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Hotel business and restaurant business in Britain

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Hotel business and restaurant business in Britain

Education in the UK, including studying culinary and hospitality in England - is a guarantee of quality. The centuries-old educational traditions, high demands and as a result - high results, classical approach, strict discipline - all this helps graduates become really popular and qualified specialists: teaching tourism and hospitality abroad becomes a guarantee of a successful career. British universities are very demanding on their students: the students here are incredibly motivated and persistent, because the cost of study is high, and the competition is very strong. That is why hotel management, tourism and restaurant business in England and the UK - the choice of the strongest, stubborn and ambitious.

Hospitality Management in the UK, Tourism and Organizational Management

The British Tourist Board provides data that today in the United Kingdom the hospitality industry is not only one of the most developed and profitable sectors of the economy, but also one of the fastest growing. Only in 2004, Britain was visited by 27.7 million people, bringing to the state treasury more than 13 billion £ - and these parameters are growing every year. More than 2 million people are employed in this sphere - this is approximately 7% of the total working population of the country. The growth of the tourist flow contributes to the development of business in the UK, sports opportunities (for example, golf in his homeland - in Scotland), natural beauty, historical monuments (Stonehenge, numerous palaces and castles), etc. That is why all types of such specialties are popular in British universities: golf management, event management, spa management, cruise management, culinary arts, hotel business.

Hospitality and restaurant management in the UK: study details

  • Age-old educational traditions

The effectiveness of the British approach to education has been tested not just for decades, but for centuries of successful work. The quality of education is clearly demonstrated by the employment statistics of yesterday's graduates: all investments invested in higher education justify themselves in the first years after graduation.

  • Established partnerships with future employers

The top profile universities and faculties that organize education in cooking and hospitality abroad have long and fruitfully cooperated with the best hotels, restaurants and tourist centers around the world. Regularly invited are the best specialists and speakers, the real professionals of their business, the mandatory production practice and internship are organized. For example, at the University of Surrey, the first two years are allocated for education on campus, the third year students are fully engaged in practice, and 4 years are also devoted to studies at the university, which allows them to be graduated by experienced, qualified specialists with well-developed work connections, contacts and ready opportunities for Employment.

  • Teachers with rich practical experience

It is in such an industry as the hotel business and restaurant management, it is especially important not to lose the connection of the curriculum with modern realities and the current situation in the world. British teachers are first of all practices that have tested all the techniques, methods, approaches and theoretical laws that have been taught. Students view work in the chosen field from a variety of perspectives - from an ordinary employee to a top manager and a business owner.

  • Profile education since the first year

Usually bachelor's programs start with a general education course, unified basic disciplines that are studied 1-2.5 years. At the faculties of the restaurant and hotel business, choosing the best hotel schools in the UK, the student immediately determines his future specialization and begins studying specific subjects without spending time and time on other, less necessary disciplines.

  • Regular production practices and internships

Graduates of British universities are always qualified specialists who already have work experience. Hotel Universities and Academies in the UK, culinary schools are given at least six months a year to practice and internship in the best organizations around the world. Thanks to the acquired skills and business contacts, many students receive job offers even before the diploma is received.

Learning structure: Hotel business, restaurant business and hospitality technology

As a rule, foreign students start education in these faculties and specialties from the bachelor's program - it is designed for 3-4 academic years.

In the first year more "large", comprehensive directions are being studied:

  • Accounting
  • Features of work with clients
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Works reception 
  • Health, hygiene and healthy food laws
  • Business Communications
  • Computer and Information Technologies
  • Foreign language
  • Features of the hotel business and the work of the restaurant service.

In the second year, the depth and thoroughness of the study increases - students are preparing to practice:

  • Finance (general course)
  • Office of the maid service
  • Professional Development
  • Consumer and commercial law
  • Business management of the hotel or restaurant
  • Human Resources and Human Resources Management
  • Restaurant business and food in various world cultures
  • Methods of research and development of business.

After internship and practice (takes from 1 trimester to a year), students return to the classes and complete the education with the following specialties:

  • Modern trends in restaurant and hotel services
  • Business strategies
  • International Business.

The Bachelor's course is completed by writing a personal thesis.

Diploma with honors, giving the right to enter the magistracy, you need to earn for an additional year of education. The master's program is a deeper and more thorough study of the chosen specialty, study of various subtleties, more narrowly specialized subjects: it is the choice of students wishing to occupy high-ranking, highly paid and prestigious positions. The master's course ends with writing a dissertation.

Where to get a prestigious and high-quality education?

To study on the chosen specialty it is possible as in colleges (there are more than 200 of them in the country, mainly junior and service staff are studied), and in universities and higher schools (management education).

Let's note the top hotel universities and institutes in the UK, where it is best to get education in the field of hotel and restaurant business, tourism and hospitality (undergraduate and graduate programs):

  • Glion Higher Institute of Education

One of the most famous specialized higher schools in the world with headquarters in Switzerland and: prestigious, popular, high-quality education

  • Liverpool John Moores University

Strong directions - the organization of international recreation, adventure tourism; The allocated program "Hospitality" is not taught

  • Universiy of Strathclyde

A separate Scottish school of hotel management. Foreign students can apply right after the end of secondary school (you will need a certificate and a language certificate)

  • University of Brighton

A large university in the resort city is one of the leaders in the teaching of hotel and restaurant business in England. Applied programs with a huge number of practical exercises (see faculty of management), the percentage of successful employment of graduates in the first six months - 88%.

  • Sheffield Hallam

A good selection of educational programs, courses and directions (more than 8)

  • Bangor University

It offers only a two-year program Higher national Diploma, after which you can complete your education on a bachelor's course in another university.

It is worth noting and several of the largest universities in the UK, which also offer successful programs for studying the hotel and restaurant business - they are distinguished by a high percentage of graduates' employment, high achievers (A-level standards), qualifications of teachers and level of research:

  • Bournemouth University
  • Coventry University
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • London South Bank University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Lincoln
  • University of Sunderland
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Glasgow
  • Loughborough University
  • Brunel University
  • University of Exeter
  • Birmingham University
  • University of Bath
  • Westminster University
  • University De Montfort
  • University of Essex
  • University of Ulster
  • Durham University
  • University of Stirling
  • University of Leeds
  • Aberdeen University.

Available programs and courses, the dates of receipt and filing of documents you can always check with SMAPSE managers.

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