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Summer camps in Germany, the best summer camps in Germany for children and schoolchildren

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Summer camps in Germany, the best summer camps in Germany for children and schoolchildren

In this article, a Russian teenager will be able to get an idea of the leading German language camps targeted at foreign children, the price of training, and also about leisure programs.

The target audience for the training is foreign teenagers aged 5 to 17 years, regardless of the level of foreign language skills. The leading German children's language camps open their doors widely for foreigners, both with an initial level of knowledge, and advanced! In particular, it should be noted that the development of effective educational programs called Home Language International, which provides for the residence of a foreign teenager in the family of a teacher, was designed specifically for pupils of lower grades who reached the age of five. As for Russian children who have reached the age of 8, they can choose the option of living alone in the comfortable residence of the language school-boarding school in Germany.

Germany - a little about the main and interesting

Beginning the conversation about Germany, it should be noted at once that this century-old European country has a centuries-old history, which is filled with traditions, landscapes, and architecture. The main advantages of Germany are the picturesque lakes, the plains in the valley of Elbe and Ergebirge. As for the southern part of Germany, it is famous for its Bavarian Alps. Staying on vacation in Germany, a foreign teenager can enjoy the beauties of German castles, palaces, medieval towns, theaters. In addition, it will be extremely exciting to walk along narrow cobbled streets of Germany. And also Russian teenagers will be able to enjoy the amazing German cuisine. Special attention should be paid to the fact that Germany has a high standard of living, and also provides a high level of safety and reliability.

Despite the fact that Germany is a small country, a large number of leading children's language camps have been created and successfully functioning on its territory, which open their doors to foreign and Russian children and adolescents. So, the elite private language schools-boarding house in Bad-Schussenried, located at a distance of 50 km from Friedrichshafen, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Wiesbaden, Nuremberg. If your child likes to spend a lot of time in nature and fresh air, then it is worth paying attention to the summer prestigious camps located on the banks of the beautiful lakes Wolzin and Zetchen near Berlin, in the Alps south of Munich or on the coast of Maine in Postdam.

The main reasons for the vacation in the best children's camps in Germany

It is Germany that deserves to be included in the list of countries that provide one of the most comfortable conditions for studying and living in the walls of the prestigious German language children's camps. Parents can not worry, because the pedagogical and educational staff is guaranteed constant care, custody, and attention. In addition, the training provided all the necessary conditions for successful adaptation to the language and cultural environment, stay in an international environment encourages the acquisition of new friends and the establishment of useful acquaintances. And, of course, before the new academic year, the Russian teenager significantly increases the level of knowledge of the German language. Making a decision to send your child to the top summer boarding schools in Germany, your child can just have a great time and gain strength for the new school year. In addition to teaching the leading summer language German camps, cognitive excursions are organized, participation in numerous theatrical productions and celebrations of national holidays, which are extremely cheerful, visit well-known fairs, museums.

As for the location of the best summer language schools in Germany , they are located in such German cities as Augsburg, Aschaffenburg, Berlin, Bad Durkheim, Weimar, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Cologne, Lindenberg, Munich, Nuremberg, Reutlingen, Frankfurt, Schmallenberg, Hamm, and also Hext.

Schedule of functioning of Germany's advanced summer camps for children

The summer German camps start working in the middle of June, the work of summer language programs ends in the end of August, that is, for the period of their work there are regular departures and arrivals on weekends. For the autumn and spring holidays, additional dates of arrival are set, namely March 20, March 27, October 9, October 16, and October 23. In addition, year-round camps are successfully operating in Germany, in particular HumboltInstitut, whose branches are established in Lindenberg, Berlin, Munich, Zurich. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that foreign teenagers with an initial level of knowledge of the German language are not admitted to this prestigious language school-boarding house in Germany. In the case of an elementary level, the knowledge of the German language is worth learning on an additional basis the dates of the beginning of the classes, since this depends on the set of language groups.

Specific characteristics of summer language camps in Germany for foreign children and adolescents

Developing language and educational programs, the prestigious German boarding schools take into account the preferences of all foreign children and adolescents without exception. So, comfort and a sense of comfort will be inherent in schoolchildren, who have just started learning German, and teenagers who want to improve their level of foreign language skills.

It should be noted that upon arrival, on the first day of the training, the test is handed over to foreign and Russian adolescents, the results of which allow you to determine the level of German language proficiency. And as you could understand, the basis for the distribution of language groups is the test results. Within the framework of this approach, a qualitative selection of the language program for each foreign teenager is carried out separately, which ensures that the language course corresponds to the level of knowledge of the German language.

Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of foreign children in which does not exceed 15 people, which is a guarantee of quality and effective language training and comfortable conditions of stay. In addition, every teacher is paid attention to each student.

The created atmosphere in the German language classes in the best children's language camps in Germany contributes to the effective overcoming of the language barrier among foreign and Russian teenagers. With regard to the effectiveness of training, its achievement is possible through the use of interactive communication techniques, providing enthrallment of learning and interest on the part of Russian adolescents. Within the framework of the games, games, movies, discussions of various events are envisaged. In addition, foreign teens are actively talking among themselves on a wide variety of topics.

Types of advanced German language children's boarding schools

At the core of the summer language camps of Germany is the factor, such as the duration of the conference, namely, they function successfully as year-round educational institutions that provide for residence either in the school residence or in the teacher's family, and language boarding schools are provided, in which the duration of training varies from two to five weeks. For example, foreign and Russian adolescents aged 12 to 15 years are currently enrolled for a three-week course during the holidays at the leading language school-Berlin Humboldt-Institut even for the next year.

Below is a list of the language programs offered by the leading summer camps in Germany:

  • General German

Within the framework of this educational program, 20 hours of German language lessons are provided throughout the week. The number of foreign students in one language group does not exceed 15 people. As for teachers, only experienced professionals with a philological or pedagogical education who are native speakers of the German language are invited to teach. During the training period there is a change of teachers for the purpose of a variety of pronunciation for foreign teenagers so that they do not experience difficulties in perceiving the speech of different people.

  • Intensive German

Target audience are foreign and Russian teenagers aged 14 to 17 years. As for the level of knowledge of the German language, the schoolchildren are accepted for education, both with an elementary level of knowledge, and with advanced knowledge. The intensity of the classes varies from 20 to 24 lessons per week. Speaking about the duration of classes, it is 45 minutes. Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of which ranges from 5 to 15 students, in order to ensure the effectiveness of lessons. It should be noted that teachers pay attention to every aspect of the German language, namely grammar, spoken vocabulary, reading, and listening.

  • Intensive German classes + active sports activities

It is better not to think up a variant of training for foreign teenagers, whose goal is a harmonious combination of language courses with professional sports classes. During the week it is planned to hold from 25 to 30 classes in German, as well as from 2 to 4 individual training sessions, accompanied by an experienced coach in one sport. Provided for the choice of a Russian teenager, such sports as horse riding, rowing, tennis.

  • Learning German + creativity.

Target audience for these courses are creative children. The summer prestigious camp is located in the city of Lenin, the responsibility for organizing these language courses is assigned to the Institute of Fine Arts and Culture. Thus, the study of the German language is combined with art. So, for foreign students art workshops are opened in which it is possible to master different kinds of arts and crafts.

Tuition fees in the top children's language camp in Germany

To begin with, the price of an educational program usually includes a large range of services, namely, tuition, accommodation, meals on a full board basis, 1 excursion, as well as numerous recreational activities. Provision is made for additional costs such as consular fees, transfers, medical insurance, as well as the preparation of accident insurance, as well as individual classes in the case of an adolescent's interest. So, for a comfortable summer vacation in one of the top language schools-boarding houses in Germany for two weeks, the cost of stay will be about 1075 euros or more. Variations in the price of training are due to factors such as the location of the school, the length of the training, the intensity of language classes, the option of placement for the period of study, and the degree of saturation of the leisure program, which includes excursions and recreational activities.

Note that the cost of training in summer German camps located in major cities is higher. In particular, the price of training for two weeks in the elite boarding schools in Germany Humboldt-Institut will be approximately 2220 euros. Simultaneously, the same language program will be cheaper in DIDDeutsch-Institut, located in Höchst, not exceeding the cost of 1470 euros.

The leisure program of the best summer camps in Germany

In addition to the education of prestigious language children's boarding schools in Germany, an intensive leisure program is organized, which includes numerous and varied sports and recreational activities, as well as excursions. The infrastructure of the summer German camps creates all the necessary conditions for intensive sports, in particular, foreign teenagers can actively play football, volleyball, bowling, and fitness. In the case of a swimming pool on the territory of a language school-boarding school, schoolchildren can actively engage in swimming.

If your child spends holidays in Germany in winter, then all conditions for skiing and snowboarding are created.

As for entertainment, they wear a disco format, barbecue, cycling, organized hikes in the mountains, as well as foreign children and adolescents attending concerts and theaters. In the case of an interest of a Russian teenager, there is an opportunity for horseback riding, tennis graffiti, rock climbing, creative individuals can engage in sculpture, while these services are at an additional cost.

