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2022-02-06 12:36:39

Istanbul: rare places without crowds of tourists

Istanbul: rare places without crowds of tourists

Saturated with bright colors, the Turkish city combines the turbulent rhythm of life of Europe and the Muslim world. Both singles and people in large companies come here. Every tourist finds something to his liking in Istanbul. Millions of foreigners annually visit the colorful metropolis, not leaving a single piece of the city without attention. However, even with such a huge number of travelers, Istanbul has rare places free from the crowds of tourists and not covered in guidebooks.

Kadıköy District

The oldest district of Istanbul, which is located in the Asian part of the city. This place is not as popular as Bayoglu and Sultanahmet, where tourists go in whole packs, which is undeserved, because it is in this area that you can feel the true spirit of Turkey, free from European influences. Here, few dedicated travelers can stroll along the beautiful promenade, which enjoys great success among the locals. Cozy streets, a wide range of shops - from brand boutiques to second-hand books and antique shops with a variety of assortments. There are chic restaurants and small cafes where excellent Turkish dishes are prepared. From the promenade and the park offers a delightful view of the sea.

There are many interesting sights in Kadıköy. Here, at the beginning of the last century, there is a railway station, surrounded on three sides by the sea. Each building here is imbued with the spirit of antiquity and has its own history.

Beylerbeyi Palace

One of the pearls of Istanbul. Tourists are rarely welcome in Beylerbeyja, as they all go to Dolmabahçe, a European palace on the opposite bank of the river. And they lose a lot! Beylerbeyi was erected at the beginning of the XIX century as a summer residence for heads of state. The palace was located on one of the most picturesque places of the Bosphorus, which was once noted by the Empress of France Eugenie. Modern Belerbeye is slightly different from its original version, as the building underwent reconstruction after the fire.

Arast Bazaar

Turkish markets and bazaars are famous for their variety of goods. Some go to Istanbul for only one purpose – shopping. Most of these marketplaces are similar to those in other countries of the world, but not the Arasta Bazaar. Crowds of tourists do not scurry along the rows of the trading platform and there is no noise, fuss and noise. Here it is very comfortable to walk along a spacious quiet street between wooden houses with goods and slowly admire the nearby Blue Mosque. Arast is much smaller than the popular Grand Bazaar, but unlike the usual souvenirs, traditional Turkish sweets and spices, you can buy antiques and even antique handmade carpets.

Confectionery Hacı Bekir

The best sweets in Istanbul are sold in the Hacı Bekir confectionery, which was opened in 1777. Its founder was Chekerchi Haji Bakir Effendi, who prepared sweets on his own. After his death, the case was passed down from generation to generation, and now it is already a whole factory for the production of Turkish sweets, which are sold on a global scale in the Hacı Beki chain of stores.

Chukurjuma Quarter

This quarter in the European part of Istanbul, filled with boutiques, antique shops and cafes. Among the usual Turkish culture, one street stands out, which used to be called "French". Stairs, steep descents and ascents give a special charm to Chukurjume and slightly transfer to France, where there are plenty of such streets. Here you can take great pictures and visit the Museum of Innocence.

Museum of Innocence

Those who have read Orhan Pamuk will appreciate the museum. When working on the novel of the same name, the Turkish writer bought up various antique items that could be used by the characters of his book. For several years, Orhan hatched the idea of releasing a book and opening a museum at the same time. According to Pamuk, it is objects that awaken memories in the depths of human memory, which is why collecting old things is so attractive. The atmosphere of the museum is not suitable for everyone, because it feels the longing and melancholy that can be traced in the works of the famous Turkish writer.

Pierre Loti Hill

One of the most peaceful and noise-free places in Istanbul is Pierre Loti Hill. You can climb it on your own, or you can ride on the funicular. At the top there is an observation deck overlooking the amazing city panorama. Not only tourists, but also Istanbulites like to go here to taste fragrant Turkish coffee and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Museum of Photography

In each camera lens, Istanbul looks different, it can be photographed forever. The best works made in different historical periods are presented in the Museum of Photography. The museum was opened recently and has not yet gained popularity among tourists, but soon everything may change, because according to the pictures you can get acquainted with the history of the city.


Colorful streets, colorful houses, a cozy atmosphere and peace await all visitors to this district of Istanbul. Among tourists, the old quarter of Balat is very popular, but directors breathe unevenly to Kuzgundzhuk, where Turkish films and TV series are often shot. In the past, this area was a fishing village, where Turks, Greeks, Armenians, Jews lived side by side. Such a neighborhood left its mark, which we can trace now, looking at mosques, temples and synagogues located not far from each other.

Göksu River and Anadolu Hisary Fortress

The fortress of Anadolu Hisaru is located on one of the shores of the Bosphorus. Tourists rarely come here because of the remote location from other popular areas of the city. At one time, it was one of the favorite vacation spots of poets, artists and other creative personalities.

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