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English Courses for foreign students in Ireland

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English Courses for foreign students in Ireland

Top reasons for taking prestigious English courses for students in Ireland

  • High level of quality of developed educational programs

Our educational center works closely with the best language schools in Ireland, which have been accredited by leading organizations such as ACELS, The Advisory Council for English Language Schools, and other third-party institutions. In particular, members of the prestigious international community Quality English are the Emerald Cultural Center, Cork English College, ATC Language and Travel. It is worth noting that this association includes only the best private schools from around the world. In addition, MLI International School received ISO 9001 certification, thereby ensuring full compliance with the highest quality standards.

  • In Ireland, the official language is English

Thus, over 90% of the local population speaks excellent English. Thus, passing studyingin ranking language schools in Ireland, thereby providing excellent language practice with native speakers. Thus, upon graduation, foreign students will be able to significantly improve their English proficiency.

As part of everyday communication, foreign students communicate with each other in English, thereby overcoming the language barrier over a short period of study, updating passive vocabulary, in addition, the educational process is stimulated on an additional basis.

  • Friendliness of the local population towards foreign students

The friendly attitude and openness of the Irish served as the basis for the creation of legends. A stay in Ireland will seem like a home for you, as a cozy and homely atmosphere has been created. Thus, foreign students will feel comfort and coziness for the period of study. If placed in a host family, Ireland is the best and best choice for a foreign student. Children's summer programs, organized at the elite Cork College school, are extremely popular and popular among foreign students. As part of living in a host family, a complete immersion in local life, culture and traditions is provided, allowing you to qualitatively explore Ireland.

  • Facilitated entry to Ireland for foreign students

To go to Ireland, you need a national visa instead of a Schengen visa. Thus, there is no requirement for a personal visit to the embassy. In addition, experienced specialists from our educational center will solve all the issues related to the visa application process for you.

  • Close acquaintance with Irish culture

In addition to education, diverse and informative excursions are organized. So, the attention of foreign students is invited to visit untouched natural landscapes, sandy beaches, the beautiful Atlantic coast. In addition, trips to monasteries and ancient castles, the Irish capital, the port city of Galway, the city of canals and bridges of Corky are organized.

Effective English courses for foreign students in Ireland

The target audience for the Irish language programs are foreign students aged 5 to 17 years. So, the attention of foreign students is offered vacation and year-round programs in the walls of elite language schools in Ireland.

  • Standard English

The target audience for this program are foreign students from 10 to 17 years old. During the week, from 15 to 20 classes are provided. Upon admission, there are no requirements regarding the level of English proficiency. At the time of arrival at a prestigious Irish school, every foreign student takes a test, based on the results of which language groups are formed. In general, the number of students in one language group varies from 10 to 15 students. In addition to classes, various sports games, various entertainment programs, master classes, educational excursions are held. In addition, theme days are organized.

On the territory of Ireland, language courses are organized in the buildings of the leading general education private schools and universities in Ireland, located, as a rule, in Dublin, Cork, as well as Mainout. As for nutrition issues, it is organized on a full board or half board basis.

  • English classes + horse riding

The target audience for this language program is foreign students from 12 to 17 years old. Usually, during the week, 20 hours of classes in general English are provided, as well as 5 lessons on horseback riding. As for accommodation issues for the period of study, foreign students live in host families, thereby living in a separate comfortable room with two children each. As part of the educational program, a variety of recreational activities are organized on a daily basis, visiting the main attractions of Ireland.

  • Home language international

This language program involves intensive education. Foreign students live in the family of the teacher. As you can understand, English lessons are held on an individual basis, thereby providing a full concentration on the development of required skills and filling knowledge gaps. As for food, it is organized on a full board basis. The level of language and academic studying of a foreign teenager determines the formation of a curriculum, which is drawn up on an individual basis. During the week, from 10 to 30 hours of classes are provided. As a key advantage of this language program, it is worth highlighting the constant daily communication with family members of the teacher. In addition, the development of language skills takes place as part of organized joint excursions, visits to cinemas, theaters, and exhibitions. An English course is organized year-round. The target audience is foreign children and adolescents from 5 to 17 years old. As for the minimum educational period is 1 week.