Accommodation in the rating summer camps in Germany

The choice of a foreign teenager has two options for living during the holidays in Germany, namely:

  • Host family
  • On the territory of a school cozy residence

Within the framework of this option, it is envisaged that the foreign teenager will live together with another student or individually. If you live alone in a room, then you will need to pay an additional fee. The host family is responsible for the nutrition of the student. So, together with his family he has breakfast and dinner, as for dinner, he is given a packed lunch.

As for this format of residence, Russian children live together with other schoolchildren, who are representatives of different nationalities, in comfortable rooms that are designed for 2-4 teenagers. In this case, students are selected by age and sex, to ensure the comfort of co-stay. Usually the toilet and bathroom are on the floor. To reassure parents, we note that all the best summer camps in Germany guarantee 24-hour supervision of all students without exception, and if necessary, at any time, every teenager can be assisted on any issue.

Organizational matters

Before you send your child on vacation to the prestigious language school-board of Germany, you need to assess the possible additional costs of your child. Keep in mind that as the scale of the city, on whose territory the German summer camp is located, also increases in proportion to the cost of living. If you list expensive cities in terms of living standards, then it is worth highlighting Berlin, Munich, Cologne. At the same time, the total amount of additional costs is determined by the individual needs of the Russian teenager, and of course by the financial capabilities of the parents.

Also, the issue of mobile communications and the Internet deserves special attention. Agree that sending your child to the leading summer language camp in Germany, you need to evaluate the cost of communication services, the process of calls to Russia, as well as the issue of connecting to the Internet. The price of a SIM card in Germany is an average of 15 euros. Note that by purchasing a SIM card, this amount remains on the balance sheet.

Note that some prestigious language children's boarding schools in Germany on their territory open access for students access to free Internet. Before the trip it is better to clarify this issue, since it is possible to pay for additional services on access to the World Wide Web.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the cost of educational programs of the best summer camps in Germany does not include additional sports, in particular sailing. At the same time, a predominant number of language German boarding schools is included in the cost of teaching the provision of study materials to students, passing tests in order to determine the level of German language proficiency and distribution by language groups. In all the leading German language camps on a separate basis, it is provided for paying individual lessons with a teacher, participating in additional excursions on weekends. Usually, as practice shows, the share of additional costs does not exceed 15-25% of the cost of the language program.

Professional assistance of our experts

Our educational center cooperates only with the advanced children's language camps in Germany, which are engaged in high positions in the ratings of the best German boarding schools. Throughout our work, our highly qualified specialists managed to establish profitable business relations with the leading educational institutions of Germany, thereby providing Russian adolescents with excellent conditions for vacation and efficiency of training. The German boarding schools with whom we cooperate, received accreditation, which attests to the high quality of educational services and leisure programs. In particular, these are the certificates of the German Language Society and the company EAQUALS.

If you are interested in spending a summer vacation in Germany, our experienced and professional specialists will help you in choosing a language program that matches the child's preferences and goals and interests.

Our specialists provide comprehensive assistance for the entire period of the contract to your child so that he does not experience any difficulties. In addition, you will be provided with visa processing and professional advice on training in Germany.

The location of the summer German camp for foreign children and adolescents determines the list of organized excursions. In particular, it is planned to visit the medieval castle of Johannesburg, located in Frankfurt, in Hamburg, the island of Helgoland, the castle of Nimferburg, located in Munich. In the German capital, foreign adolescents will be able to get acquainted with the Brandenburg Gate, the Museum of Modern Art. And it should be noted that this is not a complete list of organized tours, we listed only a part of them.

And in conclusion some more interesting facts ...

Among Russian children and teenagers, the popularity of foreign holidays is growing. Many adolescents decide to hold summer vacations in Germany, in order to significantly improve the level of German language proficiency through constant communication with native speakers of the language. Some of the leading German summer camps provide for the teaching of English.

A specific feature of the language courses of German children's boarding schools is the created democratic environment in the classroom, which has a positive effect on the effective and rapid overcoming of the communicative and language barrier. Thus, in the framework of teaching, interactive forms of teaching are used, namely games, presentations, interviews, discussions and simple communication between peers outside the school walls.

Below are listed the main advantages of studying in the best children's language camps in Germany:

  • The ability to learn German, in some cases English, to an advanced level
  • Possibility to pass effective pre-university preparation for the purpose of unimpeded entry into the rating university of Germany or Austria
  • Excellent organization of training and leisure activities
  • Low cost of training
  • Security Guarantee
  • Excellent ecology and wonderful climate.
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