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Galeries Lafayette - the place for luxury shopping

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Galeries Lafayette - the place for luxury shopping

It's almost a crime to come to Paris, the trendsetter city, and not go shopping. Probably, in the number of brand stores, it is second only to Milan. One of the main places where you can come both for shopping and just for a walk is the Lafayette Gallery. The building is beautiful both outside and inside, especially during the Christmas period. The Gallery offers its customers everything: clothes and shoes, accessories, jewelry, textiles, antiques, carpets and household goods - not a complete list. And if your luggage does not hold many purchases, at least visit restaurants or cafes where you can taste the most popular cuisines of the world.

Everything you need to know about Lafayette

The gallery was founded in 1893 by the Kahn brothers as a haberdashery offering lace and ribbons. The boutique was an overwhelming success among local and visiting fashionistas, which in a few years has grown into a shopping center. Lafayette received the unspoken title of urban trendsetter.

The modern building was built in 1912. What is the secret of the success of the brainchild of the Kang brothers? They used an innovative approach: open showcases and counters, sales, paid a lot of attention to advertising and PR campaigns, attracted stars and famous people. Gradually, branches of the store were opened all over the world: in Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Berlin and Dubai, but the main center remains the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

What's inside the building?

Lafayette is a paradise not only for women, but also for men and children. Each floor of the building has a specific department:

  • Sixth - appliances, souvenirs, computers and wedding dresses
  • The fifth is a paradise for children: clothes, shoes, toys and entertainment
  • Fourth - outerwear, leather and fur products, sportswear and swimwear
  • The third is underwear and some of the clothing brands
  • The second is women's fashion
  • The first is gallery, footwear and women's fashion
  • Zero - perfumery, jewelry, accessories, watches, leather goods
  • Basement - everything for teenagers.

Across the street is the second building of the store, where you can buy everything for the home and interior.

There are restaurants in the Gallery:

  • Le Bar a Bulles, Laurier - ground floor
  • Maxim's - 3rd floor
  • McDonald's - 4th floor
  • Lina's - 5th floor
  • Lafayette Cafe, La Cafe Sushi, Sichuan Panda - 6th floor.

Interesting Facts

  • The gallery is located on Boulevard Haussmann - the shopping center of Paris, where all the most famous shops operate
  • In winter, there is a skating rink on the roof of the building
  • Today, renowned art director Jean-Paul Goode helps maintain the gallery's special image.
  • In the 1950s, Edith Piaf performed here, and in the 1990s, Mikhail Gorbachev held an autograph session
  • In order to rebuild the haberdashery into a shopping complex, the Kahn brothers had to buy out all the nearby buildings and re-equip them.

The object belongs to shopping centers.

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