Language programs for foreign adults

The target audience is foreign students aged 16 to 18 years. Admission of foreign students is carried out year-round. As for the duration of education, it starts from 1 week, and can go up to 6 weeks or more. Classes are held in small language groups, the number of students in which varies from 5 to 15 students. In addition, individual lessons are provided, and the format of the classes is determined by the chosen language program.

Meals are organized on the basis of half board or full board. The choice of foreign students offers several accommodation options for the period of study, namely the host family, residence, hotel, as well as apartments. Directly adult students are accommodated in individual comfortable rooms or rooms designed for several students. As practice shows, the distance from the residence to the studying campus can be easily reached on foot, or alternatively, by public transport. As part of effective summer English courses in Ireland, in addition to classes, the development of an active entertainment and sightseeing program is provided, as well as sports classes and competitions. The following adult English language courses are listed:

  • General / Intensive English - from 25 to 35 lessons are provided during the week.
  • Business / Intensive Business English - from 20 to 35 lessons are provided during the week, in addition, students acquire the skill of special vocabulary. Please note that there is a requirement for admission to this program regarding proficiency in English at an intermediate level.
  • Preparation for passing the international language exams IELTS, TOEFL, FCE - the language course provides for 20 classes in English, as well as from 6 to 15 hours devoted to intensive and effective preparation for the interesting international language exam.
  • English for executives and professionals - 25 business English classes are held during the week. Classes are held in small language groups, the number of students in which does not exceed 5 students. Adults over 21 years old are accepted for studying. Upon admission, you must be proficient in English at an intermediate level.
  • Home Language International - training takes place on an individual basis in the framework of living in a teacher's family. As for the load, it can be 30 hours of English lessons per week.

Tuition for the best English courses for students in Ireland

Price is for courses starting at two weeks.

Educational program

The cost of education per week in euros

Summer courses for children


Basic or Intensive Course


Home language international


Family Language Courses


Vacation English


General english


Intensive English



The cost of living for the period of study in Ireland

Accommodation option

Cost per week in euro

Host family

From 185 

School residence

From 135 

CEC Apartments

From 600 

Shared apartments

From 140 

Hotel or hotel

From 50 per day


In addition, the final cost of taking English courses in Ireland is determined by such factors as the city of study, high or low season, accommodation option for the period of study.

The following are additional organizational costs that may arise when applying for studies in Ireland.


Cost in euro

School registration fee


Health Insurance


Meeting or seeing off at the airport


Bank expenses


Airline purchase

300 to 500 

The procedure for obtaining an Irish visa for foreign students

It is worth starting with the fact that there is a loyal migration policy in Ireland. For a legal and calm stay in Ireland, a foreign student has the opportunity to apply for a short or long visa. So, its appearance is determined by the purpose of visiting Ireland and the period of study. In the case of studies over three months, namely 90 days, a category C visa is required. If the language program is even longer, then you need to apply for a category D. As for the time period for consideration of documents, it varies from 10 to 21 days.

The following documents are required to apply for admission to a prestigious school in Ireland :

  • Application form - presented on the website of the embassy
  • International passport
  • Bank statement - the size of the account should fully cover the cost of education
  • Color photos 35x45 mm in size
  • Certificate from the previous place of study, if the student is an adult, then it is necessary to provide a certificate from the employing company
  • Minors must provide copies of the birth certificate and passports of parents or guardians, and a statement of travel abroad, notarized
  • Medical insurance
  • An insurance policy, while the amount of coverage must be at least 30,000 
  • Bank statement, check, which confirms the payment of tuition and accommodation in Ireland
  • Consular fee check
  • Copy of airline tickets or ticket reservations.

Please note that all documents must be translated into English and should be notarized.

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