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Language camps in Geneva for foreign students

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Language camps in Geneva for foreign students

Calm and safe Switzerland is in TOP-10 countries that are the most favorable for life, and serves as an excellent place to spend your summer vacation here or to pass your favorite educational course at any time of the year. In Switzerland there are 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh. Of course, this does not oblige the population to speak all languages, but in addition to 1-2 native languages, almost any local resident is fluent in English. Geneva - an excellent option to plunge into the language culture and thus combine the rest and study with the study of English .

Undoubtedly, students are safe 24 hours a day thanks to the discipline and protection of the children's camp, but the country itself is characterized by a high standard of living and security. Switzerland is very quiet and hospitable, and teachers of the best children's schools and camps are ready to come to help at any time.

In the children's camps, mentoring is practiced, which means that each student will have a curator for the entire stay. Specialists strive to make the study and rest of students as pleasant and unforgettable as possible!

Language Programs:

  • summer English courses
  • summer courses of French
  • summer courses of German
  • summer program with a scientific approach
  • French baccalaureate (program for admission to a French university)
  • Swiss bilingual federal Maturite (Swiss secondary education system)
  • primary school (the program is in line with the International Primer School IPC Program)
  • high school
  • GCSE ( UK education system 8-9 grade)
  • A-level (program for admission to universities in the UK).


Children's camps in Geneva

After the time spent at the children's camp abroad, the students will return home inspired and full of strength for the following achievements!


  • gaining the necessary skills, knowledge and expanding their horizons
  • the appearance of motivation for learning
  • development of personal qualities of the child
  • knowledge of the country's national culture and traditions.

Accommodation options:

  • Boarding schools with an academic program
  • day camp with a language course
  • host family of the teacher with individual lessons
  • Host family (with campus education).


Teaching in the teacher's family

One of the most prestigious and elite options for spending a vacation in Switzerland is staying in a host family of a teacher. An excellent option for those who want to combine study and leisure, as well as immerse themselves in the cultural environment of the country! Living in the family, students quickly learn the national characteristics and traditions of society. It's also a great way to improve your language skills in a very short time: as a rule, there are 10 academic sessions per week, all the rest is for leisure, entertainment and excursions. During language communication in an immediate environment - for example, during walks, excursions, arts, or sports - participants in language programs can significantly improve their communication skills.

Available entertainment in children's camps in Geneva

  • self-defense lessons
  • bicycle riding
  • archery
  • art classes
  • basketball
  • rafting
  • field hockey
  • sailing
  • golf
  • football
  • Beach volleyball
  • kayaking
  • cinema
  • cookery
  • swimming
  • rock climbing
  • horse riding
  • music lessons
  • tennis
  • circus art.

Excursion programs for students available in Geneva

  • Matterhorn
  • Lugano
  • Zermatt
  • Milan
  • Bettmeralp and others
  • Chillon Castle
  • The Olympic Museum
  • the Nestle Museum
  • museum of history
  • oldest house in the city - Tavel
  • historic center of Geneva
  • UN headquarters
  • Lake Geneva.


Courses for students

During the classes, teachers adhere to strict academic standards and discipline, while lessons are accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere, games in class and active leisure after school hours.

Foreign students can independently choose the duration and composition of the language course. The program is developed by experienced specialists and, if necessary, adjusted by teachers to achieve maximum results. At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming his level of knowledge, which is recognized throughout the world.

Examples of prestigious schools and programs for foreign students

  • College Du Leman. It is included in the ranking of the top schools in Switzerland. The average price from 5,700 ₣ / 2 weeks, age from 5 to 18 years, the guesthouse is available from 11 years. Has a variety of educational programs at any time of the year: education in a prestigious school is available in English and French, there is a course of Spanish. Accommodation in two- or four-bed rooms in male and female buildings, in each building there is a teacher of the college. There is a school on the shore of the lake.
  • College Du Leman Summer Camp - picturesque, green and well-groomed place on the shore of the lake. The admissible age of the participants of the summer program is from 8 to 18 years. The average cost is from 5,700 ₣ / 2 weeks. The school is part of the international organization Meritas Family of Schools, which includes the best institutions for students. On the territory there is a multifunctional complex for general meetings, celebrations and events, 104 classrooms for academic studies, 4 computer classes, 4 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts and a swimming pool. Accommodation in a school residence for 2-4 people, 3 meals a day, while a dietary, vegetarian or vegan diet is available.
  • The program Home Language International (education in the family of the teacher). Based on the student's requests, the most suitable family is selected, the average cost is from 2,630 ₣ / 2 weeks. Accommodation is organized according to the principle of full boarding: pastime with the teacher and his family members, free use of common premises and the infrastructure of the house, accommodation in a comfortable, fully furnished and furnished room. Lessons for foreign students are held on a daily basis with the teacher in his home according to the individual program of study, taking into account all wishes and interests.
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