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International language camps in the USA

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International language camps in the USA

America is the second most popular country for learning English after Britain. Therefore it is not surprising that hundreds of foreign students of all ages come here every year to improve this foreign language. Education in the native language for the English language of the country is considered the most productive. This is really so, so it's best to study camps where there will be few students from your country. Without the need to use the native language, the student will be completely immersed in the international environment, which will help him in a short time to improve his level of English.

Language Camps for Children in America - programs, studies and leisure

In the US, there is a huge selection of camps for all tastes: summer, winter, linguistic, adventure, vacation programs. This is not all available range.

Children's and youth language camps in the US offer their students education in a classical program, which includes 15 to 20 hours of English every week. The study takes place in small groups of 10-12 people. For distribution by educational groups, all students on the first day undergo special testing, which determines the starting level. However, if the group has suddenly not very approached the child, do not worry - the student can move to another group, having previously agreed with the teacher. Groups are conditionally divided into 2 age categories: 13-15 years and 16-18 years. Teachers of American language schools are real professionals, that's why different teaching methods are applied for different ages: for very young students this is the format of games, for older guys (13-15 years) - interactive and team work, and for adults - almost standard academic format.

Students live in the residence of the educational center during their studies with meals on half board (breakfast and dinner), or full. Sometimes foreign students are accommodated in host American families (meals are provided by agreement with the guest). This format is more suitable for older students, although each of the options has its own advantages and convenience. For representatives of the language camp, the main task is to make sure that the student feels comfortable and safe.

With regard to the timing of conducting language schools in America, the curriculum basically takes place during the summer holidays - from the end of June to the middle of August. In the United States, there are winter camps, although they are much smaller. You can come to the international camp starting from the first days of January until the middle of February. Such courses are held in the language schools of LSI (Berkeley and San Diego), GEOS (Los Angeles) and LAL (Fort Lauderdale).


The best children's and youth camps in the United States with the study of English

In the United States, there are several hundred language schools, camps and educational centers. Among them there are more expensive and there are budgetary ones, there are prestigious and leading ones in their field - they always fall into the TOP list and annually attract a large number of students from all over the world.

  • FLS International. Branches of this international school of English are located throughout America - in New York, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia. The teaching staff of the language center consists exclusively of native speakers. The summer program FLS for students is held in New York at the University of Saint Peter. From here, just 15 minutes away are all the main city attractions. Courses are designed for older students - from 15 years. To live during education students can in a residence, in apartments or in a host American family - any of the options has its advantages.
  • LAL. This is another network of international educational centers, which has its own branch in the American cultural capital. For students aged 13-18, the summer program is held at Fordham University. The students live on the campus of the university itself - it's called Rose Hill. The building has a convenient location: not far from the building there is a metro station from where you can easily reach the center and stroll along the famous places of New York - Fifth Avenue, Central Park and many others. As part of the English course, students are taught a weekly language of 20 hours (4 hours a day).
  • St Giles. This is a British network of education centers, founded in 1955 in London. Today St Giles International has branches not only in Britain, but also in the United States and Canada , where it provides courses for students. One of the educational centers Giles is based in New York and offers educational programs for students of all ages - from 12 to 19 years. The education takes place at the College of the City College of New York. In addition to a quality educational program, Giles organize excellent leisure for its students: students of the summer course of the excursion to the landmark places of New York are waiting as much as 5 times a week. In addition, these are exciting activities day and night.
  • The Language Academy. The Language Academy of Florida organizes English language courses for students. One of the children's programs takes place on the territory of St. Petersburg. Thomas University. This prestigious private educational institution, which has high academic success. The institution is located in a suburb of Miami surrounded by palm trees. Classes in English during the summer holidays are held under the patronage of qualified teachers who are native speakers. Classes are held for students with different levels, so the camp is equally suitable for students with a poor level of language and students with a certain knowledge base.
  • European Center (EC) . An international network of educational centers located in Britain, Malta, South Africa and the United States. One of the children's language camps is located in Los Angeles at the University of California. The university campus is located in Westwood. The university has an excellent infrastructure, which is accessible to the students of the school. Students from the international camp of 10-17 years also live on campus, full board. In his spare time, foreign students will find a lot of entertainment, including, of course, trips to the beach and swimming!

Of course, this is not the entire list of language camps and schools in America, which are in demand among international students - for more information you can find on SMAPSE website.

Camps of America: ranking, reviews, prices for education

To estimate the cost of education in international language camps in the United States, parents should take into account factors such as the location of the school, the type of accommodation chosen (residence or host family), the duration of the educational program, the nutrition plan, the availability of a leisure program, as well as additional services (transfer, etc). Also, the cost will vary depending on the season - summer camps traditionally cost more than winter ones. On average, studies at the US language camp will require parents of students in 1,000 $  - 2,000 $  for 2 weeks.

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