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2019-08-14 16:53:06

Private schools in France for foreign students

Private schools in France for foreign students

Private schools in France for foreign students - quick reference

Among foreign students, prestigious private schools in France are very popular. The main reasons for such a demand for French private schools among foreign students are due to high educational standards, modern infrastructural equipment of educational and residential buildings, as well as the rich culture and history of France. As for education, teaching in prestigious schools in France can be conducted in English as part of the International Baccaluareate educational program, or in French under the French Baccalaureate program.

Enroll in the private schools in France can foreign students from wealthy families, adolescents with lower incomes can become students of leading French public schools. SMAPSE experienced professionals can provide their professional assistance in entering ranked private schools in France. Entering advanced public schools, the cost of living on a full board basis will be significantly lower compared to private educational institutions. Note that both boys and girls are admitted to the walls of elite private schools in France. It is worth noting that in France, a large number of public schools are successfully functioning, there are few private boarding schools directly created because in France schools belong to the public sector.

In addition, French colleges successfully operate in France, accepting foreign students who have reached the age of 14 years and over in grades 8-11 to study. Note that the minimum age of a child who allows him to become a student of a leading French college is 12 years old, namely, after graduation from an incomplete secondary school. As a rule, students are expected to study two foreign languages, namely French and English. In addition, the predominant number of private schools in France provides the opportunity to take optional courses, in particular, in German, Spanish or Chinese.

As practice shows, in France, public schools are characterized by a small size, their chamberness, as well as a high level of comfort and coziness. The walls of the private schools in France are dominated by a friendly, family and extremely warm atmosphere. As a rule, French boarding schools are located in beautiful and cozy rural areas. The small size of the French territory creates excellent opportunities for traveling in free time in various regions. In addition, visits to national attractions, parks, educational museums, various monuments of art and culture are provided. In addition, foreign students will be able to appreciate and taste the dishes of national French cuisine. All these factors contribute to the growing popularity of French leading schools among foreign students.

SMAPSE experts advise you to think about studying at the best private schools in France. SMAPSE educational center has prepared a list of prestigious private boarding schools, which received the appropriate accreditation. In addition, this article will provide detailed information on the proposed educational programs, tuition fees, as well as the ranking of top French schools .

Tuition at prestigious private schools in France

The cost of secondary education in the private schools in France on a full board basis approximately ranges from 26,000  to 40,000  per year of study.

French Private School Admission Process - List of Documents and Requirements

If a foreign student intends to enter the private school in France, then he will need to prepare the necessary package of documents, as well as demonstrate a good level of academic and linguistic knowledge. Then you can familiarize yourself with the necessary list of documents:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Grade tables for the last 2 school years, and provide grades for quarters or trimesters of the current school year;
  • International language certificate;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, you can also provide a letter from the principal;
  • In some cases, you need to write a motivation letter;
  • Fill in registration forms and school forms;
  • Take an interview on skype or make a visit to the school of interest.

In addition, with regard to foreign students, they are required to undergo an internal test of the school in mathematics and English to determine an adequate level of education at the time of enrollment in a French elite school.

Once again, SMAPSE experts note that SMAPSE educational center is the official representative of a large number of leading private boarding schools in France, so SMAPSE professional specialists provide free assistance in organizing admission to schools of interest.

Educational programs of the private schools in France

When deciding to attend a Premium secondary education program, a foreign student can become a student in an elite private boarding school in France, which is characterized by high academic performance, as well as providing comfortable conditions for foreign students during their studies.

Staying in an advanced French boarding school, a foreign student will get the experience of staying in a foreign country, at the same time, he will improve the level of knowledge of the French language, and on a close basis will get acquainted with French culture. In addition, having a French certificate of secondary education in hand, a graduate will be able to enter a top university, both France and other countries of the world.

Leading private schools in France are teaching in accordance with a five-day education system, in connection with which, foreign students who live in the territory of a comfortable school residence, are placed in host families for weekends and holidays.

As for the admission of foreign students, both boys and girls who have reached 12 years old are accepted for education. Moreover, the achievement of this age is not a mandatory requirement for applicants. At the same time, continuing education in an elite French private school is possible for foreign students aged 14-15 years.

French High School Procedure

Enrollment of foreign students takes place on a three-year educational program of high school. In the 10th grade, the teaching of general subjects is provided. As for grades 11 and 12, they are divided into three categories, namely:

  • L - literature and foreign languages;
  • ES - Economics and Social Sciences;
  • S - exact sciences.

Regardless of the category chosen by the student, the study of mathematics, history, geography, as well as the French language is mandatory. After exams and tests have been passed, general final grades are the basis for whether a graduate will receive a certificate of complete secondary education in French.

To be enrolled in an educational program, a foreign student needs to write a test in French, this service is provided by SMAPSE educational center. Based on the test results, SMAPSE experts recommend direct enrollment in a French school, as an alternative, a preliminary study of the French language before the onset of the school year can be offered. Please note that prestigious schools in France do not teach French as a foreign language during the academic year, and therefore, a foreign student should speak French at a higher than average level.

Before the school year, foreign students are given the opportunity to take an orientation program in Paris, the purpose of which is to get acquainted with the academic rules adopted in French schools, the requirements for living in host families, and, of course, to conduct a rich leisure program that provides for the organization of educational excursions and recreational activities.

Accommodation while studying at the private schools in France

  • In the host family

So, in the host family, the child has breakfast and dinner, as for lunch, it is held in the school cafeteria. Directly on weekends and holidays, foreign students stay in the host family on a full board basis.

  • In the territory of a comfortable school residence

For five days the children live in the residence, directly on weekends and holidays, foreign students go to live in the host family. As for food, on weekdays food is organized on a full board basis.

TOP-5 of the French boarding schools in France

Please note that the cost of education includes the educational process itself, nutrition, as well as accommodation.

School name


Cost of living in a school residence

Cost of living in the host family

Notre Dame de Sion


From 10,300 

From  7,700 

Fenelon Sainte



From 7,700 

Fenelon Sainte Marie



From 7,700 

Ecole Pascal


From 10,300  for boys

From 7,700 

Notre Dame de France



From 7,700 

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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