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2022-02-06 12:36:37

Main features of living in Venice

Main features of living in Venice

Millions of people dream of a trip to Venice, a legendary and historic city where amazing and amazing events have unfolded over the centuries. But only a few are ready to move to this settlement in the northern part of the Adriatic on a permanent basis.

Since the middle of the XIX century, it has become the most popular vector of the tourism industry on the peninsula, and after the war - the most famous and popular. In addition, there is the largest passenger and commercial port, where hundreds of ships from all over the globe stay every day.

So why would those who are so eager to go here for a while would never agree to change their permanent place of residence to Venice? Let's talk about the reasons briefly.

High cost of housing

Despite the many different factors that negatively affect the daily life of citizens, it is damn difficult to find high-quality and inexpensive housing. Rental rates are very high, and when purchasing an apartment in the property, you should be prepared for four zeros after the unit when determining the price of the "square".

At the same time, unlike many other European inhabitants who are actively investing in local real estate, Italians are in no hurry to move to a marvelous city by the sea to join the age-old beauties.

But renting here is a damn expensive. For 70-80 "squares" in the areas of the center of Venice, you need to be ready to pay 1200-1600 euros monthly + meters and payment for transport and logistics problems.

The highest prices for food products and all kinds of entertainment events are an addition. Advertised gondola rides, which are usually told with a breath and a kind of professional squint in the process, are actually worth breathing and even whistling, since one hour of this entertainment will cost the customer fifteen hundred euros.

It's a similar story with all the catering establishments, whose sneaky and greedy owners bill travelers for wild sums simply on the grounds that the client speaks a different language and had the misfortune to order a cup of tea in St. Mark's Square, in front of the cathedral, whose spire ... Well, you understood, right?

Crowds of tourists

If we are talking about the spires of the world-famous cathedral, then, along with overcrowding, there are from 25 to 30 million visitors annually, and most of them come in certain summer and autumn months. Can you imagine what kind of madness reigns there these days?

Many indigenous people these days leave their homes, while others move to a permanent place of residence in calmer areas and regions, and visitors sometimes even settle on the continent, and come to the city for specific events.

Up until the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, ships with 3,000-5,000 travelers on board arrived here every day. They stopped in the harbor, and then from the raid on dozens of small pleasure steamers crossed to the shore. According to environmental monitoring experts and hydrographers, it is these vessels that cause the greatest harm to the urban lagoon, destroying the traditional ecosystem and the habitual habitats of thousands of species.

Dampness and flooding

Finally, the "sweet" remains the climate, the weather and the associated difficulties and trials. In the autumn, winter and spring, when precipitation falls more often and is more abundant, the Adriatic rises strongly, which causes floods in most cities of the northern Part of the Adriatic Sea; however, it is the Venetians who have to deal with the strongest blows of the elements.

During storms, as a result of strong unrest, up to 3/4 of the streets of the city were flooded for several days, which causes enormous damage to the property of citizens, and sometimes carries the death of people living in the basement floors.

There have been cases of particularly severe storms that flooded three-quarters of the city streets, and also caused human casualties.

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