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English city of Canterbury - immersion in history

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English city of Canterbury - immersion in history

One of the oldest cities in England is Canterbury. Its rich history goes back two thousand years, and the streets of the city boast a Norman castle, ruins of ancient buildings, a cathedral that remained as a heritage site of the Tudor era. The original "goal" of the city's construction was a Belgian settlement captured by the Romans and converted into a garrison and a warehouse base. Roads to Scotland were built from Canterbury by the Romans.

All about the city of Canterbury

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the territory passed into the possession of the Saxons, who gave it a new name. The beginning of the first millennium was a difficult period in the history of the city - it was constantly raided by the Danes. This continued until Canute rebuilt the destroyed Christ Church. An interesting fact: a fire destroyed the temple, and after a while the territory was subjected to the second invasion of the Normans.

In 1170, Archbishop Thomas Becket was assassinated - this sacrifice put an end to the internecine wars between King Henry II, the episcopate and the local nobility. Becket's grave became a place of pilgrimage: in the book "The Canterbury Tales" Jeffrey Chaucer described the pilgrimage to the tomb as the most solemn event of the entire trip around the area.

The city and the sea were connected in 1830 thanks to the first passenger railroad. This became an important page in the life of the city, making it prosperous. In 1942, Canterbury was brutally bombed during the Bedeker raid. As it turned out later, this was part of the Nazis' plan to destroy British architectural monuments. After the war, the city was restored and the surrounding medieval walls were restored too.

How to arrive and what to see in Canterbury

You can get to the city from 2 railway stations: East and West Canterbury. The stations are located at an equal distance (10 minutes) from the Cathedral of Christ Church. Another way is to come to Canterbury by bus leaving from St. George's Lane Bus Terminal. Another option is a car, but car travelers should be prepared for the fact that finding a parking space can be difficult.

Life hacks for tourists:

  • For a profitable visit to the sights and museums of the city, it is worth buying a museum passport, which allows you to visit the Canterbury, Rome and Westgay museums at no additional cost
  • You can conveniently move around the city on a rented bike - rental offices are located throughout the city.

Canterbury is a small town and can be easily walked around with a guidebook. An alternative option is one of the excursions:

  • Local sightseeing by open bus
  • Guild Guild Walking Tours
  • "Ghosts of Old Canterbury"
  • Boat tour of significant historical sites
  • Inspection of the city from the carriage window.

Where to stay in Canterbury?

Where you stay will affect the perception and impressions of the city, so you should pay special attention to accommodation - on your own or with the help of the tourist office. The best options are:

  • Ann's House is a guest house located in a traditional Victorian villa 10 minutes from the city center. There are rooms for different tastes and wallets, most of them are suites.
  • Canterbury is a hotel built 15 minutes walk from the center. The place features an excellent French restaurant and hospitable staff.
  • Cathedral Gate. The hotel was built in 1438; it attracts tourists with its rickety historic beams, worn floors - the atmosphere of antiquity.
  • The Chauser is an out-of-town hotel with a Georgian atmosphere.
  • The Dickens Inn is a former farmhouse built in the 13th century. The hotel today is black and white beams on the outside and cozy rooms inside, a blooming garden.
  • Ebury is a Victorian hotel located 15 minutes from the city center. A married couple who owns the establishment have equipped an indoor pool here.
  • Falstaff, built in the 15th century and attracting visitors with delicious cuisine.
  • Villa Kingsbridge, which offers rooms with cathedral views, vegan breakfast and more.
  • Thanington and The White House hotels, from which you can reach the most popular spots of Canterbury in 10 minutes.
  • Wincheap Guest House is a budget option with shared bathrooms for several rooms.

Budget accommodation options - hostels:

  • The Caravan and Camping Club Site
  • Kipps
  • Youth.

The main attractions of the city

  • Canterbury Cathedral is the center of Anglicanism throughout England. At this place, the temple appeared in 670, but in 1070 the Normans razed it to the ground and erected a new cathedral. The structure that we see today took on its form in 1505. Particular attention should be paid to the Christ Church gate, the burial place of Henry VII and his wife Jeanne of Navarre, the Altar of the Sharp Sword - the place of death of Thomas Becket, a crypt in the Roman style.
  • Abbey of St. Augustine, which became the last refuge of the saint and received his name
  • St. Martin's Church is one of the oldest churches in the kingdom
  • Hay Street, composed entirely of noteworthy historic buildings
  • The Buffa Regiment Gallery, which tells the story of the local Tudor regiment
  • Eastbridge Hospital, built in the 13th century as an infirmary for the poor
  • Roman Museum, where you can see paintings about the life of the Romans
  • The image of Rupert the bear, created by a local resident.

Where to eat?

After long and impressive walks around the city, it is important to recuperate in good establishments:

  • Cafe Saint Pierre and Venezia
  • Morelli's ice cream parlor
  • Alberry's Bar
  • Restaurants Bangkok House, Amis du Mexique, Chaopraya River, The Goods Shed
  • Bistro Jacques and The Tapas
  • The old restaurant Posillipo Tuo e Mio
  • Pubs Bell and Crown, Canterbury Taies, Casey's, New Inn
  • Bishop's Finger, Miller's Arms bars.

Visiting Canterbury, you can fully experience the special English atmosphere for which avid travelers come to the country.

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