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Vatel Business School of Tourism Management

Address: 4 Cours du Médoc, 33070 Bordeaux, France

Description Vatel Business School of Tourism Management

One of the most famous, prestigious and respected institutes of hotel and tourist business is located in France - the Vatel Business School of Tourism Management France has more than 35 branches around the world, but it is the French departments that are recognized as the best, the flagship. In French, students can study in Lyon and Paris, in English - in Bordeaux and Nimes. The total number of students of Vatel Business School of Tourism Management is 7 thousand people, and the number of successful, demanded graduates has already exceeded 33,000 people.

Training at the Institute guarantees the practical orientation of the classes, the close connection of the acquired knowledge with the realities of modern hotel business and management. Very useful and compulsory internships are waiting for students in each year of training: this is a great opportunity to hone their knowledge and skills, to test them in practice at the best restaurants and hotels of the world, to earn business reputation, useful links and contacts for further employment. In addition, internships and internships (usually for the second semester) are paid, which helps to reduce the cost of training.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Vatel Business School of Tourism Management

Program name

Bachelor in international Hotel Management

The program of the first higher education is designed for 3 academic years, you can start training in September or February. Students devote a lot of time to the practical application of their knowledge: two internships / internships for the duration of study are compulsory (the second semester of each year, 4-6 months), one can be added at the student's request.

The training program includes classes in all areas related to the hotel and travel business, the hospitality industry:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Computer literacy and informatics
  • Corporate Economy
  • Professional culture and ethics
  • Building your own image
  • Hygiene and work safety
  • Nutrition Science, Nutrition
  • Enology (study of wines)
  • Organization of conferences, master classes, presentations and reports
  • Foreign languages ​​(minimum 2)
  • Oral communication
  • Taxation
  • Principles for building a successful career
  • International management and management of an international team
  • Sales in the field of tourism and hospitality
  • Geopolitics
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • F & B Environment.

To receive a diploma, each student must earn at least 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

The cost of training at the Vatel Business School of Tourism Management France is 12,500 € for 1 year (undergraduate program, general course = 3 years).

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Master's Courses - MBA

To study on the MBA program (postgraduate education) in the Vatel Business School of Tourism Management France there are two directions:

  • MBA in International Hotel Management
  • MBA in wine & spirits management.

The duration of the program is 1.5-2.5 years: 1-2 obligatory internships for 4-6 months each are stipulated. Applicants must present to the admissions office a diploma / bachelor's degree: Bachelor's degree in Business & Management (with compulsory internship) or Bachelor's degree in Business.

The following subjects and subjects are studied:

  • Operational audit
  • Financial analytics
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Economic laws and law
  • Taxation
  • Computer literacy and informatics
  • General policy of the company
  • Technical, professional English, business English
  • Marketing
  • Digital Management
  • Human Resource Management, Human Resources
  • Corporate strategies
  • Strategies in the Hospitality and Hospitality Industry
  • Economy in tourism and hospitality
  • Foreign languages ​​(minimum 2).

The MBA in wine & spirits management program provides classes on the following topics:

  • The main wine regions of France, Europe and the world
  • Serving and serving wine
  • Combinations of wine, food and dishes
  • Organization of wine sales in France
  • Organization of tastings
  • Sales and marketing
  • Economics and finance
  • Legislation in the field of sales and production of spirits
  • Corporate strategies and cooperation
  • Information Systems.

To receive a diploma, each student must earn at least 120 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).

The cost of the programs you can check with your manager.

Subjects, specialties

Subjects list: Bachelor in International Hotel Management, BBA IN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY BUSINESS, international tourism, management, Marketing management, Master in Management, Master of Science in International Hospitality Management, MBA in International Hotel Management, MBA in International Management


In 2016 in Paris, the International Group Vatel was named the Best School of Hospitality in the World: this was the decision of the 17th annual ceremony of the World Hospitality Awards. The title claimed more than 42 institutions from around the world! Today Vatel Business School of Hotel Tourism Management is a part of many prestigious international organizations of the hotel profile:

  • AMFORHT (World Association for Training Specialists for Tourism and Hospitality)
  • EURHODIP (Association for the development and issuance of a European diploma in the field of hotel business)
  • CHRIE (Board of Hospitality, Restaurant and Institutional Education)
  • FQF (France, Quality, Education)
  • ADIRH (International Association of School and Hotel School Graduates)
  • EURHOFA (International Association of Directors of Hotel Schools)
  • IHRA (International Association of Hotels and Restaurants).

Equipment Vatel Business School of Tourism Management

Two large French campuses of the Institute are in France, in the cities of Bordeaux and Nimes:

  • Vatel Nimes

The territory of more than 14 thousand square meters: operating hotel 4 * (working as a training place for students), educational buildings and classrooms, computer labs, a cozy residence for 400 people (rooms for 1-2 students). Students also have the opportunity to visit the spa and other common places for recreation and leisure: a total of about 900 students from 45 world countries study in Nîmes.

  • Vatel Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a major cultural, financial, business and university center of France: the Vatel Bordeaux branch began its work in 1994, today there are approximately 600 people. In 2015, CSA Poll called Bordeaux the "Ideal City"! The Vatel Bordeaux educational complex occupies about 10 thousand square meters in the historical area of ​​Chartrons: the existing 4 * hotel (real training base), a spa with a jacuzzi and a lounge bar, the thematic restaurant Les Tables Vatel (Global Tastes and Wines) are at the service of students.

Term dates and fees

The cost of training at the Vatel Business School of Tourism Management France is 12,500 € for 1 year (undergraduate program, general course = 3 years). It is paid additionally and does not enter into the price:

  • Registration fee = 350 €
  • Deposit confirming the place on the course = 3000 € (paid within a month after the confirmation of the application)
  • Uniform (paid in the first year) = 1200 €
  • Examination Boards
  • Teaching aids, books and materials = 300 €
  • Additional academic and language classes (optional)
  • Additional leisure activities and excursions (optional)
  • Accommodation and meals = 4000 € / year
  • Deposit upon check in at the residence = 700 €
  • Air tickets in both directions
  • Transfer in both directions
  • Compulsory medical insurance = 300 €
  • Personal pocket expenses
  • Student Association membership = 30 €
  • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
  • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

You can start training on the program in September or February. Applicants for undergraduate programs must confirm a high level of English: TOEFL certificates (iBT from 80 and above) or IELTS (5.5 and higher) are accepted.


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Vatel Business School of Tourism Management reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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