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Language camps in San Francisco for foreign students

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Language camps in San Francisco for foreign students

Summer English courses in San Francisco are a great opportunity to improve your English level in a short time, to make new acquaintances and friends from all over the world. For students it is also an opportunity to discover new talents, spend an unforgettable vacation or prepare for entering the university of dreams!

Many linguistic camps abroad are on the top lists of educational institutions and offer students not just academic courses in a foreign language, but with different subjects - adventure, sports, creative and others. Here, with the study of English, other activities are combined. It is for this reason that hundreds of students of different ages come to San Francisco every year, and a special excitement falls on the summer holidays.

Studies and Recreation Abroad: Linguistic Courses in San Francisco for Students

Practically every language camp program abroad includes English lessons, under the guidance of experienced teachers, accommodation on the campus of the school in a student atmosphere of fun, food, sports and leisure programs, as well as trips on excursions on Saturday or Sunday. The San Francisco language schools also provide programs for students who come with their parents - this is a family English course. Thus, vacation programs will become even more interesting not only for the child, but for the whole family.

Note that you can send a child to study abroad with any level of English: there are many educational centers and language schools where students with low language knowledge are accepted, and not less for students with an initial or advanced level. In schools, students are divided into groups according to the starting language level: for this, all students on the day of arrival are tested to determine the level of knowledge, and students with similar levels are divided into the same groups. This approach makes the learning process most effective and comfortable, first of all for the students themselves.

The English curriculum is held Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday students of a foreign camp can devote rest or go to explore a new country! In San Francisco, there are many attractions, and local people justly called the city "Pearl of the West Coast" - there is something to see!

On the territory of San Francisco, there are different schools, among which there are prestigious and elite branches of international educational companies. There are also educational institutions of local importance. Leading schools are somewhat more expensive, but in San Francisco, you can easily find a suitable option for any criteria.

Here are several language schools and educational centers - these are the best and most popular options among foreign students:

  • St. Giles International. This is one of the leading international networks for organizing English language courses for international students abroad. The youth program of the educational center in the American city of San Francisco is organized on the basis of the University of California, located in the hills of Hayward. It is a comfortable campus with modern equipment and high-level sports facilities - a fitness center, a swimming pool and so on. Students of the summer language camp can be people from 10 to 17 years, the educational load will be 20 academic hours per week. Students live in the student hostel of the university on campus.
  • LSI San Francisco. The language center of the well-known educational network in San Francisco is located in the central district of the city. Today the school is in great demand for foreign students from 12 to 17 years. Students are divided into small groups of up to 15 people, and qualified teachers work with them, who are also native speakers of English. The proposed format of residence - the host American family, where you can live for 2 people.
  • Tamwood Camp. This language camp is located anywhere, and in the Silicon Valley on the campus of the San Jose State University. Tamwood Junior Camp is a school that is suitable for students from 7 to 17 years old. The school management combines entertainment activities, excursions and other social activities with the study of English. The school curriculum consists of 20 language lessons per week. The school is included in the top list of educational institutions of San Francisco, so here is always a full set of students.
  • Kaplan International English. In San Francisco operates a branch of another educational network for learning English. The campus of the school has a convenient location in the central part of the city and modern equipment of the building: spacious classrooms, library, cafeteria and so on. The school invites foreign students aged 16 and over who are willing to apply for admission to foreign universities.

Tuition fees of studying for the summer in the language schools of San Francisco

The cost of education in the summer vacation camps of San Francisco on average varies from 700 $ to 2,000 $ for one week. The final price will be formed after potential students are identified with the solution of key questions: the type of program, the duration of the educational course, the format of education (day or night), the intensity of the course, and some additional options. For example, the cost of full-time studies in the camp St. Giles will be around 900 $ for 1 week, and with boarding - about 1,600 $. Do not forget about such mandatory items as buying air tickets, insurance and visas, as well as pocket expenses for the period of study.

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