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2020-05-25 00:00:30

Guinness beer museum

Guinness beer museum


What comes to mind when you hear about Ireland? Clover, St. Patrick? To everyone who is familiar with this country, sooner or later beer will come to mind, and not just beer, but Guinness beer, which has been considered an unofficial symbol of the country for three hundred years. The Guinness Beer Museum is an interactive universe where you will be introduced to all the stages of creating a drink, its history, ingredients, and the team that controls the brewing process. Leaving here without using a pint or two will not work. But even if you are a person who does not drink alcohol, it’s worth visiting Guinness because of its atmospheric character and iconic nature - this will help you to be known as an avid traveler among your own.

About the beer museum

The Guinness Museum is the most visited place in the country with a paid entrance: annually there are seven hundred thousand tourists. They say that Guinness is not just a word, it is a national treasure of the country.

The plant for fermentation of plants necessary for brewing, where the museum is located today, was built in 1902. Until 1997, it was continuously used for brewing brewer's yeast. In 1997, it was decided to convert the workshop into a tourist destination. The museum opened its doors in 2002.

The building is a seven-story glass expanding to the top. Passing through the floors, visitors will learn the intricacies of the brewing process and what happens to the drink after being bottled. On the ground floor you will learn about the founder of beer and how this drink was transported in the XVIII century. On the 5th floor there are many bars and pubs dedicated to different historical eras. On the last - 7th - floor overlooking Dublin, tourists are invited to listen to the correct way to spill a drink. The final stage is a tasting of the legendary beer.

Tips from seasoned

  • The only disappointment of the museum is the time spent queuing up at the ticket office. Save, buy tickets in advance on the museum website.
  • By purchasing a ticket on the site, you will also save money: an online ticket costs 10% cheaper
  • The ticket is not tied to a date; its validity is one year from the date of sale
  • Often on the site you can catch a special offer for an additional discount in the morning
  • Owners of Dublin Pass can skip the queue for free
  • The ticket price includes a pint of beer, which you will be poured in the Gravity Bar
  • If you don’t need a pint of beer, exchange a ticket for a book on Guinness history at the exit.

Interesting Facts

  • The official name of the museum is “Brewery at the gates of St. James”
  • Not far from the brewery was the house of its founder - Arthur Guinness
  • The World Records Collection - The Guinness Book of Records - bears this name for nothing: the first edition was ordered by the brewery in order to resolve the long-standing dispute between the leader and his friends about which bird is the fastest in the world
  • On the ground floor of the museum there is a store of unusual products: in the assortment of sweets, chocolate and ice cream with beer flavor
  • Walking through the museum floors, enjoy posters, a collection of beer bottles, try on the role of a brewer
  • The Irish are sure that Guinness has healing properties: there was a period when a pint a day was prescribed to pregnant women
  • A beer glass is a symbol of Ireland, it is even depicted on children's school notebooks.

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