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University of Washington (UW)

Address: Seattle, WA 98195, USA

Description University of Washington (UW)

The University of Washington (UW) is state-owned and is one of the most popular universities in North America. Higher education at the University of Washington can be at various faculties and specialties. At the same time, scientific achievements and academic potential of the medical faculty are highlighted. The prestige of this educational institution adds the constant desire of foreigners to get an education here. Every tenth university student is a foreign national. In addition to the main buildings located in Washington State, a separate structural unit of the university is located in the Spanish city of Leon.

The University of Washington was established in 1861. The purpose of the creation of this educational institution was to raise the prestige of the city of Seattle, in which the university and located. Seattle and several other cities competed at that time for the status of the main city of the state. The first building of the university was located directly in the central part of the city. To this day, only Ionian columns, now installed at the Silvan Theater, have remained from the first campus. Then the university experienced difficult years - the municipal authorities closed and opened it several times. In the end, a new building was built, and Washington University could firmly establish itself in the academic world.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a unique exhibition center was built in Seattle, in which Alaska, the Yukon and the Pacific region were able to present their exhibits. After the closing of the exhibition, the building got UW. With the end of the Second World War, a period of rapid growth of the university began. The opening of a medical school in 1946 allowed the university to begin graduating qualified doctors. Over time, this faculty has grown into a major medical center.

The golden age of Washington University can be considered the 60s and 70s. During this period, a strong academic staff was formed here, and the university itself received substantial grants from the state to conduct various studies. For all subsequent decades, the UW remains the largest recipient of state funds. It should be noted student activity. In the late 60s, the university became the center of anti-war protests against the Vietnamese war. As for opening branches, two of them began academic activities in the cities of Botella and Tacoma. Students could get a bachelor's degree here. Postgraduate education in these cities was started in 2006. Foreign structure in the city of Leon (Spain), the University of Washington opened in mid-2009.

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During the history of the university participated in a variety of developments and discoveries. Consider the most significant of them:

  • The University of Washington is proud of its advanced research in the fight against cancer. Local scientists have successfully developed a vaccine that can be used to prevent the development of oncological processes in the mammary gland.
  • Within the walls of the university, new neurons were identified that are responsible for the ability to hear sound.
  • It developed a prototype of bionic lenses. This invention allows you to project an image at a short distance from the eyes.
  • A recent discovery in the field of physiology has allowed us to find a part of the brain that has not previously been noticed by scientists. This is a vertical occipital bundle.
  • Young scientists of the university were able to design a video camera capable of shooting at high speed. Testing showed values ​​of 100 billion frames per second.
  • The university was able to scientifically prove the reduction of breast cancer in women by 20 percent while breastfeeding.
  • It has been proven that the human eye still sees infrared light.
  • In the laboratory of the university completed work on the creation of a new fusion reactor.

Why students want to enroll at the University of Washington

Answers to this question are best decomposed into paragraphs.

  • All research studies at Washington University receive major funding from federal sources. Funds received in this way are much more financial investments in other US universities. All students are involved in the scientific process and thus gain invaluable experience.
  • The campus at the University of Washington is very well built (both for learning and for living). On its territory there are not only buildings for occupations and dormitories, but also an extensive recreation area. It includes a complex of galleries, cafes, squares and many simply wonderful places.
  • The Faculty of Medicine has its own clinics. In them, students can internship the entire period of study.
  • From the walls of the University of Washington came Nobel Prize winners. Five of the six of them were able to receive an award in the field of medicine.
  • It is worth noting the location of the university. The Pacific coast has amazing landscapes and it is here that you can go to travel to anywhere in the world. Seattle itself is surrounded by lakes, parks and mountain ranges. At the same time, Seattle has a unique road junction.

University of Washington Scholarship Programs

According to statistics, almost 60 percent of university students receive scholarships in various forms from the administration or specialized funds. More than half of university graduates have no debts or unpaid tuition fees.

Twenty-five percent of students can be proud of Pella's federal grants. Such a scholarship is calculated on the basis of the financial situation of the student.

University of Washington students with high academic performance, leadership, or community service can qualify for several types of financial assistance. The most common:

  • Rhodes Scholarship;
  • Marshal Fellowship;
  • Truman Scholarship;
  • Fulbright scholarship.

The university has an active program HuskyPromise. It provides an opportunity to study students with financial difficulties, by involving public and private

means. For many students, the program provides an opportunity to get an education for free.

Equipment University of Washington (UW)

A few years ago, one of the famous academic journals described the Seattle campus as the most beautiful campus in the United States of America. The building is located on the shores of the bay, mountains are visible from its windows, and the Botanical Garden is located near the campus. Students can also walk in one of four large parks and several public gardens. The area of ​​the town has its own sports facilities. Nearby is the medical center of the university.

The educational institution includes colleges, schools, laboratories and research centers. The campus consists of several dormitories and cozy individual cottages. The structure of the university includes:

  • Henry Gallery;
  • Burke Historical Museum;
  • library complex Suzallo.

As for the library, it is filled with modern literature and is considered the largest university library in the United States. It also has an original architectural design, made in the neo-Gothic style.

The university building at Botella is fairly new and is located just 12 kilometers from Seattle. The campus built in Takorm is much further, 31 kilometers from the main buildings of the university. The campus itself stands on the shores of Puget Sound.

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