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Fort Sant Angelo

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Fort Sant Angelo

Malta is rich in historical and cultural attractions: one of the most popular is Fort St. Angelo. It has a long history and dozens of amazing facts. Today, unfortunately, it is impossible to visit the attraction: it is under reconstruction, but you can see the huge impregnable walls of the fort from the sea, having bought an excursion on a yacht. The government promises to make the fort the most famous and visited attraction of Malta - soon this can be seen.

Fort history

The years of construction of the first fortification are unknown: experts agree that it was during the time of the Roman Empire. The youngest building dates from the 11th century: it is a tower built during the rule of the Arabs. The subsequent periods of the development of the fort have already exact dates:

  • 14th century - the fort was called "Naval Castle", was the residence of the Nava feudal lords
  • The beginning of the 16th century - the fort became the residence of the Grand Master, the building began to actively strengthen
  • 1565 - siege of the fortress by the Turkish army, ending with the defeat of the Turks
  • 1566 - the Grand Master moved to a new fortress located in Valletta
  • During the reign of the British, the fort was an important defense object - it was called "Stone Frigate"
  • 1933 - the building was called "St. Angelo."

During the two world wars, the fort brought great benefit to the British army, and from 1940 to 1943 withstood 69 airstrikes. In 1979, it was decided to transfer the fort to the Maltese authorities to preserve the unique construction and history of the state.

Modern fort

In 1998, St. Angelo was partially leased by the Order of Malta for 99 years: a chapel, a palace and other buildings were rented. The exception is the military museum, which occupies half the territory of the fort: it remained in the possession of the state. Numerous museum exhibits attract millions of tourists from all over the world, but even without a museum, the fort is no less interesting for visitors.

Since March 5, 2012, the fortress has been closed for major repairs: tourists are temporarily unable to enter the territory of the structure, and they can only admire the external walls, menacingly towering above the seashore.

Interesting Facts

  • 13.4 million allocated for fort reconstruction
  • The British classified the fortress by the class of a ship
  • Famous poets and writers dedicated lines to Fort St. Angelo in their works.


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