meet new friends from school.

There are wonderful conditions for active pastime.

"We do a lot of social life: we take part in various events, international days and parties. All this inspires me," - Renata says. Today, she has her own dream: she hopes to return home one day and bring back the best from her foreign experience. And while after the second semester she plans to undergo another internship in the Middle East.

Our conversation is coming to end, and Renata's curator for work at the hotel is joining us - Ms. Laura Latri. I ask her a question: "What qualities are necessary for trainees to successfully pass the practice?". She replies: "The desire to learn." The main positive features of Renata, she calls a positive attitude and enthusiasm. At the end of the meeting, Renata asked me if I needed any help related to my movements around the country. I smile and offer her just to enjoy my weekend, to which she responds: "It's mandatory!" And I am sure that it will be so. Just like I'm sure that she will enjoy every other day of study in SHMS.

The Swiss educational group includes:

If you have anu questions, please, dont hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts:

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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