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Peterhof is open to the public!

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Peterhof is open to the public!

The legendary museum-reserve near St. Petersburg - Peterhof with its palaces, gardens and fountains - has been open since July 9. Literally from the opening day and until now (information as of July 19). Believe, Peterhof is worth queuing up for a ticket - here are some interesting facts about the museum that you may not have known.

Great monument from Peter I for posterity

  1. In total there are about 180 fountains and 4 water cascades on the territory. The oldest of the fountains that have not been changed are "Adam" and "Eve": there are also older ones, but after the massive destruction of the Great Patriotic War, Peterhof had to literally rise from the ashes, and fortunately, this couple of bombings were not affected. The guides and staff of the museum consider "Adam" and "Eve" practically guardian angels of Peterhof.
    Until 2021, one of the largest and most famous fountains - "Sun" and "Triton", will have to wait a bit for reconstruction.
  2. From German "Peterhof" is translated very simply - "Peter's yard". The most beautiful architecture and stunning landscape ideas were created to visually demonstrate the greatness of the Russian Empire and make the famous French Versailles fade.
  3. A grotto with entrances in the form of small arches is arranged behind the local water cascades. They are associated with funny stories from the imperial past: after walking in the park, noble ladies and gentlemen were invited to the grotto to relax and dine. But here they were waited for by secret tubes of water, which could easily be poured over by the nobility enjoying the drinks. And as soon as those who frightened for the safety of the silk and wigs rushed to the exit, a cascade began to work, and not streams, but waterfalls fell on them.
    Such fountains quickly began to be called "firecrackers" - there are 8 of them in total in the park. By the way, 4 were added after Peter I by the forces of Catherine II and Anna Ioannovna: the famous of the "last" - a small firecracker-fountain "Dubok" with a white bench so attractive for ignorant tourists. True, not all fountains and firecrackers are still in operation - it is unknown when everything will start after quarantine in full force.
  4. Try to get to Peterhof not by minibus or train, but by water - right from the Palace pier (the name is obvious that it is located right next to the Palace Square) there are high-speed meteor boats. The hovercraft will take you up in 35-40 minutes, price = 6-7 $ (450-500 ₽) one way.

Peterhof after quarantine

  1. In Peterhof, there has always been a tension with snacks (if you are not satisfied with wooden burgers or hot dogs for 400 rubles), but now food stalls and small cafes do not work at all - have a good meal before your visit, you can grab something with you for a little picnic. The squirrels in Peterhof were upset most of all: tourists generously fed numerous animals, and now the squirrels have gone in search of goodies to other places, away from the shady busy alleys.
  2. So far closed museums on the territory of the park (covered): Monplaisir Palace, Hermitage Pavilion.
  3. The reserve monitors compliance with security measures inside: without a mask, you will not go inside, even if you bought a ticket. On the territory there are vending machines with the same masks and gloves, drinking water in a bottle, boards with recommendations for walking so that guests are distributed evenly and less intersect from 10 to 19 hours (park opening hours).
  4. To avoid jostling in line at the box office (and in the current situation, this is not only annoying, but also unsafe) - buy tickets online! Children under 16 can walk for free, a standard adult ticket without benefits costs 6 $ (450 ₽).
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