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Golden Square Mile in Canada

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Golden Square Mile in Canada

Montreal attracts millions of tourists every year: there are dozens of attractions, most of which are located in the Golden Square Mile area. The district received such a name for a reason: for a long time vibrant representatives of the Canadian elite lived here - several hundred families living here had 70% of the wealth of the whole country. Today, the Golden Square Mile includes art galleries, museums, wealthy homes, hundreds of shops and restaurants. While in Montreal, be sure to walk along the streets and avenues of the area, go to ancient buildings and museums to learn more about the history of the city and the country as a whole.

District History

The construction of the “Golden Square Mile” took place in the 1840-1930s: Victorian-style mansions, expensive hotels, and business establishments appeared on the streets. The 1900s became the brightest in the development of the region. The name “Golden Mile” is related to the plottage: it is approximately one square mile.


The key attractions located in this area of Montreal are:

  • McCord Museum
  • Church of St. Andrew and Paul
  • Hotel Mount Stephen
  • Museum of Fine Arts.

McCord Museum

A millionaire living in Montreal at that time, collected the most beautiful and unusual things created by Canadians: huge amounts of money and years of life were spent to the collection. For McCord, collecting the beautiful was a passion and the meaning of life. In 1921, he opened a museum at McGill University. In 2018, the museum's collection was significantly replenished with items of clothing and textiles after the close of the McCord Fashion Museum: both institutions merged on January 23, 2018. Today, the museum is visited by more than 150,000 tourists annually.

Church of St. Andrew and Paul

The first Presbyterian service in Montreal was held in 1787. In 1803, when the city’s population was about 9,000, the St. Andrew’s Church was founded next to the current City Hall on Notre Dame.

St. Paul's Church was opened nearby in 1843. In 1853, as Montreal grew, St. Andrew's Church built a new building on Beaver Hall Hill (in place of the current Bell Canada building). In 1867, St. Paul's Church also decided to relocate and built a building on Dorchester Boulevard (now Rene Levesque Boulevard).

In 1918, the two communities decided to unite, and the current building was built in 1931-1932. The former St. Paul's Church was dismantled and remodeled south of the current site of Wannier College in Ville-Saint-Laurent, where it now serves as a museum.

Hotel Mount Stephen

The former home of Baron Mount Stephen personifies his fortune and fame. The building was built in 1883 by the architect William Tutin Thomas. The exterior of the Victorian residence is an excellent example of Italian Renaissance architecture with its beautiful carved gray calcium walls. Various Italian and Scottish artists worked on the implementation of the interior. Huge rooms furnished with high-quality wood, 10 onyx fireplaces, luxurious hand-painted marble and tiles, lamps, door handles, ceiling decorations and 22-carat gold hinges, antique stained glass windows, an impressive central staircase remind of the traces left by these artists. Today, the cost of finishing such a house would be a huge fortune.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1860 as the Montreal Art Association by a group of collectors and philanthropists. It was one of the first museums in North America to put together an encyclopedic collection of 43,000 works from ancient times to the present day. It includes paintings, sculptures, graphic works, photographs and arts and crafts, located in four pavilions.


